The Atheist & The Christian

27 Dec

The problem with atheists is– they are making war on a group of people who are offering eternal life, paradise, freedom from crime, abuse, suffering, while telling them about a God who loves them and who sent his son to die so that they may have this salvation, and many other good things and deeds)

Even if Christianity was not true, all believers are doing is offering the world a better life, a better way to live, and a better way to treat others. Why do the atheists have their knickers in such a tight knot for? Even if Christianity were not true, the people would still have better lives.

It seems to me that it is the atheist who is the bad guy here as they rob the people of all these good things, things, I may add, the atheist wants for themselves as well. It is the atheist who is being the grinch, the meany, the spoil sport, the one wearing the black hat.

The atheists are they ones making people more miserable not the Christian. The atheist should be applauding the Christians not fighting them in court over gifts of prayers, and other unimportant issues. It is the atheist who needs to rethink its actions and ideology not the Christian

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