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27 Dec

Sorry but I disagree with these constructions. First the creation museum by AIG, then their Ark Park and now another creation museum by another Christian group

A Texas-based creation science organization has unveiled plans to build a state-of-the-art museum that will teach youth and adults alike the biblical account of the history of creation.

The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) is a Christian group headquartered in Dallas that conducts scientific research and educates people on the Bible’s teachings via a variety of outreaches. This year, after more than four decades of ministry and many years of planning and preparation, ICR announced plans to build a 30,000-square foot creation science museum adjacent to their offices in Dallas.

ICR’s CEO Dr. Henry Morris announced the museum plans in the September issue of Acts & Facts magazine.

“For several years, I’ve been hesitant to move forward with our hope to build a museum and planetarium in the Dallas/Fort Worth area—in spite of the desperate need—because the funding seemed out of reach,” Morris wrote in the magazine.

“No longer,” he then stated, explaining that a number of ICR’s supporters have generously donated funds for the museum, which allows the project to move forward. Land for the museum was purchased in 2010.

Morris says the well-funded promotion of evolution from other museums burdened him to move forward with the creation museum project.

What we need are those people who live for Christ the right way. This money could be spent in far better ways since we humans, not museums, are to be the light unto a dark world. If we side with God no matter how many evolutionary museums are built and proclaim the truth, then we win., The evolutionist can never win no matter how hard they try or how many lies they spout or how many monopolies they obtain.

We simply need to learn to fight correctly, God’s way and not resort to our own understanding.

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