We Take God At His Word

21 Dec

This is what faith is all about. We believe God, even when the secular world says something different, without evidence because we know that God is holy, does not lie, does not misrepresent, does not play games and is a man of his word. Charisma News published a whole set of ‘proofs’ to support the virgin birth

but in reality, the Bible should be enough for us. The Bible tells us that faith pleases God and that is because faith takes God at His word. Those that do not have faith, do not have belief and doubt God’s word are not are not pleasing God but calling him a liar and demanding that he prove himself. In other words, they want God to be inferior to them.

Secular man thinks they are the supreme being and that everything must bow to them but faith puts man in his proper perspective–inferior to God. By having faith we acknowledge that we do not know as much as God does and that he knows what he is talking about. Faith humbles us, it does not make us superior to the unbeliever but brings us to the point where we realize we are not as grand as we think we are.

This is our Christmas message this year, while we do not believe that Christmas is a Christian holiday, we can use this time to realize how much we owe God and how far we got to go to be like him.


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