A Few Comments- 40

18 Dec

#1. Why Do Christians Have To Give Up Their Society Simply To Please Others?–

If you’re planning a trip to the northern town of Pontoglio, be warned: you’ll be thrown out if you don’t respect Christian values…Because nothing says Christianity quite like ‘get out!’  What a world

West’s attitude is out of line here and shows a great amount of ‘hatred’ for those people who act differently than he does. If people are going to visit other cities, they are expected to abide by the laws of that city until they live, why can’t Christian towns expect the same treatment by its visitors? Why should Christians have to get rid of their rules just to please those people who do not want to follow them?

West’s attitude should be more respectful and supportive for at least that particular community is not threatening to throw violators into prison like secular cities do.

#2. Obviously West Did Not Get The Memo

“From December 17 until the day of Epiphany, which is January 6, it is not permitted to be absent from church.” – Council of Saragossa (380)

Oh for the good old days when absenting oneself from Church could result in severe penalties.

That Church attendance is both voluntary and done from the heart. David said, I was glad when they said Let’s go to the temple… (paraphrase and from memory). Our attitude brings us to church not laws or totalitarian police state mentalities. West has a thing or two to learn about church and if he is griping that no one is attending his services maybe it is because he needs to change, not the people of the city he is in.

#3. What Is Normal For Him?

The Bible for Normal People.

Those are the words to his subtitle of his new website and we must ask, what is normal for him and who are these normal people? Maybe he hasn’t figured it out yet but our current Bible, any valid translation in any language, is already for the ‘normal people’. It is for everyone and it can be understood by anyone if they follow God’s simple rules– repent and be saved, follow the Holy Spirit to the truth, put off childish things, avoid false teachers and on the list goes.

If you listen to the secular world, unbelievers, false teachers, those who go for alternatives then you are not getting the Bible for ‘normal people’ nor are you even getting God’s bible but one of those people’s own making, their own personal version. This group of people do not have the truth that Jesus said we would know so it is best to put their thoughts down and go for the truth.

#4. Atheists Are Not Being Cute, Funny or Even Intelligent When…–

Wishing you and yours a happy winter solstice season. Here’s to keeping the Saturn in Saturnalia.

…they say things like this. They only demonstrate their lack of respect for culture and other people, their lack of tolerance, their ignorance and so on. Oh and Cargill is an atheist.

#5. Why Not?

Given the recent news of the discovery of a seal bearing the name of King Hezekiah in Jerusalem, I have a few questions pertaining to the details, the timing, and the relevance of the announcement.

The main question I’m asking is why now? Why issue a press release now? This seal was discovered in 2010 after wet sifting dirt from the Ophel Excavation in 2009. No one disputes Hezekiah’s historicity, especially given the extra-biblical corroboration in Sennacherib’s Annals. And there are previous known seal impressions with the name of Hezekiah on them. So why again? Why now?

Cargill should know better than to ask these questions. He is an archaeologist and he knows why archaeologists do things or why they delay. He is not some snot nosed, wet behind the ears kid who is just learning the ropes of archaeology, so his questions are a weak attempt to cause trouble. He certainly is not being academic here.

I read recently that one archaeologist’s final report is finally going to be published– 100 years after the excavation was finished. I know other archaeologists who took 40 years to publish their final report so a delay of 5 years in releasing information is rather fast for archaeology. Then let’s not get started on the scholars who originally worked n the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Instead of whining and complaining Cargill should be happy that information was released in a timely manner. Then why bring politics into the issue? We have enough trouble with the involvement of politics without some atheist making a mountain out of a molehill by bringing politics into this discovery. Maybe Cargill whines because he hates being reminded that he chose wrong and dismissed the Bible when he should have embraced it and found eternal life.

#6. No Wonder His Hair Is White

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Thanks for your interest and your patience.

Tabor is a master self-promoter and you will see him place his pictures everywhere but the one he chose to use while reconstructing his website is the best so far. it explains why his hair is so white– he looks like he is seeing a ghost or an angel and he looks like he is getting ready to run.

Tabor is supposed to be a very intelligent man , obtaining his doctorate from one of the most difficult laces to receive one, yet even those credentials do not save him from taking the wrong path when it comes to the bible, God, Jesus and biblical events. He does not believe which is sad.

#7. Okay–

Just a reminder that a few days after Christmas our 5th issue will be released. The theme is–  Faith Healing and Modern Medicine. Just like our other issues we strive to present the truth as God would want. Pick up your copy, get a subscription for yourself or one for a family  member or friend. A subscription is the cheapest way to go

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