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18 Dec

#1. Even The Philipines Is Not An Easy Place To Live—

The friend, who trained the church leader, said Pastor Lasawang had notified him of a strong presence of NPA guerillas in the area. Pastor Lasawang had often advised the friend not to visit him due to heavy NPA activity. On one occasion the NPA launched an attack that killed nearly a dozen Philippine Army troops, with the rebels carrying weapons just a few kilometers from the church, the pastor told him.

The NPA, formed in 1969, aims to overthrow the Philippine government and establish communism. It is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

There are troubled spots all over the world for Christians and the Philippines is no exception.  We need to do as Peter says, make our calling and election sure, so that when trouble arrives on our doorstep, we are not traumatized, scared, or confused, but prepared.

#2. All One Can Do Is Sigh…–

Johnson first generated controversy about the practice in 2013, which she claimed was a way to witness to the lost, when a video surfaced of Johnson approaching a homeless man and offering him a cigarette while lighting one for herself.

In September, Johnson again was the center of controversy when she drank tequila and used profanity on Periscope’s live video stream. She appeared on a local Christian radio station to defend her actions, which she said were done on purpose to allow people to see her life outside of the pulpit.
Despite numerous Scriptural warnings, such as in James 1:26, which cites that a “man’s religion is vain” if he “bridleth not his tongue,” as well as Ephesians 4:29, which states,”[l]et no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers,” Johnson says that everyone uses profanity, affirming her belief that people just need to be true to who the are — “imperfect”.
We maybe imperfect but we are to strive to be holy. We do not use our imperfection as an excuse to ignore what God wants from us. When I say all we can do is sigh, it is because there are people who get it into their heads that God wants them to be or do something, they close their minds to anything that may smooth over the rough edges of their supposed ministry and they close their minds to sound doctrine, rebuke, constructive criticism, wise counsel and plow ahead where angels fear to tread.
They do not realize how much of a stumbling block they are creating or that they are not gathering a true harvest and it is shameful and sad to see take place. Discernment is needed in these cases but the people like that woman rarely listen to it.

North Korea’s highest court has sentenced a South Korea-born Canadian pastor to hard labor for life for subversion, the North’s official KCNA news agency reported on Wednesday.

Hyeon Soo Lim, the head pastor at a Toronto church that is one of Canada’s largest, has been held by North Korea since February. He had appeared on North Korean state media earlier this year confessing to crimes against the state.

Though I do not understand yet why he confessed to crimes, yet I can guess, we need to pray for this man and for ourselves for if we find ourselves in the same position that we have the strength not to confess. I am curious to see what the new Trudeau will do in this issue. Will he abandon a citizen or do everything he can to secure the man’s release?

#4. Tempting God

The leader of the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple recently blogged about her medical abortion, which she carried out on Thanksgiving Day.

“I had a Thanksgiving abortion,” wrote Jex Blackmore on her blog “UnMother.” “This was good because I don’t care much for the holiday and was provided ample time off from life to recover.”

Blackmore began blogging in mid-November, stating that she didn’t believe it was the “right time” to have a child

That is about all I will say on this. Unbelievers just do not know who they are fiddling with.

#5. Please Don’t

Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin, who released his new album “Losing My Religion” on Friday, told reporters this week that he “apologizes” for “homophobia” in the Church, stating that Christians have turned the Bible into “a homophobic manual.”

First, he doesn’t speak for other people unless authorized to do so. Second, his and your assumptions or interpretations may not be correct. I do not know why it is but so many people think that they are not in error when they distort other people’s words through assumptions, leaps to conclusions and interpretation. it seems that most of the world has forgotten how to clarify first before coming to a conclusion on other people’s words or actions.

He acknowledged that the Bible does count homosexuality as a sin along with fornication and adultery, but said that the Scriptures also talk about grace.

He and others forget that you cannot get grace unless you repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness. He  and others when they talk about grace seem to ignore this vital step.

#6. Westerners Have It So Easy

A court in Tunisia has sentenced six students to three years in jail each on charges of homosexuality in a judgment condemned by rights activists, their lawyer said on Monday.

The court in Kairouan last week handed down the maximum term under a controversial article of the criminal code that criminalizes sex between males, Boutheina Karkni said.

The six were also banned from the central city for five years after they complete their sentences, she said.

Next time a member of the homosexual community says they have been discriminated against or ‘traumatized’ because their request for a cake or wedding venue us denied, show them this and other similar articles.  Let them know what real discrimination and trauma is. Maybe next time they won’t run to the courts like spoiled babies who soiled their underwear at the rough treatment they received by being told ‘no’.

#7. I Have Never Agreed With This Type Of Prayer

A football coach in Washington state who was placed on leave this fall until he agrees to stop praying at the 50-yard line at the conclusion of each game has filed a federal employment complaint, alleging religious discrimination.

As previously reported, Joe Kennedy, the assistant head coach for the varsity team at Bremerton High School and the head coach for the junior varsity team, was placed on paid administrative leave in October when he prayed at the conclusion of the homecoming game despite an order to cease his practice.

Because first, there is no biblical teaching to do this. We are told to go to our prayer closets not the 50 yard line. Second, it reminds me of those athletes who only thank God with prayer or other religious gestures. They only thank God for the good things never the bad and make it seem that God favors them over the other Christians on their opponent’s side.

It would be nice if Christians actually practiced what God taught instead of what they think God taught. The school is not banning the guy because he prays or for his faith but  the manner in which he does it. It seems the school is more in line with God’s teaching than that Christian coach. Christian freedom does not mean we violate God’s rules or call people who react negatively to those violations, persecutors.

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