More Of The Same

17 Dec

The suspension of the Wheaton professor for heresy has brought out more people making the same old arguments and have never learned anything from the counter arguments refuting their misguided thinking. One would think that if they wanted to be educated they would learn from their encounters instead of hardening their hearts. They also seem to forget that academic freedom means that Bible colleges get to teach what they want, what God wants not just what dissenters and unbelievers want.


As I have watched this story unfold, I’ve been reminded of my own experience within the evangelical academic institution. In 2014 I graduated from Moody Bible Institute, another prominent evangelical college just miles away from Wheaton, in the heart of downtown Chicago. During my four years completing my undergraduate degree at Moody, I became increasingly disturbed by the lack of academic freedom that existed for both students and professors.

He went to an evangelical school knowing full well what was taught there he should have no complaint. If he was dissatisfied and not getting his needs met he should have changed schools not attack the people at Moody. Wanting people to violate their faith and beliefs just so he can have an academic freedom experience is wrong.

As a freshman, I launched a radio program on the student radio network that sought to interview various theological voices from outside of our traditional evangelical fold, in order to help our community better understand the views of those who differed from us. One would think that at an institution of higher education, such a pursuit would be permissible, if not celebrated.

What is clear from these words is that he doesn’t grasp the reality of true and false teaching and that God said to stay away from those who bring another gospel.  They also tell us that he does not understand what education is all about and thinks that it must be done according to his ideas and that Moody has no say in how they want to educate its students even when it is their school.

This was one of the problems that arose with many Western English teachers who went to Korea to teach. They felt that the Koreans could only educate the Western way,and had no say in how to educate their own people. of course conflict and trouble arose as the Westerner continually insulted the Korean teachers and tried to take away their right to teach as they saw fit.

As I sat in the Dean’s office explaining my intentions for the show as a student at an academic institution, the Dean stopped me and said, “Brandan, we are not primarily an academic institution. We’re a discipleship institution.”

As I heard those words I was stopped dead in my tracks. Every part of my situation made sense in that moment. What the Dean’s statement actually translated to was, “You’re not here to be educated, you’re here to be indoctrinated.

Putting your own spin on other people’s words never clarify the intent of the other person’s words. Such action only brings misunderstanding, false conclusions, sin.

I had come to Moody so I could be educated, challenged, and to grow. And though no one at Moody was a more committed evangelical than I was at this stage of my life, I remember being utterly disillusioned when I realized that this so-called academic institution actually existed not to give an education to its students, but to create an army of students with one unified world view and belief system, promoting a narrow, singular kind of Christianity in the world.

So misguided and so ignorant of biblical teaching and the influence of evil. This attitude arises when one ignores what evil does to believers and how devious and deceptive it really is. As well as being ignorant of the fact that false teaching exists in the church and its academic institutions.

More could be said but then I would be rehashing old rebuttals. Suffice it to say the rant quoted here is the result of someone who does not want God, who he is and what he teaches. They want their own faith which includes sin and false teaching.


Yes, Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God (But Here’s What That Means & Doesn’t)

Just because the Muslim uses the Arabic word for God does not mean that they worship the same God as Christians.

For the crime of saying, “we worship the same God” Hawkins was suspended from school. Once news of this broke, the Evangelical Machine™ went into over-drive to celebrate the decision. Bloggers quickly weighed in with approval, and it certainly caught the eye of my brother-from-a-TOTALLY-different-mother, Franklin Graham, who said “shame on her!” for wearing a hijab (as if a head covering is some mortal sin), and continued to say she was “absolutely wrong” that we worshipped the same God.

These words tell true believers that we have a very deep problem in the church and it isn’t those who have correctly analyzed that professor’s stance and words.It is with those who cannot see sin, heresy and false teaching when it arises. And while Jesus told us we would have such false Christians in the church, that doesn’t mean we have to like it, tolerate it or do nothing about it. Biblical rules governing church discipline still applies.

Abraham somewhat founded a religion that went into three different streams: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

This is wrong as Abraham didn’t found anything. He received promises from God which were fulfilled because Abraham was a righteous man. Those last two words are always ignored or skipped by those who keep pointing to Abraham as a founder of religions. They do not want to be righteous so they omit those words and requirement from their thinking. They want sin not holiness.

Same God yes, but that doesn’t mean all three religions are equally true, or that we’re describing this God in the same way.

This is just not true and contradictory. If we worshiped the same God then we would have the same rules, the same view of God, the same instructions and so on. God is not the author of confusion, which arises when such contradictory statements are spoken. His analogy does not work. We are not worshiping the same God.

People like the quoted author in this section just do not get it and do not realize how far from the truth they have strayed. They also do not understand what false teaching is all about nor do they know God. Christians need to keep away from people like this and that professor who have been deceived and have taken their eyes off Christ.

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