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17 Dec

#1. Christian Teachers Need To Learn Better

Wheaton has jumped the shark.  It has abandoned higher ed and opted instead for lower ethics.

Whatever you think of her act, she has the RIGHT to do it.  She’s free to behave as she wishes and is answerable only to God for it.  Not to over-Republicanized college authorities and donors.

Higher ed is dead at Wheaton.  Because academic freedom is.

West is so wrong here. Wheaton hasn’t jumped the shark but maintained quality academic standards by removing a professor who is one, misguided, two, lacking in spiritual education, three, leading people to sin. Christians abide by the word of God not the Pope. Protestants, Catholics and Muslims do not worship the same God and this professor should know that. The latter two worship a God of their own making not the God of the Bible.

Kudos to Wheaton for maintaining spiritual integrity in this issue. Students as well as professors need to learn what is truly right and wrong if they want to be part of God’s kingdom.

#2. Free Books

This one is super.  And so timely. Erasmus at his scathing best contra the stupidity of conflicts and wars.

They are truly free if you have the Logos system. I am not a fan of how Logos conducts itself in business, customer service and its pricing but you cannot beat free. I have a large logos library mostly because archaeological archives are based on that system. So I have updated and added over the years and will take advantage of their free offers.

#3. What Do People NOT Understand?

In the end Wheaton can require that its professors “engage in and speak about public issues in ways that faithfully represent the College’s evangelical Statement of Faith.” What they are really saying is that putting on intellectual blinders is the only way a Christian can follow the straight and narrow.

When you are in God’s kingdom, claim to be a follower of God, advocate his way of salvation and so on, then you preach what God wants and not what the unbeliever or alternative believer wants. No intellectual blinders are being put on by Wheaton but they are by that professor and critics of Wheaton’s actions. That author talks about faith but he ignores the rules that Jesus taught, that false teachers will arise, that faith needs truth not error and on it goes.

The people who have put on academic blinders are those who do not want God as he represents himself in the Bible nor do they want what he teaches. To follow the straight and narrow one needs to accept the truth and that professor and her supporters have slipped form that level and allowed for false ideology to confuse them.

#4. No They Have Kept Their Spiritual Credibility

Wheaton College suspends its own credibility

No they have kept their credibility with God and that is what counts. We do not adhere to the standards of the secular or alternative world on credibility or anything else. We do not compromise our message, our beliefs or our ethics just to appease those who do not want to walk the straight and narrow. We are the light unto the world, not the world is a light unto the church. We show them the right way to go, they do not show us.

So if the unbelieving and alternative believing world does not like our actions, if they are in line with God’s word, then too bad for them. We do not please them but please God.

#5. Misguided Soul–

As a Christian, I don’t believe that each group of people has a different god. I believe that there’s one God who is perceived and worshiped with different degrees of intimacy and accuracy. If somebody else says there are actually ten gods, I’m going to say you’ve split the attributes of the real God into ten pieces.

There is only one God and that is the God of the Bible. Anything else is a product of a human’s imagination under the influence of evil and its deceptive powers.

Different religions have different names for this God and different myths that they believe about this God. I believe that the story that Christianity tells about God is the truest and most beautiful story about God that exists. Otherwise I wouldn’t be a Christian. But I don’t think that means I have to affirm that everything every other religion has to say about God is utterly false.

Yes it does. God revealed himself only in the Bible and only in the beliefs stated in the Bible. Everything else is a false religion based upon false teachings made by false teachers. The lines are very clear and Paul stated that line very clearly, ‘if anyone, man or angel, brings a different gospel than the one we brought… The author of those quoted words claims about being a Christian are suspect and probably false. He brings a different gospel.

#6. You Are Not Teaching Jesus If...–

While legacies can take on all shapes and sizes, the only legacy I am interested in leaving this world is one that invites others to give Jesus a shot. I want my life to be an invitation for them to come to the realization that Jesus is altogether good and wonderful, and that his Kingdom is worth joining.

You are teaching your version of Jesus and not the Bible’s. One can talk a good game but if they alter Jesus in any way then they are not teaching Jesus as God has taught us about him but a Savior that they wanted to see. Jesus said we would know the truth and that the spirit of truth will guide us to that truth but if we present a different Jesus then we are not following the Holy Spirit to the truth nor do we know it.

Legacies are not a scriptural teaching. We do not worry about those things but focus on becoming holy as Jesus was and is holy. If we teach the correct Jesus and live according to his teachings and commands (including the other books of the NT outside of the Gospels and Acts) correctly then our legacy will take care of itself.

#7. On A Final Note-

Wheaton needs to act biblical correct in the case of that professor ensuring that true justice is done and not acting like they want to show the world they are being biblical.

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