A Few Comments- 36

14 Dec

#1. Turn The Other Cheek

People who attack Mosques or Synagogues are no more Christian than a mole in the ground.  There is nothing of Christ in the perpetrators of violence.  There is nothing of God in crimes of hate.  There is nothing of Christianity in those who malign or insult the practitioners of other faiths.

Jim West provides so such food for comment that at times I hate to use him as people will get tired of his bad example. Then while he may say something good people need to remember that he is not a Christian but a false teacher who mixes truth with sin and calls it good, a minimalist who disbelieves most of the Bible and someone who takes secular teaching over God’s word.

As for the above quote, Christians are not to practice guilt by association. That ideology is not just nor of God. Nor do we take the position of ‘shoot them all and let God sort them out’. We take the time, with God’s help, to sort out those who have committed crimes from those who are innocent and act accordingly. The only thing some muslims have in common with the more radical wings of that religion is that they are all unbelievers and in need of salvation.

#2. Over-protection Is Not Protection Or Safety

The United States banned lawn darts on December 19, 1998 after they were responsible for 3 deaths in 28 years

If we applied the logic illustrated in the quote to all activities of life, we would be living in our homes made of rubber and foam and never venture out into the world, go to work or even to a movie or park for a picnic.

Jesus said, he who saves his life shall lose it and we can apply that verse to this type of thinking. Western nations are so bent on preserving life that they lose the very thing they want to save. Christians should not be following the secular government when these issues arise but speak with a level head, wisdom and common sense. Not bury their heads in the sand or blindly follow the lead of the blind.

#3. I Think His Observation Is Correct Here

America has turned its democratic system into a quasi religion and sought to spread it to the ends of the earth in the same manner the European Crusaders sought to convert the world by the edge of the sword.  It didn’t work during the Crusades and it won’t work now.

Democracy is probably the weakest form of government in existence today. Hitler used it to gain power and you know what he did after he achieved his leadership goal– he banned democracy. Many Christians are misguided when it comes to democracy and think that it and capitalism are a Christian activity, just like they think the Republican Party is a Christian political party.

Christians are not to follow or partner with the secular world which means that they need to proclaim the right way to go in politics not follow the crowd and make things worse by championing the wrong form of government to the wrong people. Our mission is not to bring democracy but the truth to the world. Our agenda is different from those of the secular world and we need to separate ourselves from those political entities that shun God and his ways.

#4. It Is Not West’s Will But God’s

You have stopped being a church and become a social club.  It is not your right to replace worship of the almighty with a political agenda.  That, in fact, is idolatry.

West gets confused often and thinks he is God.

#5. If You Are Anti-Gun, Don’t Force Your Views On Others

I have avoided doing anything on the issue of guns, purposefully. No matter how hard you try, it seems to always be incendiary and cause problems, but as I continually engage in conversations about the matter, it is easier to post a link rather than to type the same things over and over. It also allows for the time to choose words carefully and to have an informed decision that is based on something more than interview soundbites and headlines. On to the things that I think could work and even be passed in congress with some effort.

Just do not own a gun and have valid reasons to support your decision. There is no biblical teaching granting permission to anyone to force their views on others. There is biblical teaching stating ‘do unto others as you would have them do to you’ so if you do not want their views forced upon you, don’t force yours on them. No matter what country you live in, you will always have the power of free choice if you are willing to pay the cost for standing up for what you have chosen to believe.

There are no rewards, awards or brownie points for forcing your views on others. To address Watt’s first point, background checks are no guarantee that someone will not commit a crime after they purchase a gun. Each of his points can easily be refuted as they are not of God nor supported by scripture. They are weak attempts to provide false security.

#6. It Is Never Smart

to insult the Bible or acts of genuine worship on the part of believers. Click through to the cartoon to see what I mean. Just so you know, diapers and formula as we know them were not invented at that time and I highly doubt casserole was as well.

#7. Except For Number 2, I Like These

However, there’s a catch: online shopping means you’ll see some stuff that will make you scratch your head. That’s what happened to me this year, so I’m passing along the fun. Here’s the top 10 weirdest Christmas gifts I found on the internet this year:

But then I know how to have a sense of humor and can separate fact from fiction. While those may be weird they are not the weirdest of this year or that I have ever seen. The bear isn’t creepy, just the people who would upload their child’s secrets to the internet. Numbers 9 & 10 were funny as long as they are kept in the right perspective.

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