Who Are The Criminals?

09 Dec

Mayor Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte is by far the most controversial in the short list of candidates who have declared their intention to seek the presidency in the May 2015 general elections. He is known to setting loose ‘death squads’ purportedly linked to him to kill criminals. (Davao Killings: Revolt of Periphery Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dec. 2, 2015)

When someone mentions the word ‘criminals’ everyone’s thoughts turn to those people who murder, sell drugs, rape, steal and other crimes. I doubt that many would privately disagree with Duterte’s action against these people. He has recently been documented in threatening the lives of a drug dealer or two who brought about the death of a young law enforcement officer last month. I doubt that many would disagree with his threats when discussing them in private.

But the real question is who are the criminals? Yes it is easy to support someone who wants to get rid of those who take violent action against others or remove property without permission but what about the other criminals? The ones who do not get the press or the attention of law enforcement? I am talking about all those corporate people and government officials who are so corrupt that they rape a country and its people for their own selfish demands?

Who do not provide good service yet take large profits and over-charge for what they are offering? Or those bank officials who seek to place unrealistic fees on everything they and their employees do or steal real estate through foreclosures and other actions? Will the people support a president who wages war on those white-collar criminals and will they applaud him if he orders their deaths?

The term criminal actually applies to all people of all levels and status who commit acts against society and the white-collar crimes are not better and more acceptable than murder, rape, and muggings. Crime is crime, sin is sin, no matter where it is found. If we want to do as God says and protect the innocent then we need to address the issue of government and corporate corruption, crime, and other actions that make life worse for the people of any nation.

Politicians and corporate leaders are criminals if they commit crimes and the identification of crimes is not limited to murder and so on. If we want justice then we need just and fair laws applied equally to all people not just to those unacceptable members of society.

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