The Actions Of Others…

08 Dec

do taint the whole barrel. I am sure you have heard about the following:

The president of Liberty University in Virginia has urged students at the Christian school to carry concealed weapons on campus to counter any possible armed attack, saying we should end the Muslim before they walked in. Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here… (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

When I was teaching in South Korea, we learned this lesson very quickly. All westerners were painted with the same brush no matter how good you were and how well you behaved. The actions of one Native English teacher did affect other teachers and ruined many employment opportunities. I worked with a guy once who went to an interview for a new teaching job at a local hagwon and he almost didn’t get the position simply because he was from the same country as a previous teacher who was nothing but problems and trouble.

Even though there are Christians out there and churches who live humbly by what they believe, they will be painted by the brush of those claiming to be Christian and who act less than what Christ taught. You cannot get away from it no matter how hard you try and the only solution is to continue to live by what you believe honestly and continue to be biblically correct.

The people around you are not dumb and they will see a difference and hopefully they will ask questions which open up a teaching or gospel moment for the true believer. There will always be those who open up Christ, the bible and Christians to ridicule and we all suffer from those believers who go too far in their statements and actions but we cannot let only those people represent Christ, Christianity, and the Bible

We need to counter those negative representations with continuous examples of what Christ wants us to do. We need to heal the sick, cast out demons, do good works so that those who say things like the quoted words above, are only noted in the footnotes while the true believer gets the press. Christianity is not just preaching a gospel message, holding an evangelistic or revival meeting. It is about rolling up one’s sleeve, getting involved and doing good works for all people.

It means being the light unto a dark world and showing the correct way to live and solve problems. Even the problem of mass murder. Christians are in daily contact with the one being who has all the answers and we should be implementing his instructions not trying to act tough or secular.

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