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08 Dec

Sarah Bessey has come out with a new article on questions and those who ask them:

Let me start off with just a few of the questions I’ve had over the years related to theology, scripture, and doctrine (yours will be different, of course):

There are two problems with the issue of asking spiritual questions. First, the person asking them must be ready to accept the right answer, {and drop their questions}, even if the answer is not what they want to hear. And two, the people answering the questions need to have the right answers or the information loading them to the person who does.

If you do not have the right answers, the truth, then all you are doing is making things worse.

I liked what one respondent said in the comment section and I quote:

She and Evans did a book with the oxymoronic title “Jesus Feminist.” It is garbage. They have no interest in the Jesus Christ of the New Testament, they’ve created a fictional Jesus to push their agenda, which is at odds with Christianity.

This is correct. False teachers do exactly that. They want to change Christianity, they want to change Christ and change the Bible to make those three after their own image instead of letting those three change them into true believers.

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