Failing To Take Responsibility

08 Dec

He further pointed out that he has no plan of reducing his habit of cussing… We are all the creation of God. We have God-given talents. The talent that God gave me is cussing. Instead of blaming me blame God because he created me (Duterte, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dec. 2, 2015)

These words area prime example of failing to take responsibility for one’s actions and passing the buck to God.  These words also show a vast misunderstanding of God and the Bible as cussing is not a talent, nor should it be considered one. What this attitude demonstrates is an unwillingness to learn the Bible correctly, an unwillingness to give up a habit that is loved and an unwillingness to take responsibility for failing to obey God and his word.

These words also ignore the role and influence of evil in life and makes God look worse than the devil. God has told people to change, he has provided the right way to live and left the ability to change up to his creation’s  free choice, a freedom he gave them so that they would know that they are not robots. We have the responsibility to change from our sinful ways to His holy ways and it is not God’s fault when we do not decide to do so.

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