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01 Dec

#1. Why being judgmental hurts the church

Seriously.  Just because you’re a useless, soulless, inhuman wreck doesn’t mean someone else is.

Not an ounce of compassion, understanding, wisdom, forgiveness in those words at all. I think you can see why being judgmental and condemning is banned by God.

#2. When you point a finger…–

In an interview on NPR the head of planned parenthood expressed horror at the murder of people at one of their clinics, blithely ignoring the fact that PP murders people in the thousands every single day of the week.

Planned Parenthood will now do everything it can to silence opposition under the premise that opposition provokes violence.  But that’s false.  Opposition to planned parenthood’s activities no more provokes violence than the light from the moon provokes sunburn.

The facts are simple: the perversely wicked man in Colorado who shot up folk at a PP clinic is a depraved murderer.   And, the perversely wicked people who murder children are also murderers.  PP can’t pretend it has clean hands.  It’s hands are far bloodier than anyone else’s.

Jesus said it all– ye who are without sin, cast the first stone– Those words apply to anti-abortionists as well as PP.

#3. He has a point

That the Bible, it is claimed, is never ‘clear’ about sexual ethics but somehow or other everyone who has ever seen a Bible sitting on a table knows exactly what the word ‘love’ means every time it’s used and every place it’s used?

Methinks there’s something afoot here besides honest exegesis.

#4. I am tired of these attacks

This cartoon has been making the rounds. It is a pity that some are treating it as a condemnation of Christians, when it clearly is a condemnation of a group that I think ought to be labeled CINA: “Christians in Name Only.” If you fear others, hate others, judge others, and fail to hold yourself to a high standard of love and self-sacrifice, and fail to be humble and repentant because you fall so far short of that high standard, then you are compromising everything that Jesus taught and stood for.

Made by unbelievers and alternative believers. Not only are they over-generalized but they lack rational and logical thought as well as assume that the unChristian solution is the only solution to problems faced by this world. They also assume that every believer is spiritually mature and wise and responds with the total abilities of Jesus. Such unrealistic thinking is far from the truth.

#5. Satan’s work is not on par with God’s

That, presumably, was the point of creating them in the first place. But the whole enterprise is problematic, even as an attempt at mockery. The ten commandments are an ancient human invention, not a divine one. The same goes for Satan, who emerges from a figure with the title “the Accuser” (ha-Satan in Hebrew) and develops into a rebellious angel, before becoming a figure who stands as a symbol for individualist and capitalist selfishness in the hands of Anton LaVey, and more recently as a teacher of empathy and compassion in the hands of The Satanic Temple.

Satan is a deceiver and copier of God not vice versa. As we read about Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh, it was evil who copied God’s representatives and their actions not the other way around and it was God’s example that ate the fakes. Don’t be fooled by these tenants or supposed change of heart-Satan is just looking to deceive more people in order to destroy them.

#6. In the abortion issue…–

Until the pro-life movement awakens to this glaring gap in logic and ethics, I believe we will continue to see some in the movement follow the train of thought to the logical conclusion, and choose to use violence to oppose abortion. An ethical system that claims killing people can sometimes be God-ordained, good, or noble will continue to have people who actually do it

…all I can really says is– ye who are without sin, cast the first stone.  The verses on protecting the innocent do not over-rule or nullify the words of Christ. We are not to sin nor justify, excuse or condone the use of sin in protecting innocent people. The ends do not justify the means.

Wile it may look like I am agreeing with the author of that quote, I am not. His ideas are human based not God sourced. Christians need to learn and apply scripture correctly and not their emotions dictate what a particular passage says.

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