Why Do Non-Christians Think…

28 Nov

…they know the Bible better than believers, can tell believers what scripture they are to follow and think they know the Bible at all.

Case in point:



What unbelievers do not realize is that our marching orders do not come from them and that we are not to blindly act when unbelievers deem the situation important. Or why do they think one verse in scripture trumps another one? Or that other verses do not apply to the refugee situation instead of the one quoted above?

Somewhere atheists, like Cargill, unbelievers and skeptics think they know more about the Bible and how it is applied than believers do. While there are exceptions to this the refugee i snot one of them. Yes we should help them but blindly bringing them into one’s home country may not be the right solution or the action God wants.

A wiser move would be to help relocate them in their own country or their own neighboring environments like the surrounding Arab nations. Wisdom and understanding need to be applied to this issue not the bullying of atheists and their fellow unbelievers

If you claim to be Christian, and you cannot even abide the central tenet of the judgment scene before the Son of Man, what the hell good is your faith to anyone?

Such words are empty when we see that Cargill does not chastise all those atheist groups who are using the establishment clause to bully schools, churches and people’s personal religious actions. Where are his posts rebuking his fellow atheists as they bully others and force their ways upon those who believe and act differently than an atheist.

His arrogance blinds him  and makes him accuse people of crimes that are not actual crimes but some imaginary injustice he has concocted in his brain. Christians do not jump when atheist say jump and while we need to help others, believers need to do it biblically not the atheistic way.

This, this right here, is why the world is turning away from Christianity: you’re not doing the ONE thing you were put here to do: care for the least among us.

Cargill’s words simply prove my point. he does not understand Christians, the Bible, Christianity or God and his ways. Christians were not ‘put here’ we had to be rescued by Jesus and there is more than one thing we are to do but Cargill misses that fact because he wants his accepted action to be done and not God’s will.

And this, this right here, is why Americans loathe right wing Republican Christian politicians: the hypocrisy spews forth from them like projectile vomit when they appeal to the Bible to discriminate against some Americans, but then completely ignore its core teachings when it comes to actually “helping our neighbors.”

Here are more words proving my point. People hate Christians, republican or otherwise because they hate Christ not because the Republican, conservative Christian doesn’t bow to the atheists’ demands. he also doesn’t know the core teachings of the Bible for he thinks ‘love’ means giving handouts to anyone and everyone regardless of the situation of those involved.

No, believers need to help people in trouble but the least of these is not limited to only the atheist idea of who the least of these are and they need to follow God’s leading the demands of those who reject God and never will believe no matter what the Christian does. So we please God rather than man even in the refugee issue.


A Middle-Ground To Being A Christian On Black Friday

Do we really need a ‘middle ground on black Friday’ or other sale days? Do we need one suggested by someone who rejects much of the Bible and ignores its teachings on sin and evil? NO. But that doesn’t stop people who do not know Christ yet claim to be Christian from offering one.

Historically speaking, I’ve been someone who has been anti-materialism, anti-consumerism, and by extension, anti-Black Friday.

The verse ‘love not the world nor the things in the world’ does not mean we have to be revolutionary or reactionary or even fervently opposed to what the world offers. It means we keep everything in perspective and while we can use certain items, like sales, we do not seek these things out and hold them dear to us. We especially do not place them above God or Jesus or even the Bible.

After setting aside a day to be thankful for what we have, thousands of us actually leave the Thanksgiving table and set up camp in the Walmart parking lot prior to the annual stampede to get the newest gadget? It makes sense that so many people would push back against that kind of hysteria.

We do not ‘push back’. We believers can state that certain actions may not be appropriate, in this case, or sin but we do not force our ways upon the unbelieving world. We choose not to participate but if it really isn’t sin, we should not be getting up on our high horse and making claims to the contrary.  We should be praying for the businesses and corporations of the world instead of revolting against their business plans.

But he sees the light!!

You see, money was really tight for us and I desperately needed a new winter coat before the cold weather hit. I had been stretching the years with my old one, but it was certainly time to replace it. When Black Friday came, we saw an advertisement where the jacket I really needed was on sale. It was quality made and would last me several years, a style that would work for both casual and more formal situations, and it was a really, really good deal. It was a $280 dollar jacket (which I never could afford or justify owning at label price), but between the Black Friday deal and a coupon we used, I was able to get the jacket I needed for under $30.

As I looked at the receipt and went through the breakdown of discounts, I realized that my hard-core stance against Black Friday had missed a critical component: sometimes, shopping on Black Friday could actually be the right choice, and a godly way to manage one’s finances.

Sales are a way to be a good steward of one’s finances and lo and behold he saw that truth. The fact that he thinks no one else knows this is off-putting. {Some people may charge me with that idea but I simply place information and teaching here in hopes that someone who doesn’t know will find it and learn} Christians need to learn to be careful for non-believers and alternative believers will come across different truths and use it to their advantage or to deceive others into thinking they are believers in God when in reality they are far from him.

Discernment is important to the believer’s life and a solid knowledge of God and his ways, words as well.

I believe that God wants us to live generously, and one of the primary ways we accomplish this is by wise stewardship of how little or how much we have. Sometimes, using our money wisely so that we have more resources to give away, means we might actually get in our car at 5:00am and go shopping on Black Friday (as much as my first instinct is to cringe at that statement).

The bold words highlight one of the problems with his thinking. While we are to give away certain funds, we still have to make sure that we have enough to take care of ourselves and our families. We do not make ourselves a burden on society and add to its woes simply because we followed someone’s unscriptural advice blindly or biblical instructions foolishly.

Yet, as Black Friday arrives, I would caution fellow Christians from considering only two extremes: consumerism or abstinence.

There is in fact, a third-option, and a middle-ground to being a Christian on Black Friday.

There is actually more than 3 options for using Black Friday and sales but we will let him figure those out for himself. the key is that unbelievers and alternative believers really have no right to teach, tell, instruct or demand  believers anything for they know not God, what he has instructed or told his people what to do nor do they know the context of the words they hold over the heads of believers while demanding that the believer stop pleasing God and please them.

We also do not need unbelievers or alternative believers telling us how to use sales or live life for the same reasons. We already have those instructions from God and do not need to hear them from deceived and blind people. We do not ‘walk in the counsel of the ungodly’.


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