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27 Nov

#1. Too much God talk

I’ve felt restless, but I’ve always felt restless and a bit homeless when it comes to church and when it comes to God talk,” he explained. “When I hear too much God talk, I start to feel like (shudders) [it’s] too much religion. I don’t know; it gives me a restless feeling. A lot of times I feel like an outsider at my own party.

Two things about this. First, I have found that it is difficult to have a normal conversation with other believers because maybe they are afraid to have one and not mention God or what we already know about him. It is like they are afraid to grow and feel that God will punish them if they do not repeat certain terms or ideas in each conversation or that they feel they are not Christian if they go past square one.

Second, it is nice to see he recognizes he does not fit as a pastor because given his comment, he probably doesn’t believe God or the Bible any more.

#2. I am tired of seeker-sensitive ideology

A minister in Oregon has a launched a sermon series entitled ‘Church S*cks,’ and is announcing seeker-friendly changes to his Sunday services, as a way to attract people who dislike church.
Tony Crank, who leads One Love Church in Eugene, claims that churches talk too much about sin, and are not welcoming enough to visitors.

How will people know where they stand if the church does not talk about sin? This ‘seeker-sensitive’ ideology seems to be coming from personal beliefs and not scripture.  I wonder if his changes are God led or human led?

“I just like to have a conversation with everyone, just like I do at the coffee shop if we were talking one on one,” he told KTMR

Church is not a coffee shop and there are ways to preach without preaching at people. I wonder if Pentecost would have taken lace if Peter did what this preacher is doing?  When it comes to church, we need to remember to follow God’s leading for it is his church not the pastors’.

#3. Just when you think you have seen it all

The television network Oxygen has announced the second round of its controversial preacher reality show, this time following five Georgia ministers, including one rap artist, a female preacher with a rocker hairdo and tutu, and a Grammy Award-winning gospel singer who admits that she passes out cigarettes and condoms on the streets

There are people like this who take center stage. I get the feeling that too many people claiming to be pastors may be deceived and lean to their own understanding and do not humbly follow God and what he wants to see done. Too many people confuse their ideas with God’s leading and we end up with people making a mockery of the church, the pastorate, Jesus and the Christian life.

We do not need to identify with the unbelievers because we were once unbelievers ourselves, we found a new way to live and need to communicate that so others will know of a better way to go. Saying we are ‘just like them’ sends the message that our new way is not better than their way.

“Preachers of Atlanta features a young, vibrant group of pastors who are pushing the envelope and tackling real-world issues in their communities, creating thought-provoking dialogue,” Rod Aissa, Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development at Oxygen Media, said of the new series in a statement

‘Pushing the envelope’ is not biblical teaching but sinful worldly ideology that has no place in the Christian’s life. Christians need to follow the Holy Spirit, not the secular world.

#4. Just when you think you have seen it all- 2

A blasphemous play depicting Jesus Christ as a transgendered woman is set to be performed at a homosexual festival in Northern Ireland.
“The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven” is scheduled for showing on Nov. 15 at the Outburst Queer Arts Festival in Belfast. It was created by Jo Clifford, a man who identifies as a woman.

Words just cannot describe how wrong, blasphemous, heretical this really is.

#5. I do not see the controversy in this photo

Controversy is stirring over a photo posted on Instagram on Sunday by megachurch leader Paula White, which shows the author and speaker dressed up for Halloween with her husband Jonathan Cain of the rock band Journey

Maybe some people are putting their own spin to other people’s actions

“By dressing up for Satan’s holiday, you are praising him,” one commenter wrote. “This is righteous judgment, not pointing a finger. The enemy needs to be exposed openly.”

I disagree that it is righteous judgment and lean towards, ‘don’t do it because I do not like it’ mentality. i can see far more controversy coming from her life than this photo. Then some people delude themselves:

“Every church had a party or something … on October 31. But you [think we] are to be above having fun,” another said in response to those who rebuked White. “Pastor Paula, you rock and are the best pastor there is! The world is jealous of God’s chosen.

She isn’t really and doesn’t and no one is jealous of her. While i do not observe Hallowe’en nor dress up for it, I see nothing controversial about the photo. I may see misguided people but no controversy.

#6. Not worried about her divorces...–

A self-proclaimed “prophetess” who divorced her second husband in 2008 and raised concern in 2009 after it was found that she spoke during an ordination service for a homosexual minister is set to be promoted to the position of bishop

Divorce is over-blown and too many people over-react towards those who suffer the experience. God’s words to Peter just before the Gentiles arrived on his door step apply to the Church concerning divorced people– “what I have called clean thou shalt not call unclean”. (paraphrased) Too many divorced people have been cleansed by God yet suffer from the condemnation of those humans who have not accepted or acknowledged God’s cleansing of the divorced person.

What bothers me is her claims, her acceptance of homosexuals and their ordination and her taking a position in the church she cannot possess. Those are actions far worse than being divorced. As is her ideology. The church needs to get back to God’s rules and stop allowing deceived people in the pulpit.

#7. It’s the United Church, this does not surprise me

A United Church of Christ congregation in Massachusetts recently hosted what it called a “Drag Gospel Festival” in support of the homosexual and transgender members in its assembly

When the church disobeys God, do not expect the sinners to change.

#8. They say ‘a picture says a 1000 words’

A group of approximately 15 apostate United Methodist, Episcopal and Jewish clergy recently gathered outside an abortion facility in Ohio to “bless” its services and to “thank God for abortion providers.”

the picture at that link starts with, arrogance, unbelief, blasphemy, heresy and continues on down to accepting evil till the thousand negative words are used up. Why would people of a church raise God for allowing the killing of those who have done nothing wrong? Or that it is okay to lead people to sin?

Abortion is not the unforgivable sin so women and men who have endured a loss to this procedure can find forgiveness and relief from shame but we do not bring that relief , that forgiveness, that grace through sinful actions, messages or messengers.


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