It Is Sad To See

23 Nov

I went to a church yesterday in a non-western country and as usual, the service was conducted in an American manner. There was a praise team playing in a contemporary style, and while there is nothing wrong with praise teams per se or contemporary music it is sad to see so many church’s who ignore the needs of their people or simply focus on doing the latest trend instead of doing actual and real worship

The church is not to be geared toward the young only, the church needs to be geared to all ages and the pastor and church leaders need to know their audience before attempting different worship styles. For those of us who before a more subdued style of music, contemporary just doesn’t cut it and while going to another church is an option, it is not the only option. Churches can design services to meet different needs while not sacrificing one because the trend says otherwise.

Each week does not have to be conducted in the same style or music trend but I am afraid that too many pastors are like sheep and simply blindly play follow the leader forgetting that they are God’s leaders of the congregation they are pastoring not the denominational executives and that they know their own people far better than those who rarely leave their corporate offices to see what is going on in their denomination and it is they who should decide how their church should worship following the lead of the Holy Spirit.

One can argue that those pastors are following the lead of the Holy Spirit when the blindly follow the directives from district superintendents and vice-presidents but I would question that argument. It is more of a cop-out than truth, as people do not want to do the hard work of planning services to meet the needs of their individual members. They prefer an easy, generic format and I can say that as I have seen the same service types in 4 different countries, 3 non-American, and have read others who say the same thing and who have lived and worshiped in more.

The sermons are basically the same too both in content and style. Most contain superficial content that is repeated from year to year, decade to decade and while you can argue the level of the people dictate the content, whose fault is that really? Obviously the pastoral staff have not been feeding their people nor striving for the deeper message of God in order to provide that food. A more detailed sermon, for example really explaining what love means instead of leaving it at the good feeling God loves you level, would be understood by all no matter what spiritual maturity they are at and they would be allowed to grow deeper in Christ because they know what love actually means and learn that they can practice that love themselves.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that pastors and church leaders are failing God in their duties because they do not bring their people the food, the guidance, the information they need to develop into spiritual adults. People cannot change if they are not given the right information or the right guidance. Maybe this failure is the attitude that some pastors do not actually want their people to grow up in Christ for it means that they have to grow and learn more themselves in order to meet the new needs now residing in their congregations. hard to say what the reason is because there would be too many to list here.

To combat false teaching, the people need to be told the truth and how to apply that truth correctly, with wisdom, understanding, knowledge and so on. We do not simply present the information and leave the individual church members to figure it out for themselves. Some times we need to ‘take them by the hand’ so to speak and lead them through the instructions until the people understand, learn and know how to implement the instructions correctly and spiritually.

This involves caring about people and their spiritual needs beyond the evangelistic message and their initial salvation. The Christian work is not done when some one accepts the gospel. When that takes place they will need real spiritual food, like babies and children do, in order to develop into the spiritual adults God can really use.


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