A Few Comments- 30

21 Nov

#1. I understand hurt, angry, sad, etc but not confused

Speaking publicly for the first time since his pregnant wife, Amanda, was fatally shot in the head inside their home in Indianapolis last Tuesday, Resonate Church Pastor Davey Black said he is “confused” because his wife “didn’t have an enemy in the world.

Christians above all know what evil can do and that they are not immune to the evil acts people do to others, there should be no confusion  here. Every christian knows that the Christian life is not easy as Christ warned us to pick up our cross and follow him. Her attack doesn’t have to be from ‘an enemy’ it could have been a random attack, one from lust, one from hatred to believers and so on

A Christian doesn’t have to have ‘an enemy’ because we have so many already. Just because they do not show themselves doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who is against you.

#2. Good Job

The United Methodist Church has raised $68 million to fight malaria, meeting 90 percent of its goal for the year.

The social gospel is not sin, it just needs to be done correctly and for the glory of God.

#3. It is a good article

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kirk Cameron as much as the next guy, but the desperate evangelical embrace of Christian celebrities is, well, desperate.
Big celebrity or minor celebrity; it makes no difference to us. If an extra from a 1992 episode of “Golden Girls” hints she is now a Christian, we fire up the presses and spread the news, “She’s one of us!”
We get downright tingly when we hear about any celebrity making some sort of profession of faith. Consider this brief list of celebrities the evangelical community has welcomed with open and undiscerning arms

Filled with good advice and common sense

#4. One-way street–

Indiana will soon consider a bill that will implement anti-discrimination measures for LGBT individuals while providing certain exemptions for religious liberty.

Introduced by Republican State Senator Travis Holdman on Tuesday, the new bill will add gender identity and sexual orientation to state antidiscrimination code while including assorted religious liberty exemptions.

According to the bill’s synopsis, the proposed legislation will prohibit “discriminatory practices in acquisition or sale of real estate, housing, education, public accommodations, employment, the extending of credit, and public contracts based on military active duty status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”

If the bill does not restrict same-sex couples and transgender people or punish them in the same way as opponents to their preferences are restricted and punished then the bill is unfair and unjust. Too often only one group is restricted while others get to do as they please, even towards the restricted group.  If you truly want fairness, justice and peace then the laws need to be applied equally to all and restrict equally.

#5. Trump is right on this

Real estate mogul and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raised concerns Wednesday about the U.S. accepting Christian refugees from Syria, charging that their faith could be hard to prove.

“I don’t know if you can prove that they’re Christian,” said Trump at a press conference in Worcester, Massachusetts, according to CNN.

“You have to prove it. How are they proving it?” Trump asked. “I have a real concern that the people who are coming into this country are coming in, some for very bad purposes.”

The church already has a hard time separating the wheat from the chaff

Let’s not call them Christian until we see their fruit.

#6. Don’t care how you define the term-

Researchers should define Evangelicals by their beliefs, not by their political demographics, the church they attend or what they self-identify as, the National Association of Evangelicals, LifeWay Research and a group of sociologists, theologians and Evangelical leaders have determined.

After a two-year collaboration, NAE and the Christian research organization LifeWay Research have developed a standard definition for what it means to be an Evangelical.

The term evangelical i snot biblical nor Christian. There are only two ways to define a believer–they are either believers or not; they either side with God or not; they either believe God or they don’t; God said you are either for me or against me and you can serve only one master plus friendship with the world is enmity with God

There is no category for evangelical, liberal, conservative and so on. You are either like Christ or not. Let’s stop playing these silly games and get back to the truth and stop confusing the secular world.


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