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19 Nov

#1. Perfect Love

The terrorists have won.  They’ve crippled you, instilled fear into your heart, and paralyzed your every action.  You think always of the terrorist, you see them in every brown face.  They have taken over your life.  The only difference now between being physically dead at the and of an Islamic radical and the life you live under the umbrella of constant dread is that your heart is still beating.  But you are no longer alive.  Because you’re no longer living.

The Christian has the least to fear as earth is not our home and our instructions on how to behave are very clear.

#2. Wisdom Not Blind Action Is Needed

The “problem” is not refugees: they are human beings who need help and we should help them.

The problem is not Muslims: they are people of faith whom we should embrace.

First, they are not people of faith but of a false religion and we should not embrace them but offer what aid we can under the guiding influence of biblical wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Second, they may be in need of help but shipping them to different countries may not be the right help for them, especially when it is draining public money needed for the people of the rescuing countries.

So yes, we’ve created a monster and we must destroy the monster – ISIS. But the greater monster is our own greed and thoughtlessness, which has visited untold sufferings upon these lands for a hundred years.

Biblical wisdom is needed not emotionalism or guilt trips

#3. Unbelievers Need To Stop Acting Like They Know & Understand The Bible

Yesterday I came across quotes from Roslyn and Bob Cargill, and I thought they deserved to be shared with a wider audience. First here’s Roslyn:

First, unbelievers do not know what a true Christian is; Second, their idea of helping may not be and almost always is not God’s. We do not act upon the demands and expectations of the unbeliever but implement God’s directions/ Our actions may be mystifying to the unbeliever but then they do not know Jesus or God.

#4. The Question is...–

Though my history teacher didn’t know everything, she drew from other experts to extend her knowledge, appealing to what other thoughtful and learned students of history had discovered. I could appeal to her authority, it seemed, because she appealed to others.

Who said those supposed authorities were correct and right?  Authority does not transmit infallibility to those given authority over others and it is no guarantee that those appealing to others are appealing to those with the correct information. Authority is not part of the criteria for finding and having the truth. Then we need to ask, why is it that all anti-creationists ignore the possibility that people may make mistakes and accuse creationists of lying all the time?

People are mistaken and are not purposefully spreading false information. The RCC leaders were misguided in their thinking about the Bible but that was due to the fact that they were not following the HS to the truth; their errors should not be held over the heads of the church forever but that is what anti-creationists do. They do not think but look to justify their rejection of the truth no matter how many errors they make in their analysis.

Oh and just because you disagree with them, doesn’t mean they are not authorities. Science has not been legitimately given the mantle of authority, it has taken that role much like Napoleon placing the crown on his own head, so anything science says needs to be questioned and if its information disagrees with the Bible then that information needs to be rejected.

#5. When People Cry

When Christians feel crushed by such “people of God,” faith is exposed as something that just doesn’t work here and now. And if something doesn’t work, staying loses its appeal over time. Why bother? That’s why they leave.

It isn’t always the fault of the church leaders or ‘back room politics’. It may be that the resistance they encounter means that they are truly in error and promoting heresy and false teaching. It is always easiest to point the blame to someone else. Sometimes when Christians act badly or ‘hate’ it is because they hate the sin and cannot let it in the church.

#6. Christmas Is Not A Christian Holiday—

For me, defending God means letting go of “Merry Christmas” so my non-Christian neighbors feel respected when I invite them to the holiday table.

I do not agree with Enns but I certainly do not agree that Christians should defend Christmas. It is a pagan festival and not a biblically commanded event to be observed. Christians are misguide din their thinking about Christmas.

#7. No He Doesn’t

I love the Bible and I take it seriously.

If he did he would stand with God instead of saying that God lied, misled, and acted worse than satan. I do not accept anything Peter Enns says especially when he talks about biblical things. He is a self-confessed false teacher.


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