A Few Comments- 26

18 Nov

#1. He Doesn’t Get The Concept Of Sin

They’re actually very pro-Sharia, highly engaged in trying to establish more Sharia, but instead are trying to establish Christian Sharia.

There is a difference between not wanting to be forced to practice another person’s religion and stopping sin from taking place.Doesn’t God’s feeling on the issue matter? People who write these type of articles only seem to place their feelings in print and ignore God’s.

#2. Not Everything Is A Metaphor

Brian LePort also referred to the whole of Genesis 1-3 in the context of dead metaphors in the Bible, and included this cartoon:

While metaphors may be used in the Bible, their existence in God’s word does not make everything in the Bible a metaphor.The people who make God a deceiver are those who cannot accept the fact that the Bible is literally true.

#3. If You Want To Deny Something

John Loftus summarized a list provided by Sean Carroll of six arguments that are used by science denialists:

Deny the lies of secular science and scientists no matter how hard they ridicule those who do not accept their falsehoods.

They work every bit as well for history denialism and other sorts, do they not? Here’s a list for mythicism:

  1. Cast doubt on history;
  2. question the motives and integrity of scholars;
  3. magnify disagrements among them (especially to cite gadflies as authorities);
  4. exaggerate the potential harm coming from New Testament scholarship/accepting the consensus that there was a historical Jesus
  5. appeal to the value of personal freedom;
  6. object that accepting there was a historical Jesus is at odds with a tenet of philosophy/history/atheism/freethought.

Then deny the lies of scholars who do not believe in God and seek to alter his word. Seeking the truth means something is going to be denied and it can’t be the truth

#4. Misguided People

As the 29-year-old pastor of South Tyron Community United Methodist Church concluded her testimony about the enduring power of Christian hymns and spirituals to connect people to God, particularly in the black community she serves, the 900+ people crammed into Minneapolis’ St. Mark’s Cathedral that afternoon rose to their feet and cheered.

While the concept is appealing to many if you read through you will find little of God and his word amongst the reasons why they claim to be Christian. It is all about having their own selfish and spoiled ways.

#5. He Needs To Speak For Himself

It seems I have become weary of ‘Christians’ who talk about how much they ‘believe’ the bible but still always seem to find a way to ignore it completely or how much they ‘love’ God but never seem to be willing to show it.

He certainly does exactly what he complains about as we will see in subsequent sections

#6.Anti-Immigration is Anti-Christian

Anti-immigration Christians will have quite a surprise on the day of judgment.

Really? Since When?  Sometimes helping people means not giving them a hand-out but guiding them to fight for themselves. And since when did that scripture mean we had to have an immigration policy that would take resources from our own people. The story of the 6 virgins comes to mind that would qualify the passage West quotes telling us that we need to be wise in these matters and not act out of emotionalism.

Using scripture to force governments into a desired action when the person doing the forcing does not provide the resources to help out is passing the buck to others. I do not see West offering his home and his bank accounts to help these refugees. He is all about having the other guy spend their resources.

#7. I Feel Sad

Those who support abortion will have no cause to find fault with her.  Killing a baby is, however, killing a baby.  Whether that happens when the baby is 2 months along developmentally or 9 months along is irrelevant.  Whether you like it or not, she disposed of a baby just like an abortionist disposes of a baby.  Her lawyer should just call it a late term abortion.  A jury of imbeciles will let her off.  And if they don’t, the imbeciles at the Supreme Court will.

Not the condemnation and hatred that West feels towards these people. I am never happy when someone commits a sin against another person nor do I judge people who do their sworn duty even though it disagrees with my views. Her actions may be depraved but then, she does not have Christ and her actions stem from her unrepented status something we all, even West, can relate to. Being deceived means we will make bad judgments and we do not need condemners to help us out of our mess. We need wise, knowledgeable, understanding, kind, compassionate true believers who know that Christ still loves those people who commit sin.

#8. I Agree With The Husband

At a time when we have women in the armed forces fighting and dying for our country, heroic doctors fighting deadly diseases, women police officers and firefighters putting their lives on the line for total strangers, brave women overcoming life threatening diseases…the list of possibilities goes on…is this the best you could do?

Jenner has done nothing brave, courageous or for other people. he did it to and for himself because he was deceived and because he would not fight the deception

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