A Few Good Links

06 Nov

***Disclaimer: this and our sister websites do not necessarily endorse, support or agree with the the theories, ideas, conclusions et al that are produced by the following organizations

you may not know about and need to check out:


Written by Gordon Franz a friend I have not heard from or seen much from recently. If anyone has any updates onhim please let us know.


A site originally run by the late Dr. Livingstone and now run by his family


a review and journal on archaeology


a good non christian website full of information believers can use to fight secular theories and ideas.


news about Christians


A Jewish Journal on Ancient times


Home page of the movie Patterns of Evidence, a movie about the Exodus


commenting on issues affecting the church


It seems to be a good commentary set.


America’s mystery structure


Scotland’s version


Malta is not to be left out


a reference library


A good magazine that sadly is biased against Christians and Christianity


a good source on scholar’s thinking, very rarely christian

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