Child Sacrifice

03 Nov

I get notifications every time AIG places some article online and finding one in my e-mail box today was not a surprise. But what caught my eye about it was the title– Abortion and Child Sacrifice. In this article Ken Ham states:

Such an abomination as child sacrifice does occur in our Western nations, and in fact the whole world. In America alone there is so much child sacrifice that it makes what Hitler did during the Holocaust pale by comparison.

Now abortion is not called child sacrifice. And the victims are not called children. Different terms are used in an attempt to hide the reality of what is actually happening in this modern-day holocaust. Terms like fetal tissue, abortion, pro-choice, women’s rights, women’s health care, and other words are used to hide a reality: the killing of a human being made in the image of God! It’s murder! It’s child sacrifice. (

Now I get the idea that many believers are very emotional about this issue but to call it child sacrifice is a little extreme and manipulative. It also distorts the actions as it ignores honest reasons why some people use abortion as an option, and I do not mean in the cases of rape or incest. I disagree with the equating of abortion with child sacrifice as the intent of the two acts are different. If we look at the real meaning of the term sacrifice we find that it says

To offer to God in homage or worship, by killing and consuming, as victims on an altar; to immolate, either as an atonement for sin, or to procure favor, or to express thankfulness; as, to sacrifice an ox or a lamb.

Webster, N. (2006). Noah Webster’s first edition of An American dictionary of the English language. Anaheim, CA: Foundation for American Christian Education.

Now we know that abortion is not an offering to any God, even though people like Mr. ham label their actions as a sacrifice to a ‘god’:

Now, to whom are these children today being sacrificed? To the god of self! (1st resource)

Now maybe the other definitions of the word ‘sacrifice’ can present a foundation for equating abortion with child sacrifice,

To destroy, surrender or suffer to be lost for the sake of obtaining something;

Webster, N. (2006). Noah Webster’s first edition of An American dictionary of the English language. Anaheim, CA: Foundation for American Christian Education.


To destroy; to kill. (Ibid)

but that would be a stretch as when someone makes a sacrifice to gain something, they are usually giving up something they treasure in order to gin something better. Yes we do use the word when we destroy or kill something but not with the implications made by Mr. Ham. Abortion may be a ‘sacrifice’ but it is to gain nothing. Instead it is used to lose something, we cannot say it is a sacrifice to the god of self because there are myriads of reasons why someone has an abortion. It is unfair to judge and condemn those who are forced to use abortion because of some outside influence as child sacrificers who only do so out of hate.

Generalizations are never a smart strategy. Mr. Ham’s article reminded me of ABR’s issue on Carthage, its supposed child sacrifice and abortion, , I went round and round with ABR on that topic, getting nowhere as their minds were made up and they further demonized a long dead people who can no longer defend themselves or what was actually done in their city. That issue was a disservice to the general public as it relied upon dubious and suspect witnesses and their unsupported writings.

There is no doubt that abortion is wrong and it needs to be stopped but for believers to act worse than the members of the Spanish Inquisition or those we are to save from going to hell will not do  the job. Labeling abortion child sacrifice will not do anything to stop the practice but only harden the hearts of those who approve of and use it as a viable option for women.

Christians like Mr. Ham and ABR do not get brownie points in heaven for their words and actions in this issue. Believers need to be better than that and stop using labels like child sacrifice to rally the ‘troops’ in their fight against a despicable practice. We do not need stumbling block creating rhetoric in our opposition to abortion nor do we need abusive and unchristian behavior either.

We follow the Bible and do not ignore those passages that tell us to not render evil for evil in our haste to defend the innocent.There is no command to sin or ignore any of God’s teaching recorded in the Bible when the instructions to protect the innocent are given. We still need to be holy in this fight against an ungodly practice.

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