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03 Nov

#1. Even Though We are On Facebook

Is that it allows commentators to express views which probably have no basis in truth and betray a lack of expertise (which said commentators do not possess).  Yet in these days of ours, when every ‘opinion’ is stupidly viewed as equally valid, they take comfort in their faux authority.

Nonetheless- commentators, lying at the bottom of facebook ponds, and declaring their view of things as facts to rule them all is hardly a way to establish a truth.

We do not see it as a vital or great tool, though we do not take the view West does above. We are sure some people find it handy and a great way to communicate but what we can do on facebook, we can also do on our other sites–

#2. They Are Not Sneaky–

and I want to help you by letting you know some ‘sneaky’ things you might hear from churches, people on social media, or even Christian friends and family, when they talk about LGBTQ.

It is an old post, coming from Dec. 2014 but what is really sneaky are the supposed translations and supposed meanings listed by that author. They are not true and very subjective as well as being insults for the church.

6. It’s okay to be gay, but they just can’t act on it.

CODE: A committed loving same-sex relationship is sinful behavior.

It is sin and sinful behavior. Sin doesn’t become non-sin just because you package it differently.

#3. It Is Still Sin

By now, Leelah’s story has gone viral. The transgender girl who committed suicide by stepping in front of an oncoming tractor-trailer, citing her “Christian” parents’ rejection of her as the reason.

Deep, sad sigh. Heartache. Anger. Yet another destroyed life over people’s ignorance and cruelty.

What people like Susan Cottrell do not grasp is that the parents did not throw their kid in front of the rig. That was his choice and he made it all by himself. Do not blame the parents or any one opposing transgenderism for the decisions of those people who opted for a sinful identity. It is so easy to blame other people for one’s own failures and the LBGT community has mastered the art of blaming others for their own decisions.

The problem with that list is that it is saying that transgenderism is okay and that there is nothing wrong with those who choose to follow the deception that they are not the gender they were at their birth.Telling someone that it is okay to be sinful is not helping them but aiding in their destruction

#4. They Are Not Loving The Real Jesus

I love how Jesus came to earth as a Savior, and the first thing he did was whip his parents into shape for having the temerity to become pregnant before the wedding – good heavens, don’t you know what people will think?? And then those tax collectors, extortionists, really – he really gave them a piece of his mind, didn’t he?

And that poor woman caught in adultery – yes, he shamed her

They are loving a Jesus made after their own design, their own image as they forget that Jesus told people to repent of their sins or face going to hell. They forget that Jesus did not accept homosexuality or promote same-sex marriage, or that he told the woman caught in adultery to ‘go and sin NO MORE.’ People like Cottrell leave out these parts because they do not want to love the real Jesus and let him change them.

They love their sin more than Jesus.

#5. She Reminds Me Of The 60s & 70s Hippies

No true healing will come to the Duggar home unless and until they begin to dismantle the structure.

Yep, just like them as the hippies of old advocated destroying the system because they didn’t like it or they thought people were misusing it.Yes it is the system’s fault for the trouble in the family and not the sin nature or people’s misuse of their freedom of choice. People like Cottrell do not get it. They are not in charge and do not have a say in the Duggar or any one else’s family problems yet they feel that because they have determined something to be wrong, they have the right to stick their noses in where they do not belong and make things much worse.

We got the same people in Korea and they were usually newbies who did not understand anything about the teaching system in that country.  They kept claiming that the system was broken and needing fixing but when you examined their words, those newbies were exactly like Cottrell. They had nothing to replace the system they claimed was broken, they had no tried and tested alternatives that were better than the system they complained about and their arguments boiled down to the fact that they just didn’t like the system.

The same with Cottrell. She has nothing to offer the Duggars that is better than what they use, Cottrell just doesn’t like their system but what she likes or doesn’t like doesn’t matter as the Duggars have the right and the real authority to choose which system they will follow. What Cottrell thinks does not matter as she does not bring anything of God into the picture nor does she provide a better alternative. She wants to remove God from the picture and install her own ideas and that is more wrong than what the Duggars may have done.

Her rhetoric undermines her points as she is more abusive and mire disobedient to God’s word than the Duggars. Her prejudice ruins whatever she thinks she can contribute.

I have no answer for this. I wish I did.

This is why she and others like her need to remain silent and stop sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong. She has nothing to offer except to make a bigger mess. This confession also destroys her argument because it is based upon her personal subjective desires and not the word of God.

#6. They Do Not Get It

“I had little to teach these brothers and sisters and everything to learn from them… I’m convinced LGBT Christians have a special role to play in teaching the Church what it means to be Christian.”  – Rachel Held Evans

There we stood, all denominations – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, straight – parents, family members, allies, advocates. There we stood, brothers and sisters in Jesus singing together. As Rachel said, “It was church if I’ve ever experienced it.”

If they remain in their sin, continue to practice it then they are not ‘our brothers and sisters in Christ’. Unrepentant people are not part of the Kingdom of God

This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; (1 John 1 NASB)

Grace, as Paul said, does not exist to allow us to continue to sin. it exists to help us to become holy and sinless. Grace is not an excuse to ignore Jesus’ words ‘you must be born again (John 3). People ignore those words because they do not want to give up their sin and because they are deceived by evil. They are also fooling themselves.

#7. Remove The Beam First

When Pastors Live In Multimillion Dollar Mansions, It’s Not A Sign Of God’s Blessing– But Our Sinfulness

While it may be wrong for pastors and other church leaders to own extravagant houses, we need to remove the beams from our own lives first before we can comment about their living situations. Their large living is not a sign of ‘our sinfulness’ but maybe a sign of the pastor’s. Hard to say as they are responsible for their decisions and must give an account to God not me and I have to make sure I am living right before saying anything about their homes and bank accounts.

In other words, we must make sure we are in line with God and his word correctly before speaking about others and their actions. Then while I may disagree with the type of home they live in I must be careful to wait to see if God has given them permission to live there or not, We do not want to speak against God and his actions and over-generalizing like that author does puts us in danger of doing just that.

Let us be careful before we criticize.

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