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02 Nov

#1. The One Issue That… —

A chapter and verse will be necessary.  Show it to me.  Because your change of mind means nothing.  It is not probative nor is it meaningful.  Without scripture, your views are irrelevant for Christian theology.  Irrelevant, no matter what claims you make.

Christian theology isn’t based on your feelings.  It is based on sound exposition of Scripture.  So, chapter and verse.

I agree with West on.

#2. Inerrancy Is Not Wrong

Inerrancy is only ever used to defend sin, whether that sin happens to be the enslavement of other human beings or the inappropriate exaltation of one’s own thinking.

It is possible that the people using the idea of inerrancy in their arguments do not know how to apply it correctly and say things they should not say.

#3. If You Are Going To Speak For Jesus…–

What would Jesus be for Halloween?

You better know him well. Alternative believers do not know him thus they should not speak for him. Jesus also would be holy and not misuse scriptures but those ideas seem to be left out of that list.

#4. Stone Age Tools Are Not A problem For YEC

Fully aware of this risk, Terry alerted his audience to the existence of Naturalis Historia—arguably the best ongoing critique of YEC claims in geology and biology—by responding to the must-read article by Joel Duff: Trillions of Stone Age Artifacts: A Young Earth Anthropology Paradox. In short, Dr. Duff summarizes the evidence to-date that trillions of stone tools are scattered across Africa alone, which obviously contradicts the young-Earth timeline, due to the minuscule number of stone artisans that could have existed since the Flood (<5,000 years ago). But as I’ve noted before, the fact that AiG interacts with such arguments is public acknowledgement that they indeed make a strong case against YEC and are actively persuading Christians of the truth.

Who says that those stone tools were only made at the time of the flood? Only those who do not believe and do not accept the fact that there really wasn’t a stone age. We have trillions of stone tools because unlike metal, rocks do not rust away. The omitting of facts undermines the evolutionary argument. There is no possible way to know when those stone tools were made and used since far too many tribes in Africa relied on stone over the centuries.

#5. Unbelievers Do Not Have A Handle On The Issue

Women were once considered subhuman, property, “deformed men.” We shifted on that—which paved the way to treating women as humans —which paved the way to the vote—which paved the way to jobs for women—which led the way to creating a life outside their father’s or husband’s control— which led to women to fill seats in business, church, and government. Where will we go next?

Blacks were once considered subhuman, property, “deformed whites.” We shifted on that which led to emancipation—which led to the vote—which led to jobs in corporations and government— which led to desegregation—which led to interracial marriage. Where will we go next?

Poor people were once considered subhuman, property, subjects of a king. We shifted on that which led to founding a new nation outside the reach of a king. We’re still working on changing systems that entrap people on poverty.

Erroneous views about others does not mean that homosexuality is legitimate, acceptable or not sin.

#6. He Is Not Courageous

Caitlyn, I applaud you for your courage and media voice, but now is the time to truly show your courage and speak up to right the injustices and homicides that the trans community faces every day.

It is not courageous to be part of the majority, a member of the broad and wide path which many find while rejecting the narrow path to salvation. Going against the crowd and following Jesus correctly takes courage by being a practicing sinner is not standing alone for justice, truth, equality, fairness and so on.

#7. Telling Someone They Are Wrong…–

Are you getting a little tired of people pulling out scripture to entrap you, tell you how wrong you are, and get you to change? I am! When people use scripture as a weapon, they’re using it wrong. To use the Bible correctly is to seek its overarching message: restoration, healing, hope, love, promise.

Just because people like that author do not want to know the truth about their lives and practices does not mean that the believer is wrong in their use of the Bible, using it as a weapon or trying to entrap another person.

Not every believer uses the Bible correctly but that is not an indication that all believers use it incorrectly.

#8 Of Course She Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

I recently had a brief and good but challenging conversation with a friend about Christian belief. It wasn’t a long drawn out one, but as they were explaining the ins and outs of why a particular belief was important, I could feel my body tense up and my heart shut down.

The only thing I could think of was “I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want to talk about this.”

The facts do not allow her to practice her own ideas nor make her feel good about ignoring God and his will. of course she doe snot care, because if she did then she would have to change to meet God’s rules and ways and she doesn’t want to do that.

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