A Few Comments- 22

29 Oct

#1. Your Cake And Eating It Too

Rana: The position we espouse in Who Was Adam? is called Old Earth Creationism. We think that the days in Genesis 1 are long, finite periods of time. Because of this view, we accept the scientific dates for the Earth’s age and life’s antiquity.
But we are Creationists. And as such, we are skeptical that evolution can account for life’s origin, history, and design. We reject human evolution and believe in a historical Adam and Eve.

God does not represent that creation was long finite periods of time. He says it took 6 24 hour days. You cannot have it both ways, you are either believing God or not.

#2. Be Classy In Your Reporting

For its acquisition of various nicknacks.  Hey, let’s investigate Karen King too!  After all, we don’t know the frilly details of how she acquired the ‘gospel’ that’s been foisted off on an ignorant and ill informed public.  And hey, let’s investigate the dealers of the dead sea scrolls!  Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s look into all those gospel fragments held in various places around the world, because we don’t have any idea where some of them came from either or the details of their acquisitions.  Let’s look into every artifact sold in every shop up and down the strand in Tel Aviv.  Let’s go after everyone.

Because fair is fair, and witch hunts are witch hunts.  And never the twain shall meet.  So, let the investigations commence!  Stay classy, FBI, stay classy.

Not one link to the story in West’s rant. Had to go look it up myself, very classy West, very classy.

and he doesn’t even get the story right. It doesn’t sound like a witch hunt but problems in documentation of imported items

The Daily Beast said that the federal investigation was triggered by the 2011 seizure and is focused on whether the importation broke tight regulations over the movement of artifacts. “Is it possible that we have some illicit [artifacts]? That’s possible,” Green is quoted as telling the reporters, though the family has denied any intentional wrongdoing.

Practice what you preach West.

#3. The Word ‘Oppressive’ Is Subjective

Now, Franklin is further explaining why he believes people should focus on their relationship with Christ more than anything else.

Part of focusing on our relationship with Christ is knowing what is right and wrong and what he taught not only himself but through his disciples. You can’t have a real relationship if you do not know the rules or keep changing them when the wind blows in a different direction.

#4. Somehow I Missed This Biblical Instruction

Forty-seven members of Congress have signed onto a joint letter to the Bremerton School District in Washington explaining that Bremerton High football coach Joe Kennedy has the constitutionally guaranteed right to kneel and pray on the 50-yard line after games.
The school district is currently reviewing Kennedy’s job status after the Christian coach defied school district orders and continued his tradition of praying at midfield following the conclusion of games

I thought the Bible said to go to your prayer closet and pray in secret but I guess I was mistaken. I am not going to defend this guy’s actions and the district was correct in its direction, he should have obeyed his employers and waited for God did not say pray at the 50 yard line. The directive from the district did not violate anything God said.

If you want to be a good Christian witness obey God correctly.

#5. Changing The Bible

One of the things I mention to them about the “I am the way” quote is that this particular statement from Jesus is meant for a specific person, in response to a specific question, within a specific setting in the Bible.

Jesus did not make that distinction, nor should we.There is only on eath to God and salvation and it goes through Jesus.

#6. God Is Not The One Who Is Small

Honestly, if you were a bigger god this would be so much easier. If you were bigger, you could take the questions and I wouldn’t be so worried about hurting you.

Look, I’ve been trying to make this “us” thing work for awhile now, but it just feels so increasingly and shamefully dishonest that I can’t take it anymore.

God said ‘there is no one else like him’ so the problem lies with those who accept human ideas over God’s revelation about himself and what he has done. That author is just another disbelieving person in a very long line of disbelieving people.


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