A Few Comments- 21

#1. Wishful Thinkinghttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/10/fundamentalism-is-a-lack-of-self-awareness.html

W]e all have a hermeneutic. The only question is whether you are consciously vs.unconsciously using a hermeneutic. Fundamentalists are interpreting the text unconsciously. Fundamentalists are interpreting the text right and left, they are justunaware that they are doing so…
When your hermeneutic is operating unconsciously it causes you to say things like “this is the clear teaching of Scripture.

People say things like this because they want to avoid the fact the truth excludes their alternative ideas.Fundamentalists are not unaware, rather we are quite aware of what God says in the Bible and accept those words; whereas people who say things like what is in that linked excerpt are the ones completely unaware of what God has said or reject his words in favor of their own ideas.

#2. Speck v. Beamhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/10/the-great-religious-divide.html

It is the difference between those who treat religion as a magnifying glass to help expose and oppose the sins of others more effectively, and those who treat it as a mirror to help one’s own spiritual and moral life by fostering introspection and personal repentance and transformation.

Progressive ‘Christians’ spend far too much time worrying about the supposed sins of the fundamentalists and very little time focusing upon their own.

#3. Wishful Thinking 2http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/10/biblical-inerrancy-is-an-attack-on-the-bible.html

Inerrancy is about the desire to have one’s own views regarded as inerrant. The inerrancy of the Bible is just a means to getting there. And the failure to humbly recognize one’s own human proneness to err, which is exposed at the heart of “biblical inerrancy,” shows that this doctrine is not merely wrong, but a direct frontal assault on the Bible’s teachings about God, humans, and the difference between the two.

If this were so, alternative believers would have nothing to worry about.

#4. Hallowe’enhttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/halloween/

Halloween isn’t a satanic holiday– it’s one that has both pagan and Christian roots. The reason why it has both is because most holidays have both– including Christmas, Easter, etc. The early Christians did this strategically as a way to influence culture; instead of creating something new, they found ways to take existing pagan celebrations, and slowly turn them Christian (in this case, the Christian holiday is All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints Day).

This day has no Christian roots neither do Easter, Christmas or any other holiday observed around the world by anyone who wishes to do so. Observing Hallowe’en is a parental choice made under the guidance of the Holy Spirit not alternative believers.

#5. Apples & Orangeshttp://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/sarah-palin-our-source-for-what-the-bible-really-teaches-on-violence/

On October 30th a new Christian documentary will hit theaters– and I’m excited about it. The Armor of Light is poised to be an excellent conversation starter for a question I’ve long asked: shouldn’t pro-life mean all life? And shouldn’t that mean we talk about our love affair with guns?

One has nothing to do with the other. Owning a gun is not loving the gun culture, anti-life or whatever other charges people like the owner of that website wants to hurl at gun owners. There is something wrong with abortion, there is nothing wrong with owning a gun as guns help life continue when used properly — like for hunting. Nothing about abortion is a positive for life.

Perhaps what I loved most about the documentary is that the main character is a straight-up fundamentalists. Schenck is no Michael Moore, and this is not Bowling for Columbine. This makes his questioning all the more beautiful, as it is coming from the depths of fundamentalism, not from outsiders. It also means that the documentary would be hard to dismiss as liberal propaganda, as Schenck is anything but liberal.

He doesn’t get it. Just because a supposed fundamentalist is against gun ownership doesn’t mean that gun ownership is wrong or anti-life. It means that the person may be misguided in his thinking. If you do not want to own a gun then do not buy one but no one has the right to force their views upon others keep them from owning a gun. Cars kill as many people, if not more, than guns, should we label our car culture anti-life and force everyone to walk?

#6. Are You Sure?http://bibleresearchtoday.com/2015/10/26/which-book-of-the-apocrypha-did-paul-use-most/

The recognition that not just the sacred texts of the Tanakh influenced Paul’s thoughts and teaching but that he was also influenced by contemporary Jewish intertestamental literature is extremely helpful in helping us to place Paul within his Jewish milieu. It also helps us to understand some of the language and concepts found in his theology and teaching.

That is not what the Bible says. Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit not human writings. Most likely, the other writings copied from Paul when they edited their works.

#7. The One Time http://robertcargill.com/2015/08/23/comparison-of-the-top-2014-ncaa-football-head-coach-salaries-vs-2015-preseason-rank/

Below is a comparison of NCAA 2014 Football head coach salaries ranked by total compensation vs. this year’s preseason football ranking.

Maybe there would be more than one time but this is where I would agree with many unbelievers. College coaches and professional athletes are vastly over-paid. It is no wonder universities have to raise tuition, they pay too much money to too few people.

#8. Hardly Like Christ http://samanthapfield.com/2015/10/26/pro-life-activist-to-pro-choice-christian/

I wrote an article for XOJane on “How I went from Being a Pro-Life Activist to a Pro-Choice Christian.”

The meaning of the word ‘Christian’, as I was told so long ago, is ‘like Christ’, so many women fail at this as they seek to do their own thing instead of Christ’s.