A Few Comments- 18

20 Oct

We have a few moments today so here is the latest on what the scholars have said.

#1. He Has Lost It

Churches giving big tips to pizza delivery drivers is the modern version of Simon Magus asking to buy the Spirit. It has nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with an attempt to buy God’s favor. Were such churches serious they would help people quietly, without blowing the trumpet of youtube publicity. #GodIsNotForSale

Really?!! West seems to confuse tipping for good service with buying the power God grants to his followers. The two are not even close and no one is ‘buying God’s favor’ here. They are trying to be generous, and since West did not provide a youtube link his accusation is suspect.

#2. He Would Live Longer If…–

One day I hope to understand how anyone can be satisfied with worship once a week or less. I just simply don’t see how that’s satisfying. It would be like eating one time a week and saying ‘boy I sure am glad I don’t have to do that again for at least a week’.

The people who are satisfied with sporadic worship are the most mysterious of all God’s creatures to me

…he focused on removing the beams from his own eyes first before trying to remove the splinters from others.


#3. Convoluted Logic

Did you catch that last part? Yeah, Ishmael received God’s blessing as a child of Abraham, and God promised to turn him into a great nation. From him we get the Arab people, and ultimately Muslims as well. All of them are descendants of Abraham, as both were his children. Just to make it clear, I’ll draw you a picture:

His thinking makes no sense as it ignores other passages of scripture which talk about how God warns against calling evil good and so on. He cherry picks his examples to support his deceitful post. He also has a problem with Israel as though it is a nation, it is a nation full of God’s OT chosen ones and descendants of Abraham.

He misuses scripture because he doe snot understand it.

#4. Forget The Bible

Are you getting a little tired of people pulling out scripture to entrap you, tell you how wrong you are, and get you to change? I am! When people use scripture as a weapon, they’re using it wrong.

This was as far as I needed and could read. Whenever someone starts a post, article, lecture etc., like this you know what they are saying: “forget the Bible andlet me do as I please.’ That is exactly what she is saying when she tosses out the remaining words in that paragraph:

To use the Bible correctly is to seek its overarching message: restoration, healing, hope, love, promise.

She has no idea about the meaning of those words and only wants them applied in order for her to feel good about disobeying God and committing sin.

#5. No He Isn’t–

Dr. Kirk is one Christian theologian in a growing group of Christian leaders who are coming to the conclusion that Christ himself is calling for full inclusion of LGBT people in the life of the Church

No, Jesus is not calling for that group of people to be included in the church and Jesus spoke often on repenting from one’s sins and being born again. At no time did Jesus say that homosexual and alternative sexual behavior was okay thus he cannot be calling for their inclusion in the church. God said, ‘be ye holy for I am holy’ and you cannot be holy as a church if you let unrepentant people become members of the church or its leaders.

The quoted group is on the wrong path calling for the church to sin and disobey God and that call is not from God.

#6. Unbelievers Do Not Understand God’s Instructions

What can a faithful, God-fearing man do if he is jealous and suspects that his wife has been unfaithful to him?

Well, if you are an ancient Israelite and if you believe the text of the Bible, (or if you are a modern man who thinks that the Bible’s laws concerning sexuality should be used to legislate issues of sexuality today), then this is what THE LORD ALMIGHTY commands that you do in Num. 5:11-31 (all verses below are from the NRSV):

As John 14 says, they do not have the Spirit of truth helping them so any commentary they make on scripture and its content is null and void. So the unbeliever objects to God’s discipline, what else is new?

The real problem here is that the unbeliever is using their lack of understanding to keep them from Jesus and that is their fault not God’s. Instead of honestly seeking the real meaning in those words and accepting it, they use these type of words to support their rejection of the gospel.

#7 There Is So Much Wrong With This

Maybe the Bible isn’t something that should be the object of our trust. Maybe—as the Bible repeatedly says—the object of our trust is God. And God and the Bible aren’t the same thing. Calling the Bible “God’s word” doesn’t not elevate it to an object worthy of trust…So yes, the Bible bears witness to what God has done, but it does so in ancient and cultural diverse ways

That it is hard to know where to begin and when to stop. Peter Enns is lost but doesn’t realize it. We trust the Bible because God wrote it and because he promised to send us the Spirit of truth to help us find the truth. Peter Enns does not have that Spirit or he would be writing a lot differently than he is. The Bible is full of God’s instructions to his people so yes we do trust the bible because it is the only divinely inspired book giving us what God wants.

To not trust what the Bible says is equal to not trusting God. Culture and diversity have nothing to do with it and are only excuses for those who do not want to obey what is found within the Bible’s covers.

#8. When Evil Wants You To Sin

It is obvious to anyone who has thought about the matter that the Bible is not the “words of God.” It includes words attributed to Satan, to say nothing of words to which human authors like Paul have explicitly assigned their names.

It tries to get you to take your eyes of God and distrust his word. It tries to confuse you with all sorts of meaningless diversionary tactics like what is quoted above and tries to tell you that the Bible is not God’s word. Don’t be fooled, all the bible is approved by God and is preserved so that everyone can learn from it and know what to do to be saved and to please God.

Yes there are words attributed to Satan but that is because he spoke those words. The Bible does not elevate those words to divine authority but records them for our benefit and education. How can we learn of Satan’s deceptive tactics if we have no examples to view? Articles like the linked one are used by those to justify their disobedience and give them permission to do things God has said is wrong.

#9. This Only Works If…–

Given that the accepted and documented age of the Earth is over 4.5 billion years

the world came into existence according to evolutionary or big bang ideas. Since it didn’t all dating and testing systems are off the mark and even the ice cores are evaluated wrong and given mistaken dates.

If there were an abrupt cooling event in the North Atlantic ocean, then Scandinavia would have felt it

Why?  There is no reason for Scandinavia to feel every weather pattern that took or takes place over the years. It is possible that they missed the one he is talking about in that paragraph. The whole post is an act of desperation as there is no way to verify that author’s conclusions or information.


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