I Highly Doubt The Have The Ark

15 Oct

What remains of the Noah’s Ark is believed to be located in Mount Ararat, the highest elevation in Turkey. In fact, a Hong Kong-based team from Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) announced more than five years ago that it has found an ancient wooden structure in the mountain, which is likely a part of the Biblical Ark.

NAMI revealed in April 2010 that it found what are believed to be parts of Noah’s Ark 4,000 meters above sea level, buried beneath volcanic rock and ice on Mount Ararat.

It is not wise to assume that any ancient structure found on Mt. Ararat is connected to the ark. Not only does the Bible not say it landed specifically on that mountain, researchers forget that the trees grew back after the flood thus plenty of ancient wood was available for construction work.

There is no way to verify any tie this structure  to Noah and his ark.

The Christian world is expected to closely watch the presentations, with hopes that there will finally be conclusive evidence about the existence of Noah’s Ark.

We believers do not need ‘conclusive evidence’ for the existence of the ark or the event of the flood–we believe God by faith that both existed and took place.

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