A Few Comments- 17

#1. Because God Gave Us Intelligence— https://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/why-does-god-allow-false-teachers-like-john-hagee-and-joel-osteen-to-infect-the-church/

Why Does God Allow False Teachers Like John Hagee and Joel Osteen to Infect the Church?

He also gave us the right instructions to follow in order to avoid falling under the spell of false teachers and those who are iffy Christians. God has not allowed these people to infiltrate his church, he has allowed them to start their own and preach their own ideas and we have a choice whom we will follow–God and the Bible or pretenders and their fake ideologies.

#2. If You Want Archaeology Information— http://jamestabor.com/2015/09/25/fabulous-coverage-of-our-mt-zion-dig/

I will be posting information on our 2016 Mt Zion dig season this weekend–yes the months are passing and it is almost that time. Here is some fabulous coverage in the latest issue of the UNC Charlotte magazine linked here. You can click on the images below but they are only screenshots. For a higher resolution follow the link and click to pp. 14-17 for the whole spread full-screen.

Tabor is a master of self-promotion. I am not and need someone who can advertise the new magazine we are producing each month.

#3. Belief In The Truth Is Not Wrong— https://rjosephhoffmann.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/defining-fundamentalism/

I’ve been puzzling about this recently: whether there is anything that Christian and Muslim fundamentalists have in common. I’ll leave the Jews and the Sikhs and Hindus to one side for a minute. Just because I want to.

First of all, you have to have a book to be a fundamentalist. It’s no good trying to say you take your religion seriously if you don’t have a page to point at or a verse to recite.

Theoretically, various gurus can exert the same sort of control that a book can exert over the mind of a true believer. But usually gurus begin by pointing at books as well.

There is nothing wrong with being a fundamental if you have the truth as Jesus promised we would have and live by those words correctly. Those that complain usually do so because the truth interferes with their own ideas and inclusion ideology. Comparing Christians to cult leaders is both wrong and unfair as cult leaders do not have the truth but want power and control.

People who complain about fundamentals and criticize or complain about them do so without understanding biblical instruction or how to apply it to those who are misguided or preach their own ideas in the name of Christ. Being a fundamental does not mean one proclaims their own ideology, they seek the truth and follow the HS to it then change as the truth dictates.

#4. The Accusation Of Forgery Comes When…– http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/09/imitation-forgery-and-education-ycas2015.html

The discussion of forgery led to a discussion on the way to lunch about the role of imitation in ancient pedagogy. That led me to ponder whether we might not benefit from doing more of that in modern teaching. Many students struggle to express themselves well. Perhaps we should return to this older method of asking them to learn by imitating other authors, and doing so explicitly? In other domains, such as music, it is simply taken for granted that one begins imitating the style of others, on one’s way to developing one’s own style.

the message of the Bible interferes with what some people want done in the church or they do not like the message because it stops them from placing their personal mark on the Christian faith.It also comes when people place their own ideas upon the actions of others instead of seeking the truth about what the ancients did and why they did it.

#5. It Also Comes When— http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2015/09/bart-ehrmans-keynote-address-at-ycas2015.html

As an example of falsification, Ehrman looks at the sweat like blood in Luke, which was probably added by a scribe, as this is the only agony of Jesus in Luke. This is pretending that his addition is the work of the original author of the Gospel.

People do not accept the fact that God will not be redundant and repeat himself in the exact same way each and every time he refers to the same topic in different books.You will see the word ‘probably’ there. That is an indication that people do not accept the biblical record yet have no proof anything was falsified. They just want it to be falsified regardless of the lack of evidence.

#6. He Is Misled— http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/why-standing-against-islamic-violence-forces-you-to-rethink-biblical-inerrancy/

s a people group I love dearly and long to minister to for years to come, I have been quick to stand against xenophobia and Islamophobia. In our current climate in American Christianity however, there is fast and hard push-back when I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters.

and very wrong.  The unrepentant, still practicing Muslim is not our brother or sister in the Lord not are the Christian it is wrong to identify them as such or to say that their ways are good when they are not.

When you read through the Hebrew Scriptures, it seems that not only did our spiritual ancestors practice these same things, but if one holds to a traditional position of inerrancy as I was taught as an Evangelical, they would also have to admit that God actually commanded and approved of it.

There is a difference between doing violence out of hate and obeying God’s commands and laws. The former is practiced by Muslims, the latter by humble obedient people who do not listen to those who cannot accept God’s direction for his people. The former is sin and the latter is not and that is the big difference, a difference alternative believers ignore or do not grasp.