A Few Comments- 16

23 Sep

#1. It Is Not Love—

Rev. Frank Schaefer has drawn to my attention that a movie is being made about his experience. Some of you may recall when Schaeffer faced censure by his denomination for officiating at his own son’s same-sex wedding.

Love does not support sin, act in defiance to God or say that evil is good.  The Rev. also does not express any love for God by his act even though he claims to be his steward for the congregation he oversaw. A good steward obeys his master, and does not act in contrast to his wishes.

#2. I Will Agree with This Part—

It is worth considering that many of the people we encounter online who lead us to assume that Christians/Muslims/atheists/Americans/whoever are insane, may in fact actually be people with mental issues of a variety of sorts.

We do need to be careful in assessing the other person in our discussions

#3. No It Isn’t—

But do you agree that, from the perspective of our time and contemporary views of God, the Noah story does indeed seem to be ridiculously complicated?

McGrath is wrong about the biblical authors’ view of God and he forgets that while God can strike anyone dead, he also wants them to learn. The Flood was not the end of civilization, so God wanted an example that would resonate throughout the rest of time. If we want to be technical, God did strike the pre-flood civilization dead, he just used a flood to do it.

#4. God Is Not The Author Of Confusion

Can you tell me exactly where I am to check to determine the gender of a given toy?

People who raise such questions really do not want to accept the boundaries between genders or their gender specific roles. There is no damage done to any child if there are boy toys and girl toys, only those who do not like the difference between genders create these problems. The rest of the questions are not that intelligent but meant to cause problems.

#5. But It Doesn’t Make You Christian—

n a few days, a friend of mine gets out of jail. We and two other couples we are dear friends with, will be splitting up housing, meals, rides, and job hunting to support him over the next three months.

This seems pretty Jesus-y, yes?

The Bible tells us that even the unbeliever does these type of things. So I guess Enns wants a pat on the back for doing his good deed. The Bible also says those who announce their good deeds have already received their reward, they get the adulation from people and not God. Yes we are to do these things, but we do them quietly so as to avoid sin of pride or arrogance.

#6. It Is The Unbeliever Who Does Not Know The Correct Use Of The Word Literally—

That goes for those who say they do read it literally, and for those who say they don’t. In the words of famed linguist Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

When we read literally, we do not infer that God took the time and used his muscles to ‘stretch the universe’ from its created tiny self to its present shape. We know that God spoke and it was instantly stretched to its current size.  Being a literal reader of the Bible means when God provided a revelation it is a revelation and not a metaphor or something to appease the lack of ancient intelligence.

When we use the word literal we are saying that God made intelligent people in the beginning who understood the words ‘in the beginning God… ‘ as God intended them and as we understand them today- to be a revelation of what God did in the beginning. Genesis 1 and other passages are literally true and not some creative story because the ancients could not handle alternative ideas. Alternative ideas have been present since almost the beginning of time so the ancients were capable of grasping different concepts.

People like Peter Enns insult God’s people and biblical writers when they claim they wrote stories and not the truth or say that they were not intelligent enough to grasp certain concepts thus god told them a bed time tale.

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