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27 Aug


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#2.It Isn’t Breaking News...–

Continuing the long saga of Josh Duggar, it appears he has now checked into a long-term treatment facility following the most recent revelations that he had an Ashley Madison account.

It is more like a sad story where a weak and mistake prone believer needs support and wise counsel instead of constant judgment, condemnation and media attention.  I do not condone what Mr. Duggar has done but we believers need to get to the truth, be fair, understand why he did what he did so we can see God’s answer to his problems and lead him to repentance and restoration. He deserves it as does his family. I say that because all we need to do is ask ourselves this simple question:  where would we be if God did not give us multiple chances to get firmly on the straight and narrow?

#3. This Would Fall Under The Category: All Things In Moderation

They’re banned from use under international law, but not banned in the United States– unless you happen to live in Maryland. With just 10 pounds of combustion, this new consumer grade weapon spews out fire that’s hot enough to completely melt a human being.

Ah, the beauty and destructive power of a flamethrower.

There is nothing wrong with owning weapons but that activity is governed by moderation, self-control as Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 7:5

Stop depriving one another, except by agreement for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer, and come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.

One can lose self-control when it comes to gun ownership so be wise and be careful. No one needs a flame thrower and owning one just because you can is not a biblical action.

#4. He Will Even Tell You Who You Can Have As A Friend

For those of us on a Christian journey that flows in and out of certain categories and labels, there can be a tendency to surround ourselves simply with other Christians who fit a certain label or definition. This could be a good thing, and could be a bad thing, depending on circumstances at the time. There have been times in my journey where finding a particular clique was helpful, but also times where a new clique became a drain on my own spiritual life. While it certainly is comfortable, simply surrounding oneself with those who share similar theology or worldview isn’t the best criteria for deciding which type of Christian to surround yourself with. Scripture, I believe, points us to criteria that is far wiser.

The audacity of those who reject the truth and sign up for alternatives.  They forget that Jesus was a friend to sinners so we can be friends to bad Christians as long as they do not influence us to do sin and wrong.  Instead, we need to influence them to do what is right and help end the bad behavior of those who do not follow Christ correctly.

Our friendship should be true and without ulterior motives and it should be based properly upon Jesus and his teachings.

#5. His Confession-

But what about the Bible? Doesn’t Genesis have something to say about all this?

Simply put, no—at least not in the sense that Genesis is a competing “data set” to scientific models of cosmic and human origins.

The stories in Genesis were written somewhere between 2500 and 3000 years ago, and clearly reflect cultural categories older still. I don’t expect Genesis or any other Bronze or Iron Age text to answer the kinds of questions we can answer today through calculus, optical and radio telescopes, genomics, biological and cultural anthropology.

Simply put, he does not believe God anymore and he should not be allowed into any Christian pulpit or classroom. When you take secular science over God and his word then you are no longer a believer in God but a believer in secular science. That is all I can say on this. if you read his answers, you will see how huge his unbelief is and that he is nowhere near being a Christian. He is completely a false teacher .

#6. Why I Am Not Politically Correct

When we were kids we didn’t need after school programs to keep us out of trouble. We had parents. They had belts.

The PC ideology has done more damage to society than any terrorist or totalitarian, communist regime could inflict. The belt drawer was a great deterrent when I was growing up, sadly, due to very liberal and PC ideology those deterrents have been removed and society has gotten worse, not better. Sorry but PC ideology is just bullying in another set of clothes.

#7. It Is A Little Distorted

But at least we’ve managed to rid our schools of the horror of prayer and our courthouses from the terror of the Ten Commandments and our Churches from the nastiness of the Gospel…  All hail secularism.

If you look under the image at that link, you will see the words ‘…850 mass shootings…’ It is the word ‘mass’ that bothers me for that word means to me more than 20 people were shot at one time by one or more people at the same location.  Under 20 it is not a mass of people. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that people will abuse and misuse English descriptive words to embellish their point in hopes of forcing their views upon others.

There is no attempt to be accurate, truthful or even honest about what has taken place in emotional issues like shooting others. Such distortion is as sinful as the shootings themselves for it is called lying and lying is a sin. God told us ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ and Paul reminds us to ‘not lie one to another’ so we need to be accurate in our speech because we represent a God who does not lie, embellish, exaggerate, distort and so on.


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