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16 Aug

#1. It Is Almost Ready

Actually the magazine is ready to go but we are not launching it just yet. Stayed tune and keep your eye open as it will come soon. Please pass the word to churches, pastors, bible schools and so on.

#2, Expertism Does Not Equal Infallibility

And it’s the same with someone with formal training in Bible, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, archaeology, (etc.). Many of us in these fields have more than a dozen years of training at the post-secondary level, work in eight, ten, twelve ancient and modern languages, have spent substantial periods of time in countries such as Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, have excavated, have carefully collated scores of ancient inscriptions in museums and departments of antiquity.

That doesn’t mean that everything that we say is always correct, or that everyone will agree with us, but more often than not, if you’re talking with a well-trained, rational, practicing scholar, you’re going to get solid, reliable data. And that’s what an expert can provide.

The problem with Rollston’s point is that the Bible is not like plumbing and any old person can be an expert after some study and writing a few exams. The Bible is a divine book requiring divine help and that help is not available to those who do not believe. Being an expert on the Bible does not mean you know what God is saying. Nor does it mean you are actually an expert on the Bible.

#3. There Were No Human Processes Involved

If you read the meme at that link you will see what I am referring to.  If there were human processes involved then it would not be God’s word and we would not have promises from God that he would preserve it and then we would be left with nothing to hold onto throughout our lives. people like McGrath say those things because they do not want to believe God or obey his instructions.

#4. That Is Not What Is Wrong With Christianity

This photo came across my Facebook page, and it reminded me of everything wrong with modern Christianity. At the most basic level, there are only two types of Christians: those who see this picture and are heartbroken because of the sorrow and pain suffered by thousands and those who see this photo and celebrate because they feel that God was on their side and not their enemy’s.

That person is mistaken. What is wrong with modern Christianity is that most people claiming to be Christian toss out scripture and import their own ideas then blame God for the mess.


I will be moving to a new country this week so I am not sure when I will be able to post again. I am busy working on issue #2 as well. There is still lots to do in the few days ahead. LOOK for the free issue about Sept 1st if we do not launch early.


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