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14 Aug

#1. Franklin Graham May Be Right On This One

The Rev. Franklin Graham has spoken out against chain store Target’s announcement that it will stop separating toys and bedding into boys and girls sections, by stating that such a move ignores the traditional American families that “made its stores strong” in favor of the gender-neutral movement

I haven’t read the whole article but he has created a stir in the blogging world. Both Rachel Held Evans,, and the owner of formerly fundie,, have sounded off on his words. I am sure there may be more.

But Mr. Graham does have a point. You start wiping out gender differences, you open the door to sexual identification confusion and confusion in general. God is not the author of confusion so this drive to wipe out gender differences, even in toys and bedding, you can include color is not healthy for the child nor is it of God. God made differences in genders and the world wants to wipe that effort out by attacking God through minor points. Yet God makes it clear that there is a distinction between men and women as he says

“A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.(Deut. 22:5)

Separation between the sexes is a good not a bad thing. men are men and we have our own desires, interests and women the are women with the same thinking. Erasing the difference means that more children may become homosexual or transgender and that is not good but allowing evil to work. Though Target’s actions seem harmless, they are not for evil will use deceptive means to attack what God has created.

#2 Dever Is Wrong

For the masses it was practice that mattered, not the correct theological formulations of a few literati (including those idealists who wrote the Hebrew Bible). Thus we cannot look to the textual traditions to illuminate practical or folk religion. Only archaeology can do that…

Archaeology can do no such thing as that field is very dependent upon the conjecture, speculation and assumption of the archaeologist or biblical scholar pronouncing judgment upon the few artifacts they uncover.  it is like trying to tell the difference between a modern Christian’s home and an atheist one.  Even an atheist has a Bible translation or two lying around somewhere on the premises.

Dever and other archaeologists have no clue what purpose the artifacts had in a given site and can only guess at what was done in ancient times.  Dever, like so many others, elevates archaeology and science to the position of godlike stature when such fields have no such abilities and who depend upon a scant fragment of information to determine what actually took place in history.

#3. Good For Union University

Yesterday Union University announced it will be withdrawing its membership from the CCCU (Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities). This move is precipitated by the announcement in July that two member schools (Eastern Mennonite University and Goshen College) were adopting LGBTQ inclusive hiring policies.

Send in your support for their actions to the school and send in your opposition to the author of that piece at that link.

#4. They Just Do Not Understand Anything Biblical

I asked them to imagine that a new letter of Paul’s had been discovered, and to discuss whether it ought to be added to the New Testament….But this time, there were some additional interesting twists – such as the question of how the canon – and the church – might have been different if more women authors had been included, and more women’s voices had been considered in the assembly of the canon.

God is the one that determines what is or isn’t scripture., not humans nor gender equality supporters. People, like McGrath, who do not believe God or the Bible just do not get it. There is no process and there is no equal opportunity in God’s canon. God chose to have men lead then write his words and that is it.  Women have different roles than men which do not make them unequal and newly discovered letters will not be candidates for inclusion in the biblical canon. If they are newly discovered they were not inspired nor intended to be part of the bible.

#5. To Use Women’s Access To Health To Justify Selling Baby Parts Is Immoral

The still-unfolding Planned Parenthood video scandal is an opportunity for all who are disturbed by the videos’ content

Planned Parenthood should not receive public dollars since they are, One, making a lot of money of their services and two, hiding behind what good they do to justify the despicable actions they participate in.  Doing good does not give the bad actions a free pass, nor do the former sanitize the latter. Evil is evil and wrong is wrong no matter how much good you do.

PP seems to want to have its cake and eat it too. I am not a fan of PP and this situation just reinforces that opinion.  You cannot call yourself good by openly doing good works but secretly doing evil. I believe Jesus spoke on this when he talked to the Pharisees about similar attitudes. Anything good PP has done is tainted by the evil they do secretly.

#6. Can It Get Any Worse?

The show’s creator Bishop Cashma Bryan of the Holiness Church of Jesus Christ in the Apostles Doctrine in Detroit, Michigan told The Christian Post Wednesday that the show hasn’t been picked up by a network yet but promises that it will be “like American Idol in a religious way.”
He said he launched the show’s website about two weeks ago to register contestants and was overwhelmed by the response.

Words fail me as people cheapen their calling or the gospel by such antics. I do not know if many street preachers are actually called to do that activity and I feel that we need to sow seeds first before trying to harvest them. Street preaching may be doing the reverse but this… it is sad to see take place.

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