A Few Comments- 8

11 Aug

#1. This Is taking Shaming Too Far-

Gandhi went without a tampon during the London Marathon in April in an effort to fight period-shaming and to take a stand for women around the globe who don’t have access to menstruation products or who have to “hide [their period] away like it doesn’t exist.

The comments underneath the article will say things a lot better than I could but I guess the next fad or story will be about toilet habits shaming. Why Huffington Post thought this was newsworthy is far beyond me and my capabilities.  Journalism is not what it once was and the Huff Post, along with Yahoo, is a prime example of that decline in real reporting.

It seems that people have no sense of decency, courtesy, or consideration anymore. They will make anything a cause so they do not have to do the work that comes with being considerate of others. I just wonder if people ever think anymore?

#2. How To Bake Bread The Old Fashioned Way

First, a brief description of what we were trying to build. There are a few different types of traditional ovens that are still used today in the Middle East. One of the most common oven types is the tannur. A modern tannur is a beehive-shaped clay oven, usually close to one meter high, and will typically have two openings: one at the bottom and one at the top. Ethnoarchaeological studies show that after a fire fueled by kindling and animal dung is built on the floor of the tannur, the ashes are raked out of the bottom opening, before using the top opening to slap the dough onto the interior walls or even the floor to bake. Platters and cooking pots could also be placed on top of the upper opening and used for baking or cooking, respectively. Although most archaeological reports refer to ovens as a tabun, they are more like the tannur type of oven. The term tannur is found in the Hebrew Bible fifteen times, seven of which refer to an oven used to bake bread

According to one comment, this style of baking has not disappeared. They talk about dung being used as fuel for fire but the problem with archaeology is that the remains we uncover only point to one moment in time, for the most part. We cannot say that everyone used dung, or that it was thought of as a fuel or if they decided to use it at that time as an experiment.

Too many archaeologists and scholars like to try to pigeon-hole the ancients and make their version of the past resemble a black and white situation– it is how we describe it and no other way.

Like many ancient societies, the Israelites were dependent upon cereals; so much so that the word for bread, “lechem,” is synonymous with food. The process of turning grain into flour, then into dough, and finally into bread, would have been time-consuming

We do not know for sure what the ancients were dependent upon or if they had mills to do the work or not but one thing is for certain, modern scholars and archaeologists do not give the ancients much credit for intelligence. For example, the supposed stone tools ancient people were said to have used without handles. Well two swings of a stone would convince anyone, even ancient people, that a handle was needed and necessity would have driven them to find a better way to handle their tools.

Oh and since the bible says that metal work was well-known  in the pre-flood world, they may have had metal handles for those stones; we wouldn’t know because the metal would have rusted away by now.

#3. This Is Impossible

The book has sold more than 120 million copies around the world. It’s never been out of print, and it has brought together all religions. I think it’s nice to remember that it was an Arab man who wrote a philosophy book that brings all religions together,” Hayek told Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. “But I think it’s also great to create content for young people, for the whole family, that makes them think as individuals. And this is what the film promotes.”

Christ said that he came to bring a sword which means his way will separate, not unify, people from other beliefs. Paul tells us that ‘there is no fellowship between righteous and the unrighteous thus a person writing a book of philosophy who does not believe is not uniting people and bringing them to God but leading them astray and leading them to destruction.

It looks like a book that wants everyone to continue to sin instead of becoming new creatures under the redemptive work of Christ and it looks like it is going to call sin good, contrary to God’s instructions. So all it is doing is thumb its nose at God and says he and his ways do not matter, humans know better than he.

#4. Let’s Stop With The Fads, Please

People are making “Straight Outta Compton” memes, and so I thought this blog should participate.

Not my cup of tea and I wonder where people get the time to play such games on the computer? But what I wanted to address is the quote below:

I picked young-earth creationism as a subject for the memes not just because it is an easy target, but because of the terrible harm that young-earth creationism inflicts on Christianity, as well as on science education.

YEC inflicts no harm on Christianity unless it is badly proclaimed, factually unsupported and lacking the truth.  God said he created in 6 days and if any person says otherwise then they are misrepresenting God and his revelation. You are not bringing harm to something if you are dismissing the lies of secular science and presenting God’s words as God revealed them. In other words if you are telling the truth, you have nothing to fear, you are not bringing any harm to anything.

#5. The Problem With Alternative Believers Speaking On Biblical Texts

If not (and “no” seems like the only possible answer that isn’t ridiculous), then some very common views of the cross and of the Christian Gospel need to be rethought.

Is that they are NOT presenting God’s views but their own.  That view means that they are not looking to re-evaluate their false ideas but demanding that those who side with God change their views. They also read into other people’s positions their own ideas and then attack those instead of honestly presenting their arguments and seeking the truth.

You will notice that McGrath does not tell anyone to define the words, ‘justly’, ‘mercy’ & ‘humbly’ with God’s meanings but tries to lower those ideas to a subjective human level where anything goes. His post is not about God’s will and message but his own ideas

but to figure out how the Christian message is supposed to be a solution to the problem that the prophets sought to address.

nothing in those words point anyone to God and how the Bible does bring solutions to today’s problems even though the words were written thousands of years ago. Do you know the old saying– the more things change, the more they stay the same? Well life problems have not changed since God first started having humans record his words thus we can find our solutions in the Bible regardless of when they were written.

#6. It Is Sad

10 Parenting Strategies For Raising Nonviolent Children

That people use their opportunities to promote their own ideologies under the guise of being Christian. These people are very hypocritical as they dismiss much of the Bible because they claim it was a human authored work, yet they have no problem promoting their own subjective human authored work out there for everyone to read and follow.

If they are so distressed about the supposed human element found in the bible then why aren’t they out there searching for God’s real words and presenting those? Why are they presenting their own thoughts? Those do not help anyone but only makes things worse when someone comes along and decides to disagree with their very human ideology and wants to fight. Not everyone subscribes to a live and let live philosophy.

I couldn’t make it through that list as it was so absurd and ridiculous and then one wonders who died and made the owner of formerly fundie boss of all parents whereby he gets to dictate to them how to raise their children? The Bible says

Train up a child [d]in the way he should go,
Even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Prov. 22:6)

Which means that each set of parents have the right to raise their child as they see fit. They need to listen to God and Jesus on how to raise their children but they do not need to hearken to the words of those who have personal philosophical agenda to push. In other words, parents get to make their own decisions and the words of experts and busybodies (like the owner of formerly fundie) mean little.

Eph. 6:1 supports this as it begins: Children obey YOUR parents… The owner of formerly fundie has the right to raise his children the way he wants but he doesn’t have the right to tell others how to raise theirs. His points do not make sense and I would advise anyone who reads to hem to ignore what is said for he doe snot understand how life works or how God guides his people even in parenting.


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  1. Nathanael Eisner

    August 11, 2015 at 6:16 am

    I take issue with Jesus being called an Arab, because He was a Jew.

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