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07 Aug

#1. We Have Made Changes

Please check them out. I hope you will like what we have done so far. We are still under construction so more change s may occur over the new two weeks. Some people complain about the liberal bent of the Huffington Post or other news media outlets yet do little about them. Here is a chance to do something– spread the word please about our new magazine so those who complain, and those who don’t, have a place to go to get their faith strengthened.

I have gone on Worthy boards to talk about the magazine (and other topics) but I just do not have the time to join other forums to do the same thing. Your contribution will be appreciated.

#2. I Am Against Planned Parenthood

The state of Florida launched an investigation into the Planned Parenthood abortion business after multiple expose’ videos have caught the abortion business selling the body parts of aborted babies. Now, state health department inspectors are reporting their results and they found Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are illegally doing 2nd-trimester abortions.  Those are the kinds of abortions that allow Planned Parenthood to gather the body parts of aborted babies for sale.

I have never liked abortions either but sadly, we cannot go back to a time where abortions were illegal because that status hurt more families than it helped save children. We need to find a better way to fight this aspect of life as so many women are brainwashed about their role in life, their function as a woman and so on

The fact that anti-abortion supporters are trying to defund Planned Parenthood because it offers abortion services is “insanity” Esposito said. “Women deserve access to abortion services. We f**king do because we’re not incubators.

Unfortunately for her, one of the roles a woman has is to bear children. While women are not incubators where their sole duty is to have children, that role is not a reason to support abortion.  Many women are being brainwashed and the unborn child pays the price for the sins of others and that is not right. I also do not support abortion in situations like rape or incest and in the case of the mother’s health well, that is between the husband and wife and God, not the whole world.

#3. Just Because Experts Say Something

If experts were to declare this object authentic, and its inscription authentically ancient, what would you say the implications of that would be?

The implication would be is that it would be an actual ancient ossuary and that the inscription was written in ancient times. BUT their determination doe snot change the fact that we do not know if that ossuary actually held Jame’s bones or if someone in the 1st or 2nd centuries was constructing a hoax to fool early believers.  I tend to lean towards its genuineness but that fact alters nothing doctrinally for believers nor doe sit alter biblical instruction. it just means that we have one more piece of evidence to shore up our faith

#4. Those Who Do Not Use The Word ‘Literally’ Correctly

Anyone who says ‘they take the Bible literally’ isn’t using the word ‘literally’ literally.

The people I find who misunderstand and misuse the word ‘literally’ are those who do not want to take the Bible literally. Those people become very rigid in their defining the term and do not accept how the word ‘literally’ is correctly used.  They want to avoid the truth so they attack what they can.

#5. Start With Your Beliefs

I’ve been spending a lot of my summer this year sitting by the ocean and reading. My favorite book of the year, by far, has been Reba Riley’s memoir, Post Traumatic Church Syndrome. ‘Cause if there’s one syndrome I have, it’s definitely that one.

For those who think they have this syndrome, the best thing to do to get over it is check your beliefs first. if you are holding to a doctrine that is not biblical, if you are accepting and supporting sin or if you deviate from biblical teaching in any way THEN YOU need to make the right corrections, repent of your sins and then contact the true Christian church to receive restoration.

The church may not be the one who made the error which brought on your supposed trauma. It is your responsibility to make sure you have your faith correct. Peter tells us that by saying- make your own calling and election sure-.IF you refuse to correct your false beliefs then you alone take the blame. If you do make the changes needed, and the church still rejects you then the church is to blame not you.

But do not blame God, the Bible or the Church when you are the one making the mistakes. Also, everyone these days seems to want to be seen as a victim but that idea is NOT biblical teaching, we are to overcome being a victim and get healthy so God can use us.

#6. Another Misguided Soul

Rev. Erin Wathen serves as the Senior Pastor at Saint Andrew Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Kansas City suburbs. As a Kentucky native and long-time desert dweller, now living on the prairie, she values a rich landscape of faith in both writing and preaching. Her husband, Jeremy, is stay-home dad to their two young children and a great little wonder dog named Van Halen (who has a pretend cape and a British accent.)

If you want to disobey God and ignore his teachings then you will always be able to find some outlet for those motives. She may be a good preacher but her gift was probably meant to be used to talk to other women not make a mockery out of God’s instructions to the church.

Read the comment section underneath the following link

In her list at #4, she says ‘follow me’ referring to Christ’s invitation yet she does not follow Christ as she disobeys his teaching and the rest of the NT by her pursuit of being a pastor and church leader. If you want to follow Christ, you do not get to pick and choose which instructions you will obey.

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