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03 Aug

#1. I Will Agree That..

Jesus never shamed anyone, and he never shames us. Neither does he give us permission to shame each other. Brene Brown has done paradigm-shifting work on shame, and one particular finding about men and shame is earth-shattering.

The church does not handle the gay child situation very well. If the church would look at the OT once in a while, they will see a passage of scripture in Ezekiel that reads:

The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; (18:20)

What this means is that if you  have a homosexual child, his or her sins will not be used against you.  What it further means is that you do not have to kick your child out of your home or stop loving them.  Although you do not support their sexual preference or participate in their alternative events nor do you change your mind about what God says in scriptures about homosexuality, you still are to love them like Jesus loved them.  Taking care of someone who is sinful is not wrong. What is wrong is when you allow your homosexual child to lead you astray away from the truth of God.

If you need an example on how to do this remember that Jesus ate with sinners yet did not let their sinful thinking and ways alter his message or cause him to sin.

25% of homeless gay youth became homeless on the very day they came out to their parents. 40% of all homeless youth are gay. 70% of those attempt suicide. The non-affirming church has used shame and condemnation and false teaching to drive these kids out of their homes, the churches, and to the streets.

We do not have to affirm their sexual preference to take care of them nor do we have to let them be included in all areas of church activities but we still have to take care of them because they are our children. I do not agree with most of what that author says as the believer needs to follow God’s leading in this issue but we do not sin in handling it and many people are sinning because of their actions towards their own children.

You can tell your children many things but one thing you need to do is set the boundary that your homosexual children do not try to alter your beliefs about their sexual preference. Being Christian is not trying to oust sin from our presence but handling the problems the way Jesus wants you to.

#2. She Really Does Not Know What She Is Talking About

Marriage, divorce, slavery, flat earth, and on and on and on—all of these interpretations have changed drastically, depending on the culture and the church hierarchy at any point in history. (I elaborate on two examples below, and they barely scratch the surface.)*

Why can’t those who disagree with the Bible be honest for once in their lives?  The flat earth never originated with believers. it originated with, the last I checked, with the secular ancient Greek scientists who lived long before any NT church person. No OT passage teaches that the earth is flat. That argument is read into the biblical passages by those who refuse to believe or accept the truth of why certain words are used throughout the Bible.

As for marriage, divorce,slavery and so on and on and on and on, those arguments are made by the same type of people who refuse to understand that even biblical people did not follow God all the time and let their culture or desires interfere with obeying God’s word.  Their example is not permission to do likewise but to learn from it and not make the same mistakes.

If that is not immediately evident to you just by my saying it, Rachel Held Evans’ My Year of Biblical Womanhood will convince you. It’s impossible to keep the laws of the Bible, and it was meant to be impossible.

Really? She knows this for a fact? Ms. Evans’ experiment was just that, an experiment and not done from a humble heart seeking God’s will for her life. Of course she failed for she did not understand how to implement the commands of God.Doing something biblical with the wrong motive or Spirit will ensure failure and disappoint those attempting to be biblical. There is a right way and a wrong way to be biblical and Ms. Evans did it the wrong way.

That author needs to stop talking as all she is doing is placing her own ideas on the page and using scripture to support her point of view. Her problem is she does not understand scripture and she definitely does not understand the meaning of the word ‘love’. She wants love to mean ‘she is given permission to ignore God’s word and sin freely’ and that just doesn’t come close to what love is.

#3. Christians Should Not Be Surprised Or Traumatized By These Events

At a recent Darrius Stewart rally, Ronald Herd of WeAllBeTV , interviewed Tami Sawyer, Paul Garner, R3 Contributor Earle Fisher and R3 Founder and Managing Editor Andre E. Johnson. The interviews focused on the movement building in Memphis around police misconduct.

The Bible tells us that evil men and women are going to get worse and worse

But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. (2 Tim. 3:13)

Things will not get better with secular people so get used to the idea of hearing about injustice, shootings and so on. The church is the one that needs to be the light unto the world in all areas of life. We do not leave it up to the secular world to find true justice etc. We show them what it is and so far the church has failed the world.

#4. I Think The Boy Scouts Made  A Mistake

The Boy Scouts of America may experience a severe backlash from church sponsors following its recent vote to approve openly gay scout leaders.

I do not support that organization anymore and it is up to the churches and other Christians to decide for themselves what God wants them to do. There have been alternative Christian groups similar to the Boy Scouts going back to well before the 60s so it is not like breaking away from the scouts will be any big deal.  I feel that Churches and Christians should be careful in their memberships in secular organizations, including political parties, for the agenda those groups have will not line up with God’s. We cannot send mixed messages to the world.

#5. Just So you Know

An Assyrian Christian woman who was kidnapped but recently released by the Islamic State terror group has revealed the jihadists stormed her home and forced her to trample on an image of Jesus Christ at gunpoint.

There is no image of Christ to trample so if some hate-filled group demands that you stomp on a picture, you are not stomping on Christ, you are not sinning, you are simply stomping on a picture someone thinks looks like Christ. There is no need to get upset over the incident for you are doing nothing wrong and you will not go to hell for stomping on a picture.

Getting to the truth helps you avoid a lot of needless anxiety and helps you deal properly with situations like this.

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