A Few Comments- 5

31 Jul

#1. Do Pastors Actually Read The Bible?

More than 50 activists, many of them clergy, assembled outside the office of the West Michigan Conference’s Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey on Tuesday. They read a pledge asking the UMC to “Stop The Harm” done by church leaders to LGBT people, then taped the pledges to the office’s front door.

We need to stop looking at this issue as the secular world looks at it and start looking at it how God views the situation. After all it is God’s church not ours and it is his rules that matter not our feelings.

#2. How You View Trump Is Up To You

Prophet Jeremiah Johnson says that God spoke to him recently, and God told him he is going to speak to America through Trump himself.

It is possible God would do that BUT if the guy has said, and he has, that he has not sinned, then he is a liar and you will find that in 1 John 1:8. But why would God use a man who is an unrepentant sinner to be his spokesman? it is an interesting prophecy but without real verification that it is from God we need to take it with a grain of salt and be a bit skeptical.

Since Jesus also said, it is hard for a rich man to find the kingdom of God, we need to be wary of such proclamations. How can the blind and deceived lead the way to God and his will?

#3. Non-Christians Need To Stop Trying To Tell Christians What To Do

The largest deficiency of the Christian anti-trafficking movement is an all too basic one: the cause grew so quickly and became so popular, that many individuals and even Christian organizations are now trying to work within an issue they don’t fully understand, and are trying to help people they don’t understand

Why? Because they do not understand what God has told Christians to do, what abilities he has granted them nor do they understand that God has HIS WAY that he wants fulfilled.  If you read that article, again you see nothing of God in those words but a very strong demand that God and his way be omitted from helping those in sexual slavery.

I will admit that many believers who get involved in different charitable causes do not understand what they are doing or why, they just want to feel good or feel like they are contributing to God’s work but that does not give non-christians the right to force believers to follow their sinful ideas. Christians are to learn about what God wants them to do, and make sure they do it right and that usually means not listening to those who are unrepentant and sinful.

#4. When People Do Not Understand The Bible, They Need To Stop Using It

Let me put a finer point on it: If someone has to agree with your theological system in order to agree that what you are doing is “love,” then you are not loving your neighbor as yourself.

It is always amazing to see how those who do not believe God think they can expound upon biblical matters like they are God’s best friend. What that author is doing is defining love to be, ‘you let  me do what I want and accept me in that way regardless of what God has said in the Bible’. All they are saying is, ‘let us sin and be included in your church and its leadership’ and that is just wrong.

They are not showing the love they want for themselves to God or Christians or even the church, which is why we do not listen to their words. They want a one-way street their way and that is not love.

#5. I Guess Peter Enns Thinks He Is Greater Than Paul

I’m not a big fan of Christian apologetics. Nothing personal, and I know some smart people who engage in it.

I cannot place the scripture here right now as Biblegateway and I do not agree on the wording of the verse I am looking for. But Paul stated that he went daily to the temple or square to defend the gospel so why is Peter Enns fighting against something that needs to be done? Enns is a little confused as you cannot defend the gospel without intellect and when you do apologetics it is taken for granted that the defender already believes his arguments, so the intellect takes the forefront as you are trying to get others to believe.

Alternative believers get confused a lot and just do not understand biblical duties. Enns’ point of view leaves the believer vulnerable to and unable to defend themselves against secular arguments. We do not just live good lives but need to give an answer for why we believe and that answer is apologetics.  Enns seems to want to hide from the truth and be allowed to live his own life in sin without being told he is wrong.

#6. Rob Bell Is Wrong

If in any way science threatens your faith, then you probably need to get a better faith.”

When science disagrees with the bible it is time to throw away the science. You need to consider the source. Science, for the most part, comes from those who do not believe are under the influence of evil and who do not want God to be a part of their work thus their words are not divinely inspired nor are they close to the truth.

God knows what he did and what happened throughout history, the secular scientist does not thus we take God’s word over science and secure our faith.

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