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26 Jul

#1. What I Am Tired of is..

Sometimes people are afraid to even discuss feminism at all in Orthodox circles. Professor Susan Handelman wrote that she felt a “sense of trepidation” broaching the subject in her article, “Feminism and Orthodoxy,” which appeared on, a website run by the orthodox Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

Are people who demand change to their faith because they are not content with their roles. I say this mostly to Christian groups because God set the rules for his church and it is his church you supposedly belong not your own.  People really need to rethink their membership or desire to be a member if they are not satisfied with God’s rules. He is not about to change them.

#2. He Says It Quite Well


The irony of this statement is that Julie is now struggling not to “apply Scripture to the marriage debate today.” Julie has now put her own subjective evaluation of her limited personal experience over the authority of a clear core value in biblical sexual ethics.

Our Lord Jesus Himself based his understanding of the essential twoness of the marital bond on the foundation of God’s intentional creation of two primary/complementary sexes for marriage, “male and female.”

Julie now rejects that foundation for sex, which is tantamount to claiming that she knows better than Jesus. Her statement is akin to claiming to still “struggle with how to apply” the severe indictments of incest in Leviticus 18 and 20 and in 1 Corinthians 5 while coming to the newfound conclusion that adult-committed close-kin sexual bonds are permissible.

I will let you read those articles for yourselves. He is very gentle in hi s approach and I think he hits  the target.

#3. So Sad

Goshen College in Indiana and Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia announced on Monday that they will now hire faculty who are in same-sex marriages.

“We have spent several years reviewing our hiring practices,” said Goshen College’s Director of Communications Jodi Beyeler to The Christian Post on Monday.

“There’s been prayer. We’ve listened to a variety of voices from our constituencies and stake holders. There have been legal changes. And our board, this past weekend, made the decision to change our non-discrimination policy in light of all that. The primary change would be the addition of sexual orientation and gender identity to our non-discrimination policy,” said Beyeler.

If there has been prayer why did they go ahead with this decision? Last I looked, God has not changed his mind about homosexuality so why are supposed Christian colleges and other Christian organizations ignoring God’s views on the issue?

#4. Out Of Billions Of Planets…–

Our religion only falls apart if you hold Schweitzer’s assumptions: the creation account is a true account of creation and if something is omitted, the account is wrong. I don’t know many who actually hold to this position, so I would imagine the collapse of religion predicted would be relatively small.

No. The speaker of those words simply doesn’t understand God or Jesus. Jesus said, ‘if it were not so, I would have told you.’ Although he was speaking about places in heaven, his honesty would have led him to change Moses if Genesis was wrong. Jesus never corrected Moses thus we can dismiss those alien theories and believe Moses got it right.

He also exaggerates the importance of this discovery using it to fit his anti Genesis bias as the New York Times article on this planet tells us:

The planet is the first to be confirmed in a new list of candidates unveiled by Kepler astronomers on Thursday. It brings the number of possible planets discovered by Kepler to 4,696, many of them small like Earth.


Astronomers say they now know from Kepler that about 10 percent of the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way have potentially habitable Earth-size planets, Kepler 452b probably among them. This means that of the 600 stars within 30 light-years of Earth, there are roughly 60 E.T.-class abodes,

The owner of that website just doesn’t want to believe God and uses different discoveries to dig his own grave.

#5. It Just Goes Too Far

Recently transgendered Caitlyn Jenner, has agreed to do a spread in gentlemen’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine, Pl*yboy. Jenner will be the first transgendered woman to ever pose for Pl*yboy magazine. “I’m really excited to show off my new parts and I want to people to realize that you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself and to also embrace sexuality” Jenner explained in a radio interview.

It has been reported that Pl*yboy Enterprises offered Jenner $5 million to pose, making this the biggest offer Pl*yboy has ever made. Jenner will also be the oldest woman to bare it all in Pl*yboy.

The man is sick and desperate need of psychological help he is not in need of photo shoots that expose his self-butchery. This acceptance and support of sin is getting out of control and Bruce Jenner should not be lauded for his self-destructive nature, he needs to be rescued from his deluded thinking.

#6. Sometimes, There is No Conspiracy

Between the 1947 riots in Aleppo, Syria, and the codex’s arrival in Israel in 1957, almost 200 pages of the Aleppo Codex went missing. What happened to the missing pages, which included all of the books of the Torah save for the last 11 pages of Deuteronomy?

You have to purchase a membership or subscription to read the rest of it but sometimes when we do not have completed ancient documents, there is no anti-religious conspiracy behind the demise of the complete text. Sometimes accidents happen and one is left with an incomplete document.

#7. People Need To Lighten Up

WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

I point people to the verse– ye who are without sin cast the first stone. These self-righteous type actions are not bringing God to the issue but hypocrisy and sin.  They also do not bring justice to the problem.  When you try to ‘look good’ you probably are doing the exact opposite and embarrassing Christ.

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