Being An Influence

24 Jul

The words of advice I am about to put here come from about 40 years, from a then professor of Dallas Theological seminary whose name escapes my memory right now but they are very important as he gave them to his son, which he relates in a lecture I had read, when his son wanted to hang out with his non-Christian friends.

The advice was:  The professor says: ‘Okay you can do that as long as you are an influence upon them and they are not an influence upon you.’

The professor said later that his son’s friends all became  Christians.  Jesus was a friend to sinners, he ate with them, he healed the, ministered to their needs yet not once were those sinners an influence upon him or his message. Sadly today, we have lost that ability to influence those around us and are instead influenced by the secular world.

Time for a change.

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