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17 Jul


Caitlyn Jenner tearfully thanked her family while accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award on Wednesday at the ESPYs in Los Angeles.
The 65-year-old honoree made her first major public appearance at the awards show since announcing her transitioning to a woman during an April tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer.
Caitlyn got tearful toward the end of her 10-minute acceptance speech in which she gave a heartfelt appeal on behalf of trans youth.
‘Trans people deserve something vital,’ she said. ‘They deserve your respect.’

In other words, he is saying, allow us to sin freely and support us in that endeavor. I am sorry but no one who is coming out deserves a ‘courage award’ yet for the past three years, homosexuals and a transgender have received this award over far more deserving people who have shown real courage.  Courage is not mutilating yourself, that is taking the easy way out, succumbing to sin and temptation, as well as defying God and how you were made.

That is not courage but giving in, refusing to fight to stay on the right path and flaunting one’s sin in God’s eyes.  One comment under the story said that Jenner , when he was a man, was absent from the fight for homosexual and transgender rights. So how does one suddenly become courageous when they have a few physical surgeries? Sorry but ESPN has gotten it wrong on several levels the past few years.

#2. Stay Tuned

I may be posting irregularly here from now on but a new announcement will be coming soon. Hopefully by August.


If your appeal to prioritizing love for God over love for neighbor would have justified the priest in the parable of the Good Samaritan not stopping to help the robbery victim by the side of the road, then you are not applying what Jesus said were the greatest commandments in the way Jesus taught us to apply them.

Once again, true love does not do, support nor accept sin.  To use the example of the Good Samaritan as an example to allow for same-sex marriage, transgender ‘rights’, alternative beliefs in the church or even women in ministry is blasphemous, mockery of God and his word and down right wrong.  The man who the Good Samaritan helped, did not sin, nor was advocating that his sin be accepted and treated as normal. He was a victim of sin, a person in need of aid and that is a big difference from what McGrath and others are advocating.

They want the church to disobey God because they feel God got it wrong. They think their ideas of ethics and morals trumps God and his standard. These ideas are gross errors on their part. They are also saying that they are greater than God and know better than him.  Sadly, that is the lie the devil told Eve in the garden just before she ate the fruit and sinned.

We do not distort scripture to allow for sin and destruction to enter the church.


After the New York Times published its review of Go Set a Watchman, my brother texted me, “No thanks. I’ll keep my Atticus pure, please.” In comment boxes and threads across the internet, a collective of broken hearts echoed that sentiment, recoiling with angst and disappointment and a general sense of deflated optimism in light of what became of our beloved family Finch.

There are times I think that people do not define labels clearly enough and racism is one of them.  A lot of people apply terms simply because they do not understand what is being said, why it is being said nor do they understand the complete picture of the topic.  From what I have read from the excerpts released, I did not find Atticus’ comments to be racist at all but comments from someone who sees the reality of the black situation.

kept as slaves for hundreds of years, kept from being educated, kept from other aspects of life, the black people may not have been ready to assume leadership positions or be a full contributing citizen. This is not racism but identifying the problem one is facing and how to govern both those who want to move into society while protecting society from the mistakes that will arise by ill-prepared people entering employment areas they are not used to possessing.

Instead of ending the discussion with a racist accusation, we need to hear the full story and see if it is racist or not first. Then we need to consider the words to see if they have a point. But to label something without intelligent thought behind one’s labeling is not smart nor is it helpful to society in general. Maybe you will understand this better if you listen to this segment of Bill Maher’s show.

The 1:40 mark and following are the best points. It is not that I am learning from an atheist, but sometimes they do present food for thought. Sometimes we leap before we look and want to join the current trend instead of using God’s gift of intelligence, his wisdom, his understanding because we do not want to ‘offend’ an unbeliever whereby we lose a potential church member. Sometimes we as believers are too afraid to make the correct stand because we want everyone to get along or that we will lose a soul.

The secular world will not have the correct answer, and we know this by all the PC trends and policing that have gone on for the past few decades. It is up to the Christian to correctly identify what is being said because very few else will.


The cable channel said Thursday that it has officially canceled the show, nearly two months after revelations about acts of child molestation committed by one of the 19 kids, Josh Duggar, when he was a teenager. Several of his sisters were among the victims.

I do not care if the cancel the show or not, it is TLC’s choice what programming they will have on their schedule. I am also not a reality t.v. show fan, most of it is just garbage, far worse than My Mother The Car (look that one up).  What bothers me is the injustice attached to the whole issue.  First, there was the over-reaction to the revelation, now there is the punishing of 20 innocent people because of the actions of 1.

If they wanted to deal with the issue correctly, all TLC had to do is say that Josh Duggar could not appear in any further episodes and state why. But to punish those who did nothing wrong or, we could say, repunish the victims of his young actions is not the correct way to handle the situation The real problem is that corporations want to appear puritanical or to look like they support puritanical values so they over-react and justice, fairness and so on are tossed out the window in order to achieve that image.

If we took a look at the lives of the corporations executives and their employees, I bet we would find a host of people far worse than Josh Duggar on their payroll, which is why we need to stop over-reacting, stop trying to appear against certain activities because none of us are without sin.  We need to find the right way to handle these problems without using witchhunts, kangaroo courts and vigilante justice.

I am sure the Duggars will survive but the lesson being taught here is that justice, fairness, the right punishment are not the answers to the problems that arise in life. That is what bothers me in this issue.l We are sending a message and it is not the correct one. What makes this worse is that so many churches, their leaders and members side with those who do the wrong thing in answer to these problems. They, again, want to appease the unbeliever for whatever reason they may have and that sends the message that God does not have the right answer to the problems of the world.

We need to think first before we act. We need to pray sincerely first before we act, we need to be honest with ourselves and others on these problems so that the world will know there is a better way to respond. The church has dropped the ball on justice, and fixing problems.


They certainly did not get married in anything like the way that Tim and Anne Evans got married. Or in anything like the way the Slacktivixen and I got married. They had no clergy around to conduct such a ceremony (unless we want to have Melchizedek do the honors), and no one to serve as witnesses. They never seem to have exchanged vows. The strongest claim we can make for their marriage, based on the story itself, is that it was a kind of common-law arrangement.

These are topics that are pointless and a distraction from the lessons from the accounts recording Adam and Eve’s lives. Why do people want to apply modern western cultural standards to ancient people of another country and time?  There is no point to do so unless one simply wants to reinforce their unbelief or try to destroy the faith of those who do believe God.

How Adam And Eve got married has nothing to do with salvation, the truth or our lives. It doesn’t matter for our faith either. To make it so is like looking at a prominent church leader and saying ‘well he divorced his wife and married another woman so because of that I will leave the faith and hate God’. We do not throw away our faith because someone else sinned. We do not throw away our faith because God does not give us all the details about Adam and Eve.

First, we don’t let other people’s sin dictate our spirituality or eternal destination. Second, we need to trust God’s wisdom knowing that those omitted details are not important so it is no big deal that they were left out. But people like to build mountains out of molehills, especially unbelievers and they like to cause problems when none should exist.

We can tell the people at slacktivist that God is wise enough to handle it and leave it at that instead of letting unbelievers influence us to doubt our faith. God’s wisdom is smarter than any unbeliever and we need to trust his judgment over theirs.


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