A Word Of Caution

16 Jul

It seems that a lot of people are jumping on the women power bandwagon lately and as I read their words, I fail to see wise counsel being given to those addressed. I see a lot of inspiring rhetoric, pumping the emotions and false identification of certain women’s actions But for the most part, nothing of substance and that could be dangerous for those women and young ladies who jump at the chance to be involved.

A few examples:


Historically women, especially women of faith, have linked arms and fought for our children, our families and our communities regarding social issues of the day. Whether it be child labor laws, the right of women to vote and to be appropriately valued in society, discerning media venues, anti-abortion efforts, or body perception, women have fought for their values and for the well-being of all peoples. This is the time to repeat history with today’s greatest dilemmas that are stealing the hearts, minds and souls of men, women, and children.

These words are good to rally the troops, to inspire people to action, to build up hopes but the other side of the coin is that they can open women up to acting before being properly trained or prepared for what comes with fighting those who enslave others. These are good rah-rah let’s go words but in reality, those doing the going may not be qualified to handle what they must do.

I remember reading the words of one of Ho Chi Minh’s generals: ‘Winning the war is easy, governing is hard’. The people who get all excited for some social cause may win their wars but if they are not prepared to fill the void left by the removal of previous administrations, then they will find eventual failure. For example, if one fights against prostitution and finally gets the women off the streets yet has no place, no work or home, to go to one will find that the same women will return to their old profession and what was gained is not lost again.

It is good to fight for a just cause but victory is not the end of the battle.  There has to be a plan in place ready to be implemented to handle the problems of the new system. Again, turning to the prostitutes as an example, by taking them off the street, where will they get jobs? How will they get training to meet an employer’s demands? Where will they get income while they train? Or housing?

We cannot afford to ignore the needs of these women if we want them to give up their ’employment’. We need to be ready to step in with answers and not just dump them on the government’s social welfare system, or make them someone else’s problem. A lot of current private agencies are overloaded with people needing help. Look at the last line in that quote. The question is, what are you going to do with those people once you win them back? How are you going to keep them from returning to their old ways.

Rhetoric sounds nice but the reality is a different story.

#2. Ibid

More importantly, Christian women must rise up and be salt and light, together with the collective body of Christ, and stand against the manifestations of Satan’s strongholds in our day…Engaging in the front lines, coming alongside godly men, and offering the church all of our gifts, abilities, passions, and spiritual vitality, we can make a difference!

Again these words sound inspiring and hopeful but are the new troops ready for the assault the enemy is going to hurl at them?  If we look at the number of students who lose their  faith once they enter university, the answer to that question would be, ‘I doubt it.’ Jesus trained his disciples for three years before setting them on their own, who is going to train these enthusiastic people and get them ready? If you dump them on their overworked pastor, then I doubt they will get the quality training they need and it is possible that most of those excited people have the time or the money to go to Bible school to learn what they need to learn. And then they might not go to a true Christian academic institution and the teaching they will receive will lead them away from where God wants them to be.

Those words, and that entire speech, ignores God’s rules. Yes God may call women to a specific task but that call does not over-rule or sweep away his rules on wives being submissive to their husbands. God does not want workers who sin in their duty. If we remember the battle of Ai:

But the sons of Israel acted unfaithfully in regard to the things under the ban, for Achan, the son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah, from the tribe of Judah, took some of the things under the ban, therefore the anger of the Lord burned against the sons of Israel. (Josh. 7:1)

If you want to make an impact for God, you do not want to make him angry at you. There is also more to just offering your ‘gifts and talents’. There are characteristics a believer needs to obtain, some are: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, faith, integrity and so on.  There is a lot to learn before going into action and I wonder how many people have the patience to do the hard work first? I remember playing basketball in college, and we all hated practice but we loved the games. But we would not be ready for the games and enjoy the fruits of our labor if we did not do the hard, boring practices first.

People want the fun, exciting stuff, they do not want the hard, roll up your sleeves and get the job done duties. The words in that speech give people the fun exciting things for God and leaves out all the hard practice and training one must do in order to enjoy the fruits of one’s spiritual labor. You will also notice that the words in that quote put women where they want to be, with men on the front lines yet it does not tell the women that those battlefields may not be where God wants them.

For some reason, in these emotional, inspiring speeches God’s desires are left out. God has order, he has direction, he has rules yet for some reason no one is being told these. To be the salt or the light one must have the truth. Not just any old doctrine or interpretation but the real truth that the HS leads us to. Then to be able to make a difference one must have God’s plans on hand to take care if the influx of people needing help to get on their feet both physically and spiritually.

The goal is not merely simply stopping a sinful practice, it has to include taking care of those set free from their enslavement. You can’t simply walk away after setting people free. The problem only gets worse not better if you do. Almost everyone cheers Abraham Lincoln for setting the slaves free but what was the American society going to do with them? If you offer nothing for them to move on to then you leave them vulnerable to return to all sorts of sinful activity because they need to live and take care of their families.

The believers’ responsibility doe snot end with the defeat of sinful occupations and the setting of its slaves free. There has to be more and that more takes properly trained and prepared sober-minded people, not overly excited and overly enthusiastic people who have no substance. There is more to the issue of helping the abused, the enslaved, the downtrodden than cheerleading speeches let on.


We’re witnessing what I see as the beginning of a feminine revolution in the United States. And it could change everything.

There are some more obvious indicators of strength,

Yet are they correct and of God?  There is nothing wrong with a strong woman as long as they use their strength in obedience to God’s rules. If you look at the examples given in that post you will see a very sad and bad story: Hillary Clinton is a power obtaining driven person. Her candidacy is not about what is good for the people but what she can achieve and what she can get. If she is successful, her presidency bodes ill for the people of America.

Comedian Amy Schumer is dominating magazine covers and the small screen as a force to reckon with

What force? Being an entertainer does not do much for anyone except make them forget their troubles for an hour or two. Being on a magazine cover does nothing for anyone but her & her bank account. The same for the next example, Melissa McCarthy.  So she makes millions of dollars, her money and Ms. Schumer’s achievements will not help them if they have not truly repented. So why cheer these women or look to them as a good example to follow when in reality, all they are doing is telling people to ignore God and go get things for yourself.

Biblical passages talking about things not done for God will be burned up and destroyed, or it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven and other passages apply to women as well. Being a strong woman, yet not following God’s instructions, only leads to trouble not rewards.

Within the Church, women may well be the single saving grace for institutional religion. For some time, there have been significantly more women enrolled in seminary than men, and the proportion of women leading churches is growing every year.

Yet that just isn’t so. Disobeying God will not bring you  biblical success. Oh you may be successful but that is only because evil is leaving you alone because you are leading people away from God’s rules, order and will. So more women go to seminary, that fact still doesn’t change God’s rules for the church. Women need to go to Bible school and seminary to get properly trained and learn how to live the correct spiritual life but not to ignore the God, (or his rules),  they claim to love and follow and take positions God does not want them to have.

Jesus said, ‘if you love me keep my commandments’ and his words apply to women as well. There is no commandment or permission given to women to take leadership of the home or the church thus to love Jesus women need to abstain from pursuing those goals.  A true strong woman is one who can humble herself and keep herself in obedience to God.

There is a lot of pressure on women to conform to secular culture and ideologies and a Christian woman needs all of her strength to resist the temptation to go along with the crowd. Men you can be a great help to women by correctly , wisely, etc., being a good example and by guiding women to stay within the truth and in God’s ways. You are not doing them any favors by encouraging them to ignore God and his ways.

Teach them to refrain from following the world instead of helping them jump on the bandwagon.


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