Much To Talk About- 147

10 Jul

#1. The Bill Cosby Affair-

A group supporting sexual assault victims is petitioning President Barack Obama to revoke Bill Cosby‘s Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I may get more people angry with me on this topic but this bothers me. I am not going to excuse Mr. Cosby if he has done something wrong but so far, he has not been proven guilty by a court of law of ANY wrongdoing and the above quoted action is first, premature and second very unjust.  The court of public opinion means nothing in God’s eyes or even the legal system’s and it is the source for things like kangaroo courts and vigilante justice as well as bringing people down to the level of the radical Muslim, ISIS, who execute for the slightest of reasons.

The problem for Mr. Cosby’s accusers is two-fold. First, none of them have produced any real evidence from their supposed encounters that actually demonstrates a rape took place. Second, they also have to prove that they did not approve of the sexual encounter. We know women lie on this issue as groups like Project Innocence would not exist if innocent men who were not put behind bars merely on the lie of a woman.

We do not know which of Mr. Cosby’s accusers are telling the truth. it could be all of them, none of them or somewhere in between the extremes. BUT one thing is for sure, Christians are to seek God’s justice which means that result may not be what his accusers want to see. We do not rush to judgment, we do not take sides, we do not act without real evidence and we do not ‘make an example’ of someone and on it goes. We are fair, honest, just and wise.

A woman’s word is not enough to convict anyone and believers need to stand up for those they find appalling in order for everyone to find and have true justice.

#2. Who Is He Talking To Then?

Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States, said Tuesday that in his personal opinion Jesus Christ would approve of same-sex marriage.
Carter’s remarks come less than two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that state-level gay marriage bans are unconstitutional. His belief, however, does not align with a number of conservative Christians, both from evangelical and Catholic traditions, who’ve said that God has made marriage between one man and one woman, and have been disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision.

He prays and says he has a relationship with Jesus, so why would he be guessing at this? Wouldn’t he know what Jesus would want? i believe all true believers would know what Jesus would truly want  because they follow Christ’s commands and speak to him on a daily basis. I began to have doubts about Mr. Carter’s claim about being Christian, he may be I do not know, when he said that the Mormon church was a Christian church. Now these words trouble me further as there is no indication in the Bible that Jesus would approve of same-sex marriage.

If he doesn’t know, he should go to his knees and check to make sure but do not make such outlandish and heretical statements like this.

I believe Jesus would. I don’t have any verse in Scripture. … I believe Jesus would approve gay marriage, but that’s just my own personal belief. I think Jesus would encourage any love affair if it was honest and sincere and was not damaging to anyone else. And I don’t see that gay marriage damages anyone else,” Carter told

If you are going to speak for Jesus, then you better have the correct scripture to back up your words. We can see that Mr. Carter does not have a clear view of what the word ‘love’ really means as Jesus would not approve of sin. Homosexual marriage damages a society as a whole. it corrupts and contaminates it and brings it further from God, and that is damaging to others.

I think part of Mr. Carter’s problem is that he is seeking to find peace between the church and same-sex sinners instead of going for the truth.

#3. They Have The Right Idea

A group of Brazilian evangelical Christians has seen its Facegloria social networking website attract 100,000 users in its first month, offering a “morally better” version of Facebook that is centered on God and free from violence and pornography.
“On Facebook you see a lot of violence and pornography. That’s why we thought of creating a network where we could talk about God, love and to spread His word,” one of the founders, web designer Atilla Barros, told AFP in an interview.

This is what Christians should be doing. Instead of seeking to join secular groups and trying to preach the word, set up a better sight where your preaching won’t conflict with the rules or the will of those who own/run the group.  being a light doesn’t mean you must have membership in secular groups, you can be on your own and live right as well as starting alternatives which set the example for others and give people options.

Cursing is not allowed on the website, which has a list of close to 600 banned words. It also prohibits any kind of violent or erotic content, and does not allow photos or videos depicting same-sex activity.

The only problem I see is if the leaders of the new group ban words that are not wrong or hinder activities that may not be wrong except in the eyes of those leading the new alternative. I doubt this new venture will be problem free because not all believers agree on what is or isn’t sin.  But check them out if you can understand Portuguese

#4. Sexual Purity

Anyone who has been around evangelicalism for any time at all is well aware of the emphasis placed within this subculture on “purity,” by which is meant virginity until marriage for both males and females.

Teenagers and young adults are taught to regard purity as an integral—perhaps even as the central—element in their religious identity, and to regard premarital sex with horror and aversion.

I was going to write on an article entitled Does God Approve Of Bikinis but it has since disappeared from the pages of The Christian Post. In that article there was one sentence that caught my eye and to paraphrase– “the damage that modesty has done”– and this seems to be the focal point of this opposition to sexual purity before marriage.

There is no damage done if you correctly obey God and his word.  Al you are missing out on is sin and that is a good thing to avoid as God did say ‘be ye holy for I am holy’. The problem come sin when humans misapply or misunderstand the biblical teachings on how to be modest, sexually pure and holy. Too many humans add in their own personal views which is the source for the trouble many young people have.

Then the young person turns around and blames God and the Bible for their problems when they really should be seeking the truth and getting rid of the bad teaching given to them by their elders.  The problem with many people is that they get angry too quickly, then they do not follow just rules to guide their anger. Instead, they open the door for evil to work and cause them to make more avoidable errors.

You might think that parents would be the ones charged with inculcating values—including values around sex and sexuality—in their offspring, but in the present day climate of youth culture and mass media the job of getting adolescents onto the purity bandwagon is increasingly outsourced to faith-based purity organizations.

That author is shouting a lot at others but what they really should be doing is examining themselves to see where the source for their sexual desires are coming from then take the proper biblical steps to thwart temptation and remain sexually pure till they marry.  Obeying God is what we are to do and there is no permission given in the Bible for people to sin sexually.

What we see in those who desire to have pre-marital sex is just the same as we see for those demanding same-sex marriage. It is not about what God wants but what they want. Do not blame the purity organizations because they are trying to keep you from sinning, blame yourself for wanting to sin against God. Then take the corrective measures to avoid disobeying God and giving into your lusts.

People are not to be listening to those who want to sin, advocate for others to sin but rather, they need to listen to those who give them the truth about sexual activity. The truth is, sex before marriage is sin; sex with someone other than your spouse is sin and there is nothing wrong with abstaining from sex till you are married. The key is to use that time to learn about real love and how sex works with your new mate.

Find good people who can give you honest answers about sex and love and do not be satisfied until you get the truth. Ask God to lead you to those people.  Obey God rather than Man even in this issue.

#5. Sorry Women, They Did Right

Seventh-day Adventists voted Wednesday (July 8) not to allow their regional church bodies to ordain women pastors.

The vote at their 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio was 1,381 to 977. It was largely influenced by delegates from Africa and South America who often have more conservative views on women’s ordination than Adventists in other regions.

Tense discussions throughout the afternoon featured dozens of delegates voicing opinions for and against the question: “Is it acceptable for division executive committees, as they may deem it appropriate in their territories, to make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry?”

it isn’t about what culture wants, it isn’t about what women want and it isn’t about what denominations want. The church was started by Jesus and both he and God left us instructions on how to manage their church , so it is about what THEY want.

Despite the ban, several U.S. conferences of Seventh-day Adventists have ordained women in recent years, with at least 19 in the mid-Atlantic region and more than 25 in the Pacific Union Conference by the end of 2013.

It seems Americans do not care about what God or Jesus want.  This may be harsh but seeing how so many Americans in the church opt for sin it is appropriate.

#6. You Will Have Problems With The Secular World

In a ruling made last week, a three-judge Divisional Court of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled against Trinity Western University, which had filed a lawsuit against the Law Society of Upper Canada after it denied accreditation to the evangelical Christian university based in Vancouver, British Colombia, in April 2014.
At issue was Trinity Western’s Community Covenant, which requires students and faculty to “voluntarily abstain” from “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.”

When Christians want to join or receive approval from secular organizations there will always be problems. As Paul told us, what fellowship does righteous have with unrighteous and as you can see, the answer is ‘none’.

I see nothing that can be described as discrimination in TWU’s statement there. That code also restricts adultery between a man and a woman as well as pre-marital sex and other sexual activities that can take place between two people. There is nothing that targets homosexuality at all or makes it the lone exception from accepted sexual activities.

But the secular world is blind and deceived and they will see what they want to see for they do not care about the truth as we see by the following quote:

Justice Jamie S. Campbell of the court concluded that the society’s “resolution and regulation infringe on the freedom of religion of TWU and its students in a way that cannot be justified.”
“For many people in a secular society religious freedom is worse than inconsequential. It actually gets in the way. It’s the dead hand of the superstitious past reaching out to restrain more important secular values like equality from becoming real equality,” wrote Campbell.

They prefer their subjective standards over God’s objective ones because ‘men love darkness rather than light’ and we see that ‘love’ in their opposition to those who opt for God’s ways over sin. I would suggest praying for TWU and its endeavor though I am not convinced we need it to be an accredited law school. Sometimes it is a lot better not joining secular groups.

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