Much Too Talk About- 146

07 Jul

#1. Confessions Of A False Teacher

Education, regardless of the discipline, is not about standing still in familiar surroundings but expanding one’s horizons–to see things differently, from new angles, and to put the pieces back together again in fresh ways.

What can I say, Peter Enns is confessing that he is leading vulnerable students astray and away from the truth. This is not education but brainwashing, manipulation and lying when it comes to biblical topics. It is telling students that the truth they have been told is not the truth and the false ideas of the professor are better than God’s instructions.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that teachers have lost sight of their purpose and have assumed parental ideas over their students. I have seen it in the news articles I have read, in seeing how teachers post online and that they are not about educating students but twisting the material to fit their ideological views. The quoted words are ignoring God’s instructions about how one is to view the world, the truth and their faith. In other words, teachers like Enns are trying to replace God’s instructions with their own and that is wrong.

Grappling with looking at the Bible differently may be just what is needed to jumpstart spiritual growth–not a new coat of paint or new furniture in existing rooms, but laying new foundations and structures.

When I titled this section the way I did, it is because Enns is confessing to trying to change the Christian faith of those students who believe the bible into something he wants and towards the way HE believes. He is not directing them towards they way God wants them to believe and this is a dangerous act to do as teachers should not think they are above God and that they get to change the faith of those they are privileged to teach. Teachers are not given that authority by God.

To educate Biblical people is not to give them ‘new horizons’ but to inform them on how evil works, how to combat that evil, give them the truth and show why it is the truth and on it goes. Educating biblical students is not directing them to alter their faith, but prepare them for such attempts. Educating biblical students means that the teacher seeks God’s guidance on what information to bring, how to bring it and obtaining the truth so that the teacher doe snot cause a student to stumble in their faith.

I am against Enns and his false teaching, as I am against McGrath and others like them for they do not teach the truth, which our students deserve, they teach their own sinful ways and that is not what a teacher is for.

#2. Unbelievers Are Not God’s Judge

When I heard this, I tore my garment and my mantle, and pulled hair from my head and beard, and sat appalled.

This is just the last part of the passage of scripture the owner of slacktivist put up this week. He does this on a weekly basis as if he and his resident commentators know better than God and can act as his judge, jury and executioner. Unbelievers have no idea what they are talking about when they bring up biblical verses for scrutiny. They view those passages with blind and deceived eyes and with the influence of evil making comments that lead to their final destruction.

They do not know what a passage of the Bible means and really cannot stand in judgment of the things of God or, for that matter, his followers. They do not have any inside information, they do have omniscience so that they know what God has told his followers to do  nor do they have any idea how the verses are to be applied thus they err greatly in their assessment of God, his word and his followers.

This is one reason why Christians are not to listen to the ungodly.  While we can listen to them when it comes to building a new building, that permission does not transfer to biblical information or behavior. The government has the right to say how a building can be constructed and we need to follow codes to ensure that we keep our people safe, but when it comes to constructing spiritual lives, how to live our lives and so on, we do not harken to the voice of the unbeliever, they do not have God on their side and cannot see where the traps of evil lie.

#3. She Is Not A Rev.–

For women who don’t submit

It is disappointing to see those words in the banner holding the title of her blog. It sends the wrong message to women around the world, except in her eyes. But a real minister of God would not lead people away from God and his truth nor would they encourage sin to take place amongst their congregations. They would not alter or seek to change God’s word but seek to follow the HS to the truth.

I have only glanced at a couple of posts of hers but I found nothing of God in her words. it is a shame because when you have influence then you need to get it right as God will call you into account for what you taught those he allowed you to minister to. (And those words do not mean that I support women ministers)

#4. Why We Can’t Impact Islam

It isn’t anything that panel was saying that drew me to this conclusion. It was the topic they were talking about, the difference between RCC and Islam problems.  It was God who pointed out to me that the reason we can address catholic issues and make headway against that church is because they have a pope, one ultimate leader, whom you can bring to task the problems stemming from those he oversees.

With Islam, there is no such Supreme leader thus there is no one person who makes decisions for all the faithful. Each group gets to make up their own rules as they go, and each Iman has a lot of influence and power. There is no  real hierarchy to bring radicals to account and there is no real leader to appeal to in order to get the fanatics like ISIS and Boko Haram under control.

I could go further with this explanation but I think you get the idea why we have so many troubles with Muslims. There is no real leader to bring the adherents to a common faith and rules. The discussion starts about the 8:20 mark.

#5. Please Do Not Expect Religious References Every Time

Hemant Mehta drew attention to angry outbursts on Twitter, from conservatives who are upset that president Obama did not mention God in his 4th of July address. These two particularly baffle me:

Why get upset over something you have no control over?  Yes you can complain but what law exists that makes it mandatory for any leader to mention God in their public addresses? One must ask why people want to hear God mentioned by the president when he has done nothing to show that he even follows God? What wil his referencing God do for them?

How petty are these people to whine about something this irrelevant?!

This quote comes from Mehta’s website

Our battle with evil does not turn on whether or not the president mentions God or not. But what some of those reactions are telling me is that maybe our pastors and church leaders, if those respondents were actually from a Christian church, are not doing a good job in teaching their people. Part of the problem is that some Christians see the devil in democrats only and they leap to wild conclusions about those people who label themselves as liberals and democrats.

They read too much of their own views into the words of those they oppose and it causes all sorts of problems for the church and individual believer. Let’s be wiser and more discerning and not so unrealistic.

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