Now It Is 15 Questions

03 Jul

But from the homosexual community and not an alternative believer. The questions come from the following article

and before I get to them, I want to address a couple of points in the opening remarks made by that author.

I found myself in those two minutes twice the Christian she bragged about being and I don’t even go to church.

If that author thinks that giving a homeless person a dollar is making him ‘twice the Christian ‘ as the woman he needs to think again. If you have to mock and judge someone in your attempt to praise yourself then you are not being Christian at all and giving money to homeless people i snot always the scriptural thing to do. We need to be careful in this area as some gifts ‘destroy the heart’ of the person receiving the gift and on the other hand by giving a gift  we are ‘doing it to the least of these’ so we are ‘doing it to Jesus’.

One needs to be discerning in these matters.

The memories I have from bible school (which are admittedly scattered) all point to what I was always told was the most important teaching of Jesus, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.”

Again with that verse and as usual it is misapplied and misunderstood as that author fails to define how he views Jesus loved us. Jesus did not advocate acceptance of sin in God’s kingdom; did not advocate same-sex marriage but spoke of marriage being between a man and a woman; he told people to repent; he warned of hell and on it goes.

If the homosexual community wants to be loved as Jesus loved us, then they need to repent of their sins, homosexuality included, give up their dream of same-sex marriage and get right with God. But the homosexual community doesn’t want that part of ‘how Jesus loved us.’

It was all right there in the original founding documents, but it just took about 239 years to really digest the words I guess.

No, It took the homosexual 239 years to find people who were unable to say ‘no’ to their demands.

Now to the questions and I must say upfront that they are not the most intelligent questions ever posed as the writer of them is looking to change people’s mind about the sin of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. He or she is not looking for honest answers that will challenge their views.

15. Sally and Jen move in next door to you with their two kids. How does this end up affecting your marriage? How does this affect your relationship with your own children?

First, it may influence how my wife views homosexuality and marriage. In conversations with that couple, she may be convinced that God is wrong and then we would not have the happy Christian marriage we had enjoyed. The same with my kids. They could be influenced to accept homosexuality and leave the faith for their own same-sex partner or join in the fight for ‘homosexual equality’ which then separates them from God and me.

14. Greg’s husband of 30 years, Jack, sadly passes away unexpectedly and there is no will written. Should Greg be able to inherit what his husband Jack leaves behind?

No. If Jack wants his friend to inherit then he should be smart enough to make out a will or if he has the opportunity, sign things over before he dies to avoid this problem.

13. John had a terrible marriage with Cindy and after about a year they divorced. In a few years both John and Cindy found love again, married these new partners and just couldn’t be happier. Are they adulterers as the bible states they are?

Yes. Now if the ‘new partners’ are same-sex then they would be practicing an abomination as well making them worse sinners than mere adulterers.

12. Being no one can live according to the rules of the Old Testament in 2015, most (read: All) Christians live their lives in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. Does Jesus ever mention homosexuals or homosexual activity?

Who says they can’t? I believe it is Hasidic  and Orthodox Jews who do this already.  He addresses the issue without using those terms  plus Jesus did not end Christian teaching with his own ministry, thus we need to consider the words of Paul here and say that yes Jesus did address this issue through Paul.

11. During the abomination of slavery in this country, many slave owners turned to a famous book to uphold their practice. What was this book? What were those passages? How do you feel about their picking of passages to uphold the practice of slavery?

This is comparing apples and oranges. Slavery and homosexuality are two entirely different topics altogether. I feel the same way I do about homosexuals who abuse scriptures, see the above quote about how Jesus loved us, to justify their own delusions about God accepting their perverted practices.

We all know which book it is and I am not going to list the passages here as I have never talked to a slave owner and would not know which ones he used.

10. Do you feel that religion is dying with younger generations? If so, why do you think that is? And furthermore, could churches stand to be more inclusive in spreading the word of God and teachings of Christ?

Do not know. It depends on how you define religion and which generation you are talking about as I am a younger generation to those older than me. We know that men loves darkness rather than light so many people will reject religion because they want to have fun or whatever the world offers them. No. The church is already inclusive enough in that it will accept anyone who repents of their sins and follows Jesus. Doesn’t matter what faith they were before, what color their skin is or what their former sexual preference was, they are all welcome if they meet God’s rules.

9. When someone tries to take something away from you that you love, how do you feel?

Depends? Is it the right to practice sin and do evil? The question is far too broad and doe snot address the actual issue but is designed to create guilt in those who oppose same-sex marriage and manipulate them into supporting something they should not accept nor support.

8. What is the “Golden Rule?”

Again, appealing to a distorted and misguided view of a biblical command. God never accepted sin nor approves of it so the golden rule means that we do not accept sin nor support it.

7. Now that you’ve researched the “Golden Rule,” does question 9 feel different?


6. Are you happily married? If so, how good does it feel to bask in the joy of your marriage?

Immaterial and does not support the demand to practice sin openly. Homosexuals cannot really be married or become one so their false marriage is only a sham meant to give them temporal pleasure and the right to practice lust over love.

5. What is the Golden Rule?

Redundant and ignores the real meaning of the Golden Rule.

12 “In everything, therefore, [i]treat people the same way you want [j]them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets. (Mt. 7)

By denying people open and unfettered access to sin is treating people the way I want to be treated.  Telling the homosexual that they are wrong and in need of repentance is the golden rule for we are to warn others of sin and destruction.

4. How do you feel about those who believed in segregation/not allowing mixed races to marry?

Again, immaterial for segregation and barring mixed racial marriages can be an act of sin whereas denying people the right to freely participate in sin is not a sin (unless they commit sin in their opposition).

3. Do you believe strongly in legacy? How do you want your children/grandchildren to think of you?

Again immaterial and not germane to the issue. How my children think of me  has no bearing on my opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

2. How did marriage start?

God created it thus he makes the rules not a bunch of selfish, spoiled people who refuse to abide by the rules.

1. After finding the answer to Question 7, do you think marriage has evolved since its “creation?”

No. Marriage is still between a man and a woman and no matter how many presidents, supreme courts and other government offices decide otherwise, marriage remains the same–between a man and a woman.

How does a marriage between two people of the same sex physically (not personally) affect you and the happiness of your own life?

Yes for such acts of sin brings God’s wrath upon a nation and that will affect me and my happiness.

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