10 Theological Questions No YECer Can answer- Final Round

02 Jul

I was sent these replies after I posted the link to my responses:

i made no assertions,

Dude, your theology is nothing but assertions. Your posts cease to exist if you take out all of the assertions.

I did not say ‘i don’t know’ or ‘that is the way it is’ all the time.

Very true. It was not all the time, it was most of the time. That’s why I said in my previous comment.

The question is why do you ignore the answers when you are given them.

You have to actually give me some answers before I would be capable of ignoring them.

no one is twisting your arm but I would view your departure in a negative light.

Gee, I guess that’s a risk I’ll just have to take. If you ever decide you’d like to really engage with the issues raised in the original post, feel free to try again.

My response to this was {my words are the indented ones}:

Now you know why I opened my post the way I did. You fall exactly into that behavior I described.

You got the answers now it is up to you to accept or reject them but you cannot say no one has answered them.


my final addressing of your arguments. Oh and I do not dance to your tune. You are the one in error and blind not me.

We believers do not provide assertions, we tell the truth and as you can see, when you give answers to those who do not believe or are alternative believers they will not consider them to be answers if it is not what they want to hear. We do not jump to the tune of the unbeliever or the alternative believers, if they do not like the answers then too bad because the truth never changes; so the answers will be the answers if they are the truth, we cannot change the answers because those groups of people do not accept them.

Then I received this response:

You got the answers now it is up to you to accept or reject them but you cannot say no one has answered them.

Right, in your personal version of bizarro-land, where groundless assertions, extrabiblical conjecture, “I don’t know” and “Just deal with it” count as valid responses, you have indeed answered all my questions and fully addressed my arguments. Congratulations.

My response was a bit more candid than usual as I remarked:

uhm… before you celebrate and claim victory you should be aware of one fact– I noticed that you could not answer the questions or provide anything that you want from me.

I answered the questions, something you failed to do, so do not attack me because you do not like the answers

This is the key people. The members of those two groups of people will attack you because they do not like what they hear, or they refuse to acknowledge the answers to their questions as answers  and on they will rant and complain BUT as you can see, they cannot answer their own questions nor produce the information they demand from believers. They really have nothing to complain about in the quality of the answers provided to them when they ask questions because they are incapable of answering their own questions and they do not have the resources or sources to produce the type of information they demand from believers.

When you do not know the answer, you should not be mocking and attacking those who provide you with answers. Yes some people respond with less than satisfying answers and with information that may not be correct but that does not mean they get ridiculed or attacked because the unbeliever or the alternative believer doesn’t find the responses good enough.

Believers need to remember not to get flustered when unbelievers or alternative believers quote scripture at them or reference biblical passages because the latter groups do not have the HS on their side providing them understanding of God’s word and the truth. We just need to make sure we are listening to the HS and presenting what he wants us to present.

We have the advantage, but we need to study correctly, seek out the right information, learn the truth and then learn how to present it correctly.  So to end this, and I hope this is the last in the series as I do not like being told that I only present assertions, believe assertions, and did not do what I did do but then the members of those two groups always go to the personal attack, the insult, the false accusation because they do not have the truth and cannot fight the truth.

For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth. (2 Cor. 13:8)

Stick to the truth and make sure what you know is the actual truth as too many believers are told they are being told the truth but in reality it is what someone believes to be true and it may not necessarily be the truth.


One response to “10 Theological Questions No YECer Can answer- Final Round

  1. Nathanael Eisner

    July 13, 2015 at 6:08 pm

    Howdy Dr. David Tee,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have also provided an answer to the 10 Questions of Tyler Francke, because I make use of your information. I wanted to give you and others a “second chance”, as it were, at being answered properly. Nice work on these questions! Part 1 – Intro & Q1 Part 2 – Half Q2 Part 3 – Half Q2 Part 4 – Q3 & Q4 Part 5 – Q5 Part 6 – Q6 Part 7 – Q7 Part 8 – Half Q8 Part 9 – Half Q8 Part 10 – Q9 Part 11 – Half Q10 Part 12 – Half Q10 & Conclusion

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