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30 Jun

I am a lousy self-promoter but I spent the day today editing and adding a few pages to .  Gone is the Guest Author page and most of its contents were either given new pages or added to ones already there. In looking back on that page, it was a mess but there was little I could do at the time.  I was switching website hosts which had different ideas about graphics etc. and some pages just wouldn’t co-operate with editing managers. Things look a lot better now.

Evidence for Noah’s Ark and Sodom and Gomorrah both got new additions. New pages include: Logical Fallacies, Accreditation, Jericho, & Misc. Biblical Topics.

I hope you check them out. If you have topics you would like information on, just make a suggestion in the comment section below this article.  I won’t make any promises about using your suggestion.

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