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27 Jun

The plus sign simply means that other topics will be discussed here besides the recent Supreme Court Decision #1. It Is Truly Disappointing

Moments ago the US Supreme Court announced that marriage equality is now the law of the land. As our LGBTQ brothers and sisters celebrate civil equality under the law, undoubtedly there will be many conservative brothers and sisters who will warn of God’s pending judgment against the United States.

In several ways. One,  the boundary between right and wrong, good and evil became even more blurred if it was not totally erased with this decision.  Now all people have to do to get their sins and wrongful deeds accepted is to simply convince enough judges that they are being discriminated against and demand equality for their desires.

Right and wrong, good and evil mean nothing to a lot of people now. Two, too many alternative believers will now call for homosexual couples to be married and accepted in the church.  As you can see by the quoted words above, that particular poster already believes that unrepentant homosexuals are his spiritual brothers and sisters.  They are not. This decision does not alter God’s view of homosexuality nor does it alter his rules on who can enter the church and be part of his kingdom.

All it means is that the majority of the American Supreme court have decided that perversion gets the same rights as normality. Three, God does not have to freak out because he already knew that this decision was going to come and all it does is put another nail in the coffin of the American nation.

The world may not end tomorrow but that fact does not mean God approves of this decision.Like all sin, he waits to the right moment to bring his judgment, wanting even those who supported this decision to repent before it is too late. The good news is, this decision is not inspired, infallible or written in stone.

In other words it can be overturned eventually if the right court case and the right justices are on the bench. Supreme Court cases have been overturned before or reduced in authority by subsequent decisions so do not lose heart, there is always hope that America can repent and return to what is right.

#2. What Are We To Do

Friday’s Supreme Court decision redefining marriage in all 50 states to include same-sex couples will infringe upon the religious freedoms of those holding traditional views about marriage, dissenting justices warned.

This may be the worst case scenario  but it is hard to say as now the homosexual community just received a bigger club to hit their opponents.  What Christians are to do in light of this decision, well first, they need to stand their ground and continue to call homosexuality and other perversions wrong and sin.

This decision does not erase God’s edicts on what is or isn’t sin Second, Christians are still not allowed to participate in sin nor support it. This decision does not and cannot force believers to violate their faith nor does it over-rule God’s instructions on what believers are to do. Believers still have the constitutional right to practice their faith and if that means rejecting requests to participate in same-sex events, then you still have to obey God over man.

You reject those requests because God outranks the Supreme Court and the U.S Government. Third, Christians are still to help the homosexual and other alternative practitioners when they are in trouble. We do good to those in need and do not withhold it just because they chose a perverted sexual practice.

The Bible’s instructions on how to treat others are still in effect and we return good for evil and that means there should be no backlash against the 5 justices by Christians. We are not going to agree with the Liberals or the perverted and they most assuredly will not agree with us but that doesn’t matter because our instructions on how to act come from a higher authority, one that is not corrupted nor altered because of popular demand.

In other words, be prepared for some form of persecution when you stand with God but remember, persecution does not relieve one from obeying God’s biblical instructions on how to respond to evil.

#3. I Do Not Think She Understands

Colorblindness,” rather than being a goal for which to aim, ought to be a sin from which to repent. God doesn’t want us to close our eyes to injustice. We are not called to be neutral. God wants us to see—even if it makes us uncomfortable, even if we’re not exactly sure what to do

This is her first blog entry in a few weeks and yet she still drops the ball. i do not like what she wrote because she makes some awful declarations that have nothing to do with reality. Here are a few examples:

because privilege had rendered the word “master” neutral in my mind. I would have known better and avoided a hurtful error. I get to be ignorant. I get to be “colorblind” when it suits me, and that luxury is exactly what keeps me and so many other well-intentioned white people from doing more to confront, repent of, and combat white supremacy and racial injustice in America.

If she bent over any further, she would fall down and hurt herself. You are not going to get away with not ‘offending’ someone these days because no matter what one does, someone will see your actions as offensive and they will use the opportunity to see what they can get away with.  Political Correctness has made almost everyone afraid of their own shadows.

I wonder if that lone black woman who saw the term ‘master’ in a negative way actually spoke for anyone but herself? I can bet there were many in the audience who did not see that term her way so if you change for one person, soon you will be changing for many more and after a while you will not recognize the content of what you said.

Jesus did not alter anything he taught because someone was offended or saw a term in a negative light. We may need to help the person through their offense to see where they have gone wrong but we do not need to apologize for supposed hurts we did not inflict. Christians will have a nervous breakdown trying to please everyone with their sermons and speeches if they try to be overly-sensitive to everyone.

The best thing to do is speak as the HS guides you to speak, use the words he gives and let the chips fall where they will. Just be prepared to help people through any supposed ‘hurt’ or negative perspective so that they will see the real message of your words. Oh and to address the content of her article, racism doesn’t exist.  The crimes committed against people of color or by people of color towards whites is the result of sin and the sin nature.

They are products of disobedience to God’s word and, contrary to Ms. Evans opinion, we know how to handle sin and we know what to do when it takes place. It is sad that she cannot point her readers in God’s direction and point out the correct Bible verses that apply to incidents involving hatred and sin towards those of a different color. She fails her readers as believers are to follow God’s way not hers or secular society’s.

#4. It Is Inappropriate

The confederate flag is racist and exclusionary. Displaying it at the White House would be inflammatory and inappropriate because it would alienate a large segment of the population. So tell me- how is this not the same thing?

The occupants of and the White House represent and  govern all people not just one minute minority group. To do this color display is out of character with the nature of the position of both the president and the white house. In today’s world honesty is all but gone now from government which is sad as we need honest people to govern correctly.

#5. Uhm… Practice What You Preach

The announcement raised criticisms about her mother’s conservative values at the time and in a blog post yesterday Bristol, who is no longer engaged, acknowledged that news of her second pregnancy might be “a huge disappointment to my family.” She went on to point out, however, that “there’s nothing I can’t do with God by my side.

Being a disappointment is the least of her worries.

#6. God Outranks Alternative Believers

Young-earth creationists claim to believe that God is the Creator, and so rejecting the testimony of the work of God’s hands is rejecting God’s own testimony.

The problem here is that the alternative believers are the ones ignoring God’s handiwork and reading their own version into the chain of events. The Bible does not instruct anyone to use nature to figure out our origins. It doesn’t have to because it already explains our origins and evolution was not part of the creative act. YEC is not rejecting God’s work, it is telling it like God told it, everything else is added into by humans who reject the truth.

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