Much To Talk About- 141

25 Jun

#1. Do You Stand With God Or Not?–

I have long affirmed an inclusive theology, believing that our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer friends, their families and allies should be fully welcomed in our churches. I affirmed their role in leadership, whether it was volunteering at events, teaching Bible study, staffing our children’s ministry or helping to serve communion. I have affirmed the LGBTQ community at the highest levels and most mundane levels of church participation, for two reasons: 1) I am convinced beyond a doubt God loves each and every part of us as we are created, including our sexual identities, and 2) we’re a new church  – it requires all hands on deck. You want to come out on an incredible summer day and help make lemonade and stack chairs? You’re in.

Yet, God does not. You will notice that all of those items are in direct contrast to biblical teaching and that the pastor does not understand what love is as he allows for sin to enter the church. Those quoted words not showing love for God.  Real love would be telling the homosexual that they are wrong and sinning and there is a way of escape from their situation. Real love does not keep people in sin then lying to them about how being in sin is okay.

As a Christian I AM SORRY for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who denied rights & equality to so many in the name of God.”

And why does any Christian feel the need to apologize to those who are disobedient to God, and make a mockery of his rules and institutions?  Those opposing sin, unless they are sinning, have nothing to apologize for. No one needs to apologize for telling the homosexual the truth or for denying them access to the institution of marriage or inclusion in the church.

if the homosexual actually and truly repented fo their sins, and the Christian still blocked their way, then that is an action where the believer needs to apologize but not for keeping sin and unrepentant sinners from areas they are not allowed to go. That quoted message would be equal to the presidents of 1960s universities apologizing to the protestors who invaded their offices for rightfully having the police remove them.

I couldn’t handle the acceptance. I couldn’t handle the forgiveness. I couldn’t handle the small glimpses I witnessed of healing unfathomably deep hurts.

When you cross over to the sinful side, of course they will be accepting and forgiving but  this is going in the wrong direction. The faithful are not to cross over to evil but the people on evil’s side is to repent of their sins and leave evil for eternal life. Something is very and drastically wrong in the thinking of that pastor. He has it backwards.

Our little float was one of only a handful of church groups out to march for Pride this past Sunday. We were far outnumbered by non-profit groups and corporations. Companies like Nike, Intel, Adidas, Comcast and Chipotle spoke much louder than us. The church is following the lead of others, unfortunately. But I was proud to walk with fellow Christians, apologizing to my fellow citizens, for the ways in which people of God have fallen far too short.

Sad. He has been deceived and allowed deception to ruin his spiritual life. Businesses are there because they want the homosexual’s money not because they actual accept and believe in the homosexual cause. The church should have been there on the other side calling for the homosexuals to repentance not sending out calls of support or encouragement. It is just so sad to see people who claim to be Christian fall to evil yet call it good.

#2. Because We Are Not Promised A Rose Garden

This cartoon should serve as a helpful reminder to fundamentalists. You must make sure to use the right implausible answer to the specific question asked. Otherwise, theological and ethical confusion might result

How will we experience the fullness of God, see him heal, or see his compassion if nothing bad ever happens to us? McGrath misses the point. Jesus did not place us in a bubble where nothing would happen to us but said that the world would hate us, persecute us and do all sorts of evil toward us. He didn’t sugar coat life with him nor did he want us to remain as vulnerable weak spiritual babies. He wants us to grow up and be spiritual adults knowing the answers to these difficult situations.

People have a false idea about Christianity if they think that God is incapable of stopping such attacks and if he did, how would the world know what God was really like if he did not meet the pain and sorrow of his followers?  The secular world wants a garden of Eden in a corrupt world, God wants us to learn to depend upon him and show his ways even in times like this.

#3. They Focus On The Wrong Things

Judaism and Christianity make sense in the ancient world–they reflect the cultures of the times. But there is also a weirdness to Christianity that Hengel describes here.

“Hi everyone! The one we worship was crucified by the Romans. Come follow us.

Modern believers do not just focus on the crucifixion alone. That was only one part of Jesus’ historical life. The crucifixion was the final sacrifice for sin but it wasn’t the end of Jesus’ message to us. We modern believers also focus on the resurrection, the victory over death, the supremacy of Jesus over all sin and corruption. Christianity makes sense in all eras as it has a central message–believe on the Lord Jesus if you want to have eternal life. it is not a reflection of the cultures of those times but bring a change to all subsequent cultures. Jesus’s life brings a message that there is a better way to live, that there is an alternative for each culture to switch to ad that we are not stuck with the secular way of life.

The last sentence is over-simplistic as we do not say such things for that would be leaving out too much information about Jesus and his sacrifice. It would be misleading and mis-representative of what Jesus came to earth to do. But what is sad is that most people claiming to be believers in Christ, only want the good things of Christianity and flee when things get tough. They are fair weather friends to God as they cannot stand the heat that comes when God wants them to stand up to sin and proclaim how bad it is. As you see by point #2, they flee God when culture says sin is okay. They stop listening to God and listen to unrepentant sinners instead

That is where so many college age students go wrong as well. The church needs to stop listening to the sinful secular world and teach their people how not to listen so that their faith will not falter.

#4. I Find This Interesting

After photos emerged of Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old who murdered nine black congregants in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, posing with the Confederate flag, many are calling for the removal of the flag due to its symbolism for white supremacy.

Not so much the actual story but the words in this quote is what attracts my attention.  If you actually look at white supremacists groups marching, and Jim West has posted one at the following link:

they are not always carrying confederate flags but American ones. Or some do this

or they over-use tattoos and nazi symbols. But the real problem is not in the symbol, it is found in the heart, the sin nature of people. It is not the symbol that forces a person to hate or attack others. The real source of those actions comes from listening to evil and obeying those voices or motivations.  If you want to solve problems like church shootings, then you need to deal with the source not the symptom.

Helping people see the truth and supporting their conversion to Christ, makes people a new creature where evil has no rule or real influence and such thoughts to hate or attack others are removed. Removing the source of the problem removes the problem. A lot depends upon the believer. We need to focus on the source of the problem and by doing so we, with the help of Christ, will make the world a safer place for all.

The atheist has no solution to these problems, the unbeliever has no solution to these problems, as we can see them attack the symbol not address the source.

As for that story

If we are going to remove symbols of oppression from our culture, if we come to the point where we say any flag that represents bigotry, any flag that represents hatred, any flag that represents slavery or oppression needs to be removed, then I want to suggest to you that the next flag to go ought to be the rainbow flag of the Gay Reich,” Fischer stated. “The rainbow flag represents the gay lobby, it represents Big Gay, it represents what I’m calling for the first time today, I’m introducing a new term: the Gay Reich. They’ve got a flag just like the Nazis had their flag.”

I think we need to be careful in what we say and how we let our personal beliefs and emotions influence biblical teaching. I am not for the homosexual nor do I like the fact that they have stolen God’s promise

11 I establish My covenant with you; and all flesh shall never again be cut off by the water of the flood, neither shall there again be a flood to destroy the earth.” 12 God said, “This is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for [h]all successive generations; 13 I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth (Gen. 9)

for their own sinful agenda but we need to move correctly, godly and with wisdom when we seek to correct sinful actions.

Oh and of course the sinful are going to call their sins okay– that is how they were raised. Believers should not be shocked or upset over these facts. For many, they do not know any different thus we need to humbly preach right and wrong again.

#5. The Right Side Of History

It is not West’s post that I am addressing here, just simply the words in the title. There is no such thing as the right side of history for history is a non-living entity that does nothing but record different events as they have occurred throughout human existence. Sometimes historians and others embellish, alter, change or omit events for what ever purpose they have, making history not an authority but a subjective slave of the human desire

The real phrase one should be concerned about is: On the right side of God.  History can do nothing for us but teach us a few lessons and inform us of ‘past events’ whereas God has provided us with eternal life if we accept his terms and follow his rules.

History offers us nothing similar so we should not worry about which side of history we are on and point people towards being on the right side of God as there is more to life than just this world and its events.

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