Has It Come To This

21 Jun


A homosexual priest with the Church of England has sued the denomination for allegedly denying a license to serve in public ministry, also known as permission to officiate (PTO), after he “wed” his partner last year.

One could exclaim ‘the audacity of it all…’ but we have come to expect this behavior from the homosexual community.  They just cannot take ‘no’ for an answer, nor can they accept the rules. They think that they are above anyone’s regulations and will use the courts to bully Christians and the church into complying with their selfish and spoiled ways.

Pemberton says he doesn’t believe his violation is serious and therefore, didn’t warrant the denial.

That is the problem– HE doesn’t believe– and of course he won’t think he did anything wrong, he does not accept the fact that his sexual preference is wrong and not allowed in the church. Instead he accuses the church of doing something wrong:

Just because the Church of England treats lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) clergy as second-class Christians, this is no excuse for it to impose its anti-gay discrimination on non-church institutions,” Peter Tatchell, who is representing Pemberton, told reporters.

But the trouble for the Church of England is not stopping since they opened the door to disobedient people and false teaching. They have problems which may also be taken to the courts to solve:

However, he noted that the denomination does not take issue with civil unions.

As previously reported, the Church of England has been under pressure to accommodate certain interests, such as a vicar’s recent request to add ceremonies to the services to re-baptize transgenders by their new name.


A group of feminists has also moved for the denomination to start referring to God as a “she” during the weekly liturgy, stating that to make mention of God solely in the male pronoun is sexist.

When you allow for disobedience to God’s rules then you allow for the alternatives to demand equal footing in the church and you open yourself up to such brazen legal actions as those who do not want to follow the rules think they are not doing anything wrong. This has become the problem for the Church today, we have become so scared of driving people away from the pew that we have stopped talking about right and wrong, morality and immorality and good and evil. This fear has allowed for false teachers, unrepentant sinners, false doctrines and so on to get a foothold in the church and allows evil to ruin the Christian impact on secular society.

No one has respect for God, his church or his message anymore. It is now ‘all about me’ and not about caring for the people and obeying Jesus’ charge to Peter, ‘feed my sheep.’ You cannot feed the sheep if you are willfully disobeying God’s word yourself and refusing to repent of your sins.

The Church of England’s doctrine on marriage is clear. The church quite reasonably expects its clergy to honour their commitment to model and live up to the teachings of the church,” a spokesman for the Church of England told reporters. “Clergy do not have the option of treating the teachings of the church as an à la carte menu and only modelling those with which they personally agree.”

I would change that phrase to ‘to the teachings of the Bible’ as the church can make up its own rules to govern its employees and members which are far from biblical and we have seen that done countless times over the decades, if not centuries.


But following McConnell’s sermon, the Police Service of Northern Ireland investigated the preacher for allegations of a hate crime. Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness described the preacher’s comments as “hate mongering” and said the anti-Muslim statements “must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.”

John McCreedy, assistant pastor at Whitewell Metropolitan Church, also soon resigned from his position because McConnell would not retract his statements. McConnell apologized for any offense he may have caused, but would not recant his sentiments.

Now the truth is being accused of being sinful, wrong and an offending aspect of life.

McConnell then criticized the “foolish” British government for attempting to appease Muslims financially, saying that Islam is “Satanic” and “a doctrine spawned in Hell.” He also noted that Christians around the world are persecuted for their faith by the “fanatical worshipers” of Allah.

Those words are all true and they need to be proclaimed so that people may know what is right or wrong and then make the right choice by dismissing what is wrong and going with what is right. It is not hate-filled or ‘hate mongering’ to warn people by telling them the truth about a false religion.

The theological arguments presented by the pastor are a contradiction to my own beliefs—religious, political and moral—in relation to New Testament evangelism,” he continued. “Neither are they the views of many others I have spoken to at Whitewell, who have for years reached out to others from every ethnic background and denomination.”

I wish the newspaper wrote more of that assistant’s views so I could see exactly where he was standing as this generality tells me that he is thinking that Allah is God and Islam is an accepted faith. Islam is a false religion and its members need to repent of their sins and false beliefs just like anyone else.

I do not agree with the legal action against that preacher. Is the only solution to disagreeing with someone going to be suing, prison time or financial loss? What happened to common sense and dealing with these matters in a reasonable and sane manner.  Why do people feel that the law and the courts are the only way to solve these issues?

One reason is because those in the wrong no longer believe or accept the fact that they are wrong; so they use words like discrimination, equality, hate-mongering to assuage their ‘hurt feelings’ and make trouble for those who do not agree with them. Instead of just moving on to another organization that will let them do what their heart desires.

Where are the level-headed people anymore who in days gone by would dissuade such hot-headed thinking, both in this article’s case and the previous one as well, and let cooler heads prevail? Maybe it is because these two issues have become too political that injustice and the wrong actions replace reasonable alternatives. Sadly that is one of the problems. The Church’s problems have been moved from the spiritual arena where God rules to the political where man excludes God and imposes their own false and fallible ideas upon  something they have no real authority over.

These are spiritual issues, not for the courts of men who have long left God and justice behind in their haste to bring ‘equality’ to the world, where God’s rules need to be invoked as they oversee these complaints. But again, politicians do not care about pleasing God. They fear man who can only kill the body and ignore the one who can kill both body and soul.

Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. (Mt. 10:28)

These problems exist and arise because no one actually fears God any more. Sadly, many of earth’s churches lead the way in this exodus from fearing God. What would the world do if the church actually feared God and lived by his word correctly?  I would think that they would fall down paralyzed with fear as they see the extent of the error of their ways

It is not wrong to deny homosexuals the right to minister in the church; it is not wrong to refuse to participate in sinful activities and it is not wrong to warn others by telling the truth about a group of people who do not follow Jesus. It is not wrong to talk about right and wrong, good and evil or morality and immorality. God defines those aspects of life and we need to stick to those definitions so the world is not confused. Then, we do not undermine our declarations by hypocritical actions but remain consistent with God’s word.

What the world determines is not our measuring stick.

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