Much To Talk About- 139

19 Jun

#1. The Ark Park

How does constructing a replica of Noah’s Ark with modern technology contribute to the argument for the supposed truth of Young Earth Creationism?

Actually that is a very good question. The short answer is it doesn’t. All it will do is demonstrate that such a structure could be built in modern times but that has been done many times before. One example is:

A better question is, why does Ham feel that spending 30 million on  a disposable earthly vessel is important?

a recent video depicting the current construction of a full scale replica of Noah’s Ark serves as a powerful argument against the possibility that a supposed 600 year old goat herder possessed the tools, materials, and technical know-how to complete such a monumental task

Not really for we do not know how much shipbuilding knowledge Noah already possessed, if God gave him special abilities or that one of his sons knew how to build boats. One erroneous piece of information is the assumption in that quote that Noah was a goat herder. There is NO mention of Noah’s trade or educational background in the passage on the flood. We also do not know what tools were available to Noah at that time. As Genesis 4:22 tells us Tubal-cain was the forger of all implements in bronze and iron so Noah probably had quite a selection of tools available to him.

Here is the link to the website–

We really do not need an ark replica to further the gospel. We need true believers who are putting God’s word into their lives correctly. They will reach more people than a boat.

#2. Strong Words

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who pretended to be black, was a victim of extreme Christian indoctrination and Young Earth Creationism as a child

I guess the unbelievers had to blame something other than sin, evil and other corrupt sources that would do more indoctrination and provide worse influence than YEC or Christianity. I find it amazing that the only thing that author can blame are organizations he does not like. He makes Christianity sound like Nazism incarnate

Reports indicate that Dolezal grew up in an abusive home where corporal punishment was common, and access to TV, books, and other outside influences was strictly limited; a home where dinner was denied until the Bible was read; a home where the parents spoke in tongues and treated the adoption of additional children as a means of evangelism and proof of their extreme faith

If you have ever talked to atheists or radical unbelievers you will note that they will define certain activities and words in with their own ideas and apply those weird definitions to other people’s actions regardless of the fact that the other people defined their actions differently and according to a different standard. When you inform the unbeliever of this, they do not care and continue to apply their own ideas and want to punish people according to their own ideas even though those are very wrong and do not accurately describe what took place.

You really cannot get honesty or objectivity from an unbeliever. They do not listen to reason nor do they want the truth. They want their ideas applied and only their ideas. The problem with that author’s argument is that Dolezal’s parents nor YEC brainwash her into misrepresenting herself or changing how she identifies herself so that author really can’t blame either party for her decisions. That author, like so many other unbelievers, just need something to blame and Christianity will do, whether it is guilty or not and that makes that author worse than Dolezal. She helped people, while that author falsely accuses innocent people.

#3. If You Are Going To Preach…–

Previously, Lively has claimed that homosexuality is worse than murder and the worst possible sin a person can commit

…then you need to get the biblical message correct and stick to the truth. The above is not true and believers need to be careful when they speak against some controversial issue and make sure it is not their own personal views being mixed in with what God has said. What undermines ones impact for God is when a believer strays from the truth and inserts their own subjective ideas into the Bible.

The lawsuit contends Lively was a major force behind Uganda’s infamous “kill the gays bill,” a bill that would imprison or even execute members of the gay and lesbian community.

Lively admits to meeting with lawmakers to discuss the draconian “kill the gays legislation.” However, Lively denies that he conspired with government officials or religious leaders in Uganda to craft specifics of the legislation

I do not know if that is true or not, I was not there, but when we work with politicians or any leadership we need to make sure that God’s wisdom, justice, fairness, understanding and so on are evident in our speech and thinking.  It is just better to be persecuted for bringing the truth and for doing things correctly than it is for lying, or circumventing God’s way to enact personal goals or ideals.

#4. Why I Haven’t Said Much On Charleston

We are saddened by the vicious killing of church folks at a historic African American church in Charleston SC. Our prayers are for the speedy discovery of the perpetrator, for consolation for those who are suffering, and justice in our country where racism continues to flow in spite of the great work of so many.

It takes time to learn God’s response and make changes to one’s own thinking if such changes are required. So many people express their own feelings or use such events as a soap box for their personal ideologies but what is needed here is God’s guidance and his holy response. There will be great pain and sorrow in that church for a while and we need to get the people to rely upon God and lean upon him  to help them through it all and make sense of the issue.

The most important aspect is that not only do the relatives of the victims, the other church members and observers need to learn to forgive the shooter, we need to clear away any beams from our eyes to see how God’s justice can be done in this situation.  One of the things that troubles me are the words of the shooter’s uncle:

Carson Cowles said he can’t forgive Dylann Roof,(–abc-news-topstories.html)

The Bible does not say that forgiveness cannot be or should not be given if more than one people are shot or killed. It does not teach that if one kills other people that they are disqualified from forgiveness. It teaches us to forgive no matter what has taken place. Why?

14 For if you forgive [h]others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive [i]others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions. (Mt. 6)

No matter how large a transgression that was committed against you, you must find a way to be the bigger person and forgive the offender. For many men, this means they need to forgive the woman who aborted their unborn child, or imprisoned them wrongly over false accusations; for women it means they need to forgive those who have assaulted or physically abused them and on it goes as in today’s world there are many issues where people feel slighted.

Dylann Roof needs forgiveness right now, not hatred, not revenge, but honest forgiveness that will hopefully lead to his repentance and salvation.  He needs true justice, fairness and compassion. He does not need the hatred he expressed through his actions. But Dylann Roof is not the only offender who needs forgiveness, justice or fairness, the prisons are filled with such people.

If you want a better society and avoid these situations in the future then you need to learn to forgive, seek true justice and pray that the offender will repent of their evil ways and turn to Christ. A spiritual response is what is needed to end sin.

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