Atheists Are Cowards, And Other Topics

18 Jun

#1. Atheists Are Cowards

The title is not written for shock value or to gain readership, it is written that way as it is the conclusion I have come to after recent discussions with atheists on their own blogs.  I have found that discussing any religious topic, as well as many other subjects, with an atheist is basically a waste of time as they are some of the most closed-minded people you will encounter.

I say that they are cowards because they have constructive defenses, like logical fallacies, made declarations about other people’s words, calling them assertions, plus built up their own subjective rules and regulations on what information they will accept.  There are other things they do that add to their defenses against the truth but the list is too long to go into here and at this time.

Their self-built fortresses are done not to ward off false ideas but to keep them from having to actually consider the truth and challenge their own unbelief. They want to challenge believers and their faiths but refuse to allow themselves to be shown where they error. Their idea of a discussion is where they get to make all the rules and those rules only exist to protect their closed-minded nature and fears.

Believers need to be aware that they do not have to meet any rule or regulation imposed by an atheist. They are not the authority that we have to please or obey. The authority we obey and please is God thus we go by his rules, his leading, his guidance when we encounter those who do not believe or are too afraid to consider the whole picture. Our strategies are built around God’s instructions not human ones and they are supported by prayer.

#2. Evidence Please

Change “as” to “is.” The Bible is a human book…In other words, there is nothing in the Bible to which one can point and say, “Ah, here is something that is divine and NOT human.” “As” falsely suggests distance between the Bible’s thoroughgoing humanness.

Enns continues to try to brainwash his readers and deny the divine nature of the Bible. The Bible is no more a human book than I am God but those who accept and pursue alternative beliefs refuse to accept the Bible as divine instructions to God’s followers. The kind of thinking illustrated in that quote leads us to one very important question–why are we following the Bible then and not following God’s true words of instruction to the church?

If the Bible is a human book then billions of believers (and I will generalize here) are following and accepting the wrong words, which means our churches are lies, our creeds are wrong and we are left with nothing but embarrassment.

Though the Bible is not merely a human book, it is nevertheless a thoroughly human book. That is a paradox, a confessed by faith…In other words, the Bible reflects various and sundry (not one) ancient (not modern Christian) ways of thinking about God and the life of faith, and these factors need to be thoroughly integrated into any discussion of the “nature of scripture.”

See the above point.  The problem with making the Bible a human book and only about how humans view God is that this view removes right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immorality and make then what ever one wants them to be. yes we have human names and words on the titles of each book but if God had removed them and simply put God 1, God 2, God 3 on down to God 66, he would be allowing people to ignore the historical foundation for each individual work and then give credibility to the ideas that the OT was the work of one man who was looking back into time as writing what he thought.

But God did not do that. He placed human names and words as titles to each book to let us know that the author was either an eye witness to the time period he was writing about or that he was recording historical fact.  All Enns is doing there is undermining both God’s and Jesus’ instructions to their followers and to the church in general and saying, falsely, that anyone’s ideas is good enough for Christianity.

The Bible is not a human work because God’s church is not following humans but divine beings who left their instructions for their followers. To say that they didn’t means one does not believe God anymore and that God does not care about his people.

#3. We Just Have More Work To Do

Other news sources say 8 have died.  Come, Lord Jesus.

How many of us, as we attend worship wherever and whenever, imagine in our darkest moments that sun gun toting murderer will pick that day and that time and that place to vent his demonic cruelty?

Come, Lord Jesus.

What those words say to me is that West wants to take the easy way out and leave this world without even doing a thing to promote the love of God, forgiveness, and grace to that shooter. He would rather leave that or those killers to die in their sins instead of reaching out to them and say ‘God loves you’ or some other appropriate biblical phrase that will bring the individual or group who did this to their knees in repentance.

What this situation also tells me is that the church should not be afraid of such action as the Bible does not limit persecution or hatred for the church to only the Middle East or Africa. Our response should not be as West puts it twice in that quote, ‘Come, Lord Jesus’ but rather it should be ‘Jesus what can we do in response and how can we show your love, forgiveness and grace to the world.

In other words, we return good for evil and not abandon the sinner when he or she needs us most.

#4. No The Bible Is Inerrant

Fundamentalists turn to an inerrant Bible in an attempt to forestall discussion and avoid ambiguity. What they fail to acknowledge, and often do not even consciously realize, is that their belief in the Bible’s inerrancy is a subjective belief that they hold. And in this case, it is a belief that is at odds with the evidence and so in no way superior to the attempt to study evidence carefully and draw reasoned conclusions from it probabilistically.

Alternative believers need an errant Bible for that is the only way they can get their false teaching into the church and the lives of Christians. The idea that believing the Bible is inerrant is subjective is just false.  The Bible declares that it is the inspired words of God thus any acceptance of inerrancy is not a subjective human declaration but one derived from objective superior divine standards.

Human believers are not saying that the Bible is inerrant, God is saying it and we pass that revelation on to others; whether they accept it or not is up to them.

#5. This Will Take A Separate Post To Deal With–

Chuck Queen recently shared the text of the Phoenix Affirmations in Baptist News. I am sharing them in turn below, and hope you will discuss them in the comments section.

I know little of Chuck Queens and the first time I heard about him was when I read that post several days ago. I just want to briefly mention this here and here is a link to the original post:

There about page is very ambiguous:

Welcome to the Baptist News Global Perspectives site, an opinion companion site of

Baptist News Global is uniquely positioned to give voice to the rich diversity of ideas, opinions and conversations within the global Baptist family through this new opinion site. It is different than our BNG news site, though. The opinion site will be intentionally diverse with many contributing authors on a wide range of conversation topics important to Baptists. We have full confidence that Perspectives will play a crucial role to inform, inspire and engage our audience in conversations that matter.

If you are interested in contributing to Perspectives, please contact Natalie Aho, opinion editor, about this possibility.

When you read statements like that, you know you are coming close to theological trouble. They are saying that they will not provide the truth nor lead people to the correct information. Oh and just because they use the word Baptist in their titles doesn’t mean they are truly Baptist , let alone actually Christian.

#6. Hurting Christians

The Christian life sadly, is no different. While Christian community ought be the safest place for one to run and hide, it’s often a place where we experience some of the most painful wounds. Sometimes we’re wounded and pushed to the margins. Other times, we’re wounded and expelled. Yet other times, we’re the ones who do the wounding.

It might have been a good article if the author was not an alternative believer who cannot understand why he was expelled from any church he may accuse of doing the expelling. believers need to be aware of the deceptive use of the word ‘Christian’ by the secular world and alternative believers. I say deceptive because they use that word to hide their real beliefs, their real point of view, their acceptance and support of sin and on it goes.

They are ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ and use Christian vocabulary and the word Christian to disarm any suspicions a true believer may have. He doesn’t do a good job in defining what he means by the words ‘wounded Christian’ thus we really cannot tell who he is referring to. Is he referring to those who have been truly wounded by evil or an honest mistake by believers or is he referring to those people who have left the faith to chase after alternatives and then find that they and their new beliefs are not accepted by their old friends or other true Christian churches?

Until alternative believers make clear, concise, absolute definitions so we know exactly what they are talking about, they will not get a hearing that addresses their concerns. of course, I doubt too many of them will be ready to hear that they have been led astray from the truth and that they must get rid of the false ideology that has taken over their lives.

If one wants to be a Christian, then they need to be like Christ thus they need to study what ‘like Christ’ really is and learn the truth from the HS and not some demon in angel garb.

#7. Rachael Dolezal

By now you have surely all heard of Rachel Dolezal, who resigned earlier this week from her position as head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP after her parents revealed that she is in fact white. For years now, Rachel had been passing herself off as black. What Rachel did is inexcusable. She lied to people and violated their trust, she engaged in cultural appropriation and perhaps even plagiarism, and she used her assumed blackness to her advantage and for her own personal gain.

I have not taken a position on this situation yet as I am still reading about it and analyzing what she did or did not do. I have liked what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said the other day. You can read his words here:

I do not like Libby Anne’s view on the situation

nor do i like her dishonest representation of Dolezal’s family. I think she does more harm than good with her words. For believers, we need to see the truth and if her actions truly hurt what she represented but we should not judge nor condemn but seek to stop the hate mongers from doing any injustice.

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